Monday, January 28, 2008


To all the Punk Rockers, Rude Boys, Skinheads, Mods and innocent bystanders that came last January 18 at Purple Haze Bar. To celebrate the life of our beloved friend, partner in crime, comrade Luis 'Weslu' Guiang, thank you very much!
Big up to the Malabon Navotas Hardcore Crew!, The Mandalondon Crew!, The Slabbs of Sta. Mesa!, Paco Skinheads!, The Angono Rude Boys! Tommy Tanchanco of Twisted Red Cross! and most specially to the bands that played that night! and to those that we failed to mention you know who you are! as our dear departed friend would say: GALET KA NA EH!......APIR!!!


Bisikleta Productions was the brain child of G.I. & the Idiots, Private Stock and Put3ska drummer - Luis "Weslu" Guiang in the late year of 2006. He along with young like minded individuals from his hometown Malabon City and a friend from Kalookan city who is now a Pasigueno started toying with the idea of putting out an outfit that will cater to certain individuals that are into PUNK ROCK, ROCKABILLY, MOD and SKA music and everything else in between.

He named it after the two wheeled vehicle that use to deliver hot fresh bread honking in the early morning before that damn rooster wakes you up from your deep slumber. The name is a metaphor for the punk rock ethos of D.I.Y. A vehicle that in order for it to move you must first exert considerable amounts of energy to make it mobile.

Ironically he is a bicycle riding health buff that one day his bike was stolen from his home! and at the same time while he was contemplating and searching for the right name for his outfit a friend of his gave him a DVD of ROCKERS in which the lead character of the movie was a drummer that sells dub plates and his mode of transportation was a motorbike and that was stolen from him. The movie had a huge impact on him because the character in that flick somewhat resembles his ideas for what is now known as BISIKLETA PRODUCTIONS