Monday, December 28, 2009


A pussy can become a tough guy, if he's got a gun in his hand. Now, I'm hopin' you're not just a pussy with a gun in your hand...

Just in case you stupid people with guns and a liquor on his/her hands this New Year's Eve hope the stray bullet that you're about to fire hits you!

Infant hit by stray bullet critical
CAMP VICENTE LIM, Laguna, Philippines -- A three-week-old baby girl remains in critical condition after a stray bullet hit her in the back during New Year's celebration in DasmariƱas Cavite, police said Friday.

Inspector Raul Bolido of the DasmariƱas police said the mother, Joan Abara, was carrying her infant when a stray bullet from the back of their house in the village of Sto. Nino II hit the child at around 12 a.m. Thursday.

The three-week-old infant was taken to the Philippine General Hospital in Manila. Bolido said the bullet is still lodged in the infant's body.

Police have yet to identify the gun that caused the bullet wound and the gun wielder.

By Maricar Cinco

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Despite the tragedies and mishaps that this year has brought us there are a few good things that came out of the music scene this year and here are some of those:

1. The Singapore based pinoy hardcore band from their native town of Bulacan T.S.A came and gave us a dose of oldschool hardcore.

2. Throw released their 2nd full length album under Counterflow Records.

3. Shuffle Union released their live album taken from the recordings of Luis "Weslu" Guiang's 2nd death anniversary event called Louie Louie.

4. Go Jimmy Go's trombonist Ryan Kunimura visited our country and had a taste of our own brand of ska in which he even jammed to the ska punk band PinkCow.

5. Loads of foreign hardcore acts brought in by trusted hardcore collectives giving us global hardcore at its finest.

6. The first ever Ska Fest hosted by PiliSkaPinas was held at the now bastardized place called Cubao X giving the unsuspecting so called in crowds a dose of real skank.

7. Jun Idiot of George Imbecile and The Idiots fame organized a gig at his current hometown in Tarlac that was attended by hordes of Tarlac Punks.

8. Rockabilly Band Bembol Rockers was invited by local Hong Kong band El Destroyo giving the Hong Kong audience a taste of Pinoy Rockabilly.

9. The groove merchants of heavy heavy modernist soul Juan Pablo Dream released their 2nd album under indie label Rookie Records.

10. Arnold Morales new band Tsunami Tsunami finally was solidified with former Sex Militants members.

These are some of the good things that came out this year despite the lows that we encountered in our lives lets hope next year that things will turn out right. Expect to get some goodies along the way like Throw's 3rd album, The GoSignals debut album, Tsunami Tsunami's debut album, Against Man's EP Coffee Break Island's 2nd album T.S.A's 2nd album and many more. Til' then keep the faith.

Drink as many beers as you can! Cheers! and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The ultimate document of the New York Hardcore scene

Agnostic Front's seminal debut, Victim in Pain, arguably remains the ultimate document of the New York hardcore scene - an early-'80s movement which coincided with some of the most dire social and political crises ever to afflict the metropolis. By taking the rudiments of punk, then injecting enough energy and rage to elevate them to an entirely new level of primal aggression, Agnostic Front's piece de resistance ultimately succeeds because it transcends musical art form to create protest rock not necessarily at its most lucid, but definitely at its most visceral. With 11 tracks clocking in at a mere 15 and a half minutes, ..."Blind Justice," "United and Strong," "Power," "Society Sucker," and "Your Mistake" were literal calls to arms for New York City's disenfranchised youth, who faithfully trekked down on a weekly basis to CBGB's legendary Sunday hardcore matinees. Listen closely to these cuts and you can almost hear the hallowed Bowery venue's dilapidated walls sweat, blister, and peel from the onslaught.

Agnostic Front will have their original 1984 lineup in tow - Roger Miret, Vinny Stigma, Rob Kabula, and Dave Jones. "We haven't played together since '84, this is the CLASSIC lineup together again.

Monday, December 21, 2009


5 Sides of a Coin" takes its viewers on a unique voyage that shows where hip-hop originated and where it has since spread in its 30+ years of existence. Unlike other hip-hop documentaries, "5 Sides" chooses to focus on each of the 5 basic elements of hip-hop in order to outline its history and its diaspora. Emcee'ing, DeeJay'ing, Breakin,' Graffiti Writing and Beatboxing are all given their own spotlight and within each section, "5 Sides" allows the pioneers, the new school, critics and experts from around the world to define each element in their own words. In an attempt to up the ante, "5 Sides" also takes on the controversies, the many misconceptions and the setbacks surrounding hip-hop today, by comparing and contrasting the various opinions of those within the culture, as well as those on the outside looking in.

Did Sid kill Nancy?

After 30 years, a new take on Sid, Nancy and a punk rock mystery

Just over 30 years ago New York detectives investigating the death of a woman in Room 100 of the Chelsea hotel were convinced they had her killer in the form of John Beverley. But was he the murderer? Did the man better known as Sid Vicious kill Nancy Spungen?

As the 30th anniversary of Vicious's drug overdose death approaches, there are plenty who believe that the belligerent punk rocker from the Sex Pistols was responsible for the stab wound that led to Spungen bleeding to death on the bathroom floor on 12 October 1978.

But writer Alan Parker is not one of them. He was friends with Vicious's mother, Anne Beverley, who, before she committed suicide in 1996, asked him to try to prove her son's innocence. The result is Who Killed Nancy?, a documentary to be released in cinemas based on 182 interviews and a re-examination of the original New York police case files.

"I just wanted to clear his name," said Parker. "Of course I wasn't there, I can't swear on the bible he didn't do it, but people involved have always told me to keep digging, keep digging and when you do dig it just does not add up."

Parker has uncovered evidence in Vicious's favour. The film shows how:

• At the time of Spungen's killing Vicious had to be out cold, having taken some 30 Tuinal - a powerful sedative.

• Police found fingerprints in the hotel room of six people who were known to them, but none were interviewed.

• The couple's money was missing, and they had a lot at the time with earnings from Vicious's version of the Frank Sinatra tune My Way and recent gigs.

• According to witnesses a drug addict called Michael, who lived on the sixth floor of the hotel, visited the couple and was later seen with a wad of cash tied with Spungen's purple hair tie.

The theory that the previously unknown Michael killed Spungen is the most intriguing. In Parker's film Vicious's friend Steve Dior produces a drawing from memory. "This is the guy I think did it. Michael," he says.

The film also explores Vicious's death, at the age of 21, on 2 February 1979. He had just been released on bail and wanted drugs. So his mother got drugs.

According to friend Peter "Kodick" Gravelle, "the drugs were rubbish" so he asked for better heroin using her money.

Parker said: "The thing is, what did come back with Peter was beyond good. It's been said it was 98% which is too pure for the human body in any state."

At "a party" in an apartment that night, Vicious was in good spirits as they listened to New York Dolls records. Gravelle said they were even having a laugh at the songs Vicious's manager, Malcolm McLaren, wanted him to do for an album - including I Fought the Law and the Law Won, and, improbably, YMCA.

Parker said: "The only people who can tell you the God's honest truth about what went on in Bank Street that night: one is Sid and he's dead; one is Anne, and she's dead; and one is Michelle [Robson - Vicious's new girlfriend] and she doesn't even answer to that name any more." By the next morning Vicious was dead.

The film-makers acknowledge that the title of the documentary might be misleading because, bar a confession, no one can ever know with absolute certainty how Spungen died.

Some witnesses in the film believe she killed herself. One friend, Howie Pyro, says: "To me, she just did it herself because that's what people like that do, like teenagers who cut themselves."

And others are convinced that Vicious, even if he did not know what he was doing, killed Spungen.

Their deaths mean that most people are now familiar with the words Sid and Nancy. If the last year of their life had not been so squalid it could be Romeo and Juliet with syringes.

Many in the film have fond memories of Vicious. Viviane Albertine, who shared a flat with him before his Sex Pistols days, says: "Sid was really clever, he had a great brain. The way he wore Nazi insignia and swastikas was to completely dilute the meaning of them, but people never got that about him. He was clever. He understood concepts."

She did admit that when they went out they often got into trouble. "It got to the point where he'd take his belt off, wrap it round his hand and just whack people with the buckle. I don't know where that came from because he wasn't actually a physically aggressive guy."

Others also tell stories of his moments of madness - glassing the brother of the singer Patti Smith, unsuccessfully picking a fight with Paul Weller of The Jam.

Parker admitted that Vicious has been something of an obsession. Anne Beverley first approached him to write a book on her son in 1984. "I've now probably written more words about that guy than any other writer on the planet. That is definitely it. No more," said Parker.


Sublime, the chart-topping Long Beach-based punk reggae group that split-up more than 13 years ago when its lead singer OD'd, will play its first official gig with a new vocalist as part of the Smokeout festival, to be held Oct. 23-24 at the San Manuel Amphitheatre in San Bernardino, Calif.

Slipknot, Deftones, Cypress Hill, Geto Boys, Goodie Mob, Pennywise, Redman & Method Man, Kottonmouth Kings and Bad Brains, among others, will perform across three stages at Cypress Hill's revamped event meant to raise awareness about the cannabis counter-culture.

Sublime's original lead singer, Bradley Nowell, died of a drug overdose in 1996 just as the band was achieving its biggest mainstream success. Surviving members Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson went on to form the Long Beach Dub All Stars, but earlier this year played a gig with Northern California-based singer Rome that Gaugh later called a Sublime reunion.

Hosted by comedic duo Cheech and Chong, the Guerilla Union-produced event will also feature appearances by Immortal Technique, Hieroglyphics, K'Naan, Living Legends, B Real, Mix Master Mike, Devin the Dude, DJ Muggs, Dirty Heads, Swollen Members, Big B, Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Reza, Lenny V, Barry Weaver and ShortDawg Tha Native, with more to be announced.


At long last things are winding up here at work and finally i can post these awesome images taken from the December edition of The Bing Austria Show! Stay in touch next year as we bring you a bigger, better and badder version of Bisikleta Productions. Expect next year's goodies to come like The GoSignals debut album, Throw's 3rd album and Tsunami Tsunami's debut album.

On January 16, 2010 we will be celebrating our 4th year anniversary and is tentatively gonna be held at Ten 02 Bar and Resto (the reservations for the slot is on the works). And we will be featuring top rank bands such as THE GOSIGNALS, JUAN PABLO DREAM, TANGO BITOY and many many more.

And also on the 18th of January (the most important month for me) will be the 3rd year death anniversary of the founder and the brains behind Bisikleta Productions the one and only Luis "Weslu" Guiang. Next year i decided not to do a tribute gig for the man for the reasons that some people are spreading rumours that I am banking on his name. (I even got an SMS telling me to stop what i am doing) Accusing me that i am a Svengali, a Charlatan swindling people for money. Instead I along with some of Luis closest friends from way way back is cooking something up.

So once and for all i will set the records straight i wont name names. (except i will let you guess who this moron is) Those people who accused me of doing such things but i will say this to you all readers that in Luis's 1st death anniversary that was held on Purple Haze Bar (now Leprechaun Bar). The owners of the said bar (which is prerequisite for every establishment) required to have me set up a gate charge and on that gate charge includes a drink and the rest of the profit of the tickets is automatically gonna be given to the promoter which on that case is me. But little did the ones who spread that filthy lie knew that on the first Bisikleta Productions event that was held at Malabon City Luis had opened a bank account before exclusively for the productions itself. And on his 1st death anniversary the profit that was generated from the said event was coursed through me but i did not gained from it instead i gave the money to Luis's then Bisikleta Productions cohort on the early morning right after the event which in turn was deposited on the Bisikleta Productions bank account that said bank account i have not taken possession of ever since his untimely death.

I have been running this production up out of my own pocket. eversince Weslu died and at the request of his Bisikleta cohorts that i should continue what he had left and i vowed to do this out of respect for the man The money spent on every event that i held came from my honest to goodness work as a graphic designer I work hard and party harder so that all the people attending Bisikleta events is fully satisfied and get their moneys worth.

Then on his 2nd death anniversary Trash Radio Manila and Bisikleta Productions collaborated for another tribute gig for him which was held at Cubao X and the entrance is ABSOLUTELY FREE. The rental space and sound equipment expenses came from our own pockets. And now that freaking gossip monger is spreading lies about me telling the people that i am making money out of my dear departed's friend's name! Tell you what buddy all of the Bisikleta Productions events came from my own pocket never did i benefited from it. I'm just doing this for the love of music itself the difference from you and me is that you my friend you use music as your source of daily income playing for the in crowds that don't know a shit or two about real music. I have so much admiration and respect for people who earned their living through music, but you on the other hand my friend its people like you that has a crab mentality that sickens me.

And most of the bands that participated in all the Bisikleta Productions events voluntarily played pro bono its because most of the bands here are either close friends of mine or old friends of Luis Guiang. The money from my pocket is used to pay the venue and other stuff that goes along with it. I am very grateful to the bands that they give their two cents worth for free! just to give the crowd real music that matters to them.

So this January 18th Luis Guiang's 3rd death anniversary will gonna be secretly held to avoid nosy fucks like you. Anyways here are the scene from the last The Bing Austria Show shindig. Again i would like to thank all the bands that supported Bisikleta Productions and all the people who dined drank and danced with us! Much appreciated!


Images from up to bottom: Whats left after the event (class picture), Arnold Morales with his band Tsunami Tsunami, Juan Pablo Dream, Steady Movin' Beat and the unruly skankers, The crowd waiting for the bands to play and their ice cold beers, Mel Maniego and his Rickenbacker, The crowd and the crossed eyed magtataho, The Marcos Cronies Conspiracy, Time for skihead reggae Rocket Punch with the moon stomping crowd, Noel of Life Without Francis, Gaia with The Young Instigators. (photos courtesy of Michael Alvin Gianan

Thursday, December 17, 2009


ENGLAND, 1966: A new youth subculture emerges in an era of Hippies and "Flower Power." Adopting Reggae as their music of choice, short cropped hair and a street style born out of their Working Class roots, this new breed are dubbed "Skinheads."

A mixture of Mod and Jamaican Rude Boy influences (and later redefined by 2 Tone, Punk, Oi and Hardcore), Skinhead represents a cross of cultures that came together to form a singular identity. From the onset, it was a positive match. But as their numbers swelled across the UK, so did their dubious reputation in the media, largely for public drunkenness, football hooliganism, and confrontations with Police. Although some of these reports were well deserved, most were often exaggerated.

Over time this unabated negative characterization by the British media (mixed with the rise of Right Wing politics in the '70s) would peg Skinheads with a new identity, one that embodied only the worst elements of society... Violent, Racist, Ignorant, Criminal. By the time Skinheads came to the attention of the American media (and Hollywood) in the mid-'80s, most of the mainstream public would only know this image of a Skinhead.

Yet, despite all the misinformation about Skinheads, the original spirit and style still thrives to this day. Its sense of Working Class pride is universal and bridges borders from Europe to the Americas, Malaysia and beyond. International and multicultural, Skinhead knows no bounds. The music, style and attitude still appeals to new generations across the globe. This documentary is a testament to that spirit.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sharpies: expressing difference through a well-dressed thuggery

Greg Macainsh of the Skyhooks’ made this short film about Sharpies in 1974. Influenced by Skinheads in hair and style substitute the patterned cardigan for Fred Perry shirts, and add a rat-tail of hair to the Skinhead crop.The Sharpies was truly a ‘gang’ movement, and amplified all the thuggish aspects of skinhead behavior.

Monday, December 14, 2009


MANILA, Philippines - Juan Pablo Dream (JPD) is taking audiences to a genre other local groups would find unconventional and risky tackling about. Mainstreaming soul music dubbed as Manila Soul is what the band would like to play. So far, it has been successful in attracting crowds to delve into their entertaining show.

“Walang gumagawa ng soul these days and ayaw namin gawin ‘yung nagawa na,” says lead vocalist Bing Austria.

JPD’s conviction of spreading the soul sound is evident in its performances, with Bing making sure the crowd knows the band is playing such music and not other genres confused with it. In a recent gig at the NU Rock Awards where the band delivered a three-song medley, JPD performed defining soul music as pyro-blast supplemented the finale number.

Having scored a couple of hits in the past and putting X44 Tony Ferrer back into the limelight via the latter’s cameo role in one of its first videos, the eight-piece band has been providing a kind of show uncommon to band acts today. Theirs has that classic, old school energy feel, complete with uniformed suits and girlish vocal back-ups. Yet they have that underground act appeal that diffuses any probability of selling out.

Of course, the songs they perform, whether originals or covers, are gripped tightly on the essentials of soul music — melodic, patterned and groovy. Their latest single Tibok Ng Puso represents that firm hold, supported by a performance music video that zeroes in on the band members and the synergy that’s going on among them.

A former member of Tropical Depression and Put3Ska which both spearheaded the popularity of their respective genre affiliations, Bing is expert on helping a band. “We feel blessed that we are exposed to soul music. Nalulungkot kami na nakakalimutan na ng iba ang roots ng sound nila. They have forgotten the music of the legends.”

“We are artists and it’s important that we are true to the music we’re representing. Kaya binibigyan namin ng emphasis ang soul music,” he adds.

The singer-songwriter is supported by a strong pack of instrumentalists namely Aurelio Castro III (guitars), Alexander Dumlao (bass), Kim Ventusa (saxophone), Bong Termulo (trumpet), and Aldwin Fernando (drums).

Helping him produce pretty harmonies are backing vocalists Bianca Holganza and Lotte Villarosa.

JPD was formed in Malolos, Bulacan in 2004 and released its debut CD under Terno Records. The band is now under the care of Bryan Garcia (of Rookie Records) who decided to manage it beyond basic business concerns. “I like their music and even if being indie is not easy in most aspects, I love the fact we’re happy with our product.”

The new, self-titled album was produced by Benjie Mendez and engineered by Angee Rozul of Tracks studio. It contains mostly originals, with three interesting covers led by the Doors’ Light My Fire.

JPD will launch the new CD on Dec. 17 at Eastwood Central Plaza.
The Philippine Star

Friday, December 11, 2009


Tonight at 6 Bisikleta Productions bid farewell to 2009 as we end this year with The Bing Austria Show's presentation. Featuring great bands from punk rock to ska to soul. Expect next year for a big bash on January 16 at Ten02 Bar as we celebrate the 4th year anniversary of Bisikleta Productions and more shows coming....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It seems that this year is the year for the Grim Reaper, The music community suffered a big blow everyone's dropping like flies. Another tragic motorcycle accident had taken another life. PinkCow's session trumpeteer, Juan or Juandokito fondly called by his friends died this morning due to a fatal motorcycle crash.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


This December 12, The Bing Austria Show ends this year's run with a pre-launch party for the groove merchants of heavy heavy modernist soul JUAN PABLO DREAM'S sophomore album which will be released on December 17. Also featuring this month's show will be the awesome sounds of TSUNAMI TSUNAMI, THE GOSIGNALS, ROCKET PUNCH, STEADY MOVIN' BEAT, LIFE WITHOUT FRANCIS, THE MARCOS CRONIES CONSPIRACY, TURBO GOTH, THE YOUNG INSTIGATORS and TARTARZ.

The show will start at 6 in the evening, happening only at Saz's Bar in Espana. Be there!