Sunday, July 19, 2015


Get ready this coming Sunday as we along with Di alternator brings you the 2nd installment of our DESTROY IT YOURSELF event happening at Back to the 90's located in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. For this 2nd session we will be focusing on the fast, loud and furious punk music called Hardcore. Featured in this event will be THROW, HARD K, BLINDSIDED, RED CORPSE, A.S.P. and COMMUNION.

Plus we will also be featuring a very special guest band not on the bill so all you UNCIVILIZED PEOPLE get ready! 

Just to give you a hint who these guys were. The bands name is called GIRLS hailed in Malabon City and the drummer is the founder of Bisikleta Productions and one of the core members of PUT3SKA. They were featured in a bunch of compilations and released their debut album under Twisted Red Cross and in the mid 90's released another recording called Technology Eats The World under Recycled Records with Julius Felipe doing drum duties. 

As the 90's drew to a close they had gone on their separate ways. The bass player went to see the world while the vocalist went to work in Qatar then later joined I.O.V's guitarist Radzon Medina to form HARD KULANGOT and then the guitarist went on to form GUT REACTION.

If you still don't get who these guys are then y'all a bunch of IDIOTIC IMBECILES I have to say DAMN YOU PEOPLE better BURY YOURSELF. See all of you on Sunday, July 26, 3 P.M.