Friday, August 29, 2008


Tommorow night's gonna be a blast as we gathered some of the promising and new ska bands and a healthy dose of dub thrown in for good measure! Mixing it with the more prominent ones which includes Pampanga's ska core legends MARCOS CRONIES and the newly reformed Malolos, Bulakan 3rd wave ska band THE SCARS headed by Alex Dumlao of mod soul outfit Juan Pablo Dream.
The final line up includes MARCOS CRONIES, THE SCARS, EARTHLINGS, PINK COW, GREETINGS FROM JULIE, PULIKATS, BARRIO MORNING GLORY and ONE HOT WONDER a roots, dub inflicted band hailing from skaville malabon these lads are the extended family of Good Leaf and the hardcore band Against Man.
RUDE MAYNILA will be hosted by non other than BING "yeah yeah yeah" AUSTRIA of Tropical Depression, Put3ska and Juan Pablo Dream. And will be held at MYRA RUARO's swanky cozy place called TEN 02 BAR & RESTO located at Scout Ybardolaza Street, Timog, Quezon City for only 50 bucks with beer included you'll get to see, feel and hear these heavy weight rudeboys and rude girls live! So beg, borrow, steal or die trying!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's two more days to go as Bisikleta Productions kickstart another event after a long hiatus from the ska, punk, mod scene and this time around we are doing a ska all niter event billled as RUDE MAYNILA featuring different ska acts from Manila and nearby provinces such as Pampanga, Bulacan and Angono.

There's good news and there's bad news for this event. First the bad news i just got word from Pasig City's 2tone torch bearers Steady Movin' Beat's frontman that there will be a no show for them this coming saturday due to some personal mishaps involving her mom. Let us pray for his mom's speedy recovery. And from Pasig City lets get to Mandaluyong and Pateros Skinhead Reggae maestros word is that they have a line up problem involving their bass player their guitarist told me that their bassist is quiting his duties and is concentrating on some other things well whatever it is hats off to you lad! do what ya like.

And now the good news Kankaloo (that's Caloocan City for you my friend) neotrad trad ska band Greetings from Julie had climbed on board Rude Maynila in replacement to Steady Moving Beat these guys goes way way back from their Clubska Manila and Skamax days and is serving up some heavyweight ska in the vein of the Skatalites if you wanna know more about them go google them up on their myspace site. As of now i am still try to find a replacement for the vacancy spot that Rocket Punch has left and i am trying to contact a local ska band from Batangas word is that they are cutting up their indepently produced record way to go guys! never trust those corporate recording company scumbags!

Anyway if those guys and one girl from that band does not reply as soon as possible do not worry folks we still have great great bands to liven up the dance floor including the newly reformed skacore band from Malolos, Bulakan The Scars headed by Alex Dumlao of the mod soul band Juan Pablo Dream plus these DJs from Angono the Soundblasters serving up intensified ska reggae mod soul and punk rock! This lads from Angono are legit! (heard of Neighbors?) and another treat for you the show will be hosted by non other than the Modfather Bing Austria former keyboardist of Put3ska (watch out for Juan Pablo Dream's Sophomore Album!).

The venue will be at TEN 02 BAR & RESTO Scout Ybardolaza, Timog, Quezon City if you are going from Edsa you can see the GMA Network building go right if you are southbound straight ahead is 2 gas stations the 2nd one is the landmark for Myra Ruaro's Place TEN 02. For 50 bucks you will get an ice cold beer and for those lucky few will get a limited Rude Maynila compilation CDs for free. Warning though please leave your politics at the door politics fuck you up. Enough said now lets dance dance dance!
On top left: Jon and Bong of Neighbors aka Soundblasters taking over the airwaves and on bottom right: Bing Austria skinheads demma come!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The man behind 2tone

Coventry native, Jerry Dammers was the man behind 2tone a unique fussion of punk rock and reggae that spawned a new generation of rudeboys, skinheads and punk rockers that brought about a renewed interest on Jamaican artist/musicians and helped influenced a lot of bands to come including the 3rd wave ska genre. Here's a video interview of Jerry Dammers the brains behind 2tone. Talking about ghost town and the real story about the Specials name. This video was taken from a blog by New Brunswick NJ Ska Reggae Band Bigger Thomas bass player named Marc Wasserman. If you wanna know more about the rumoured Specials planned reunion later this year go to his blogsite: . And If you wanna know more about Bigger Thomas do checkout their website:

Note: Deepest apologies to Marc Wesserman i pulled out an article from your blog (Dammer's Interview) without your prior knowledge, if you want me to take out this content please do email me at

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Just got an email from my good friend Mark Young AKA Mark Strange AKA MARK ZERO part owner of the defunct curio shop at the famed Cubao Shoe Expo called ZERO HISTORY and crate digger vinyl historian of all things Funk, Jazz, Psychedelia, Bizarro Soundtracks and other wordly music. The email that he sent to me was a DJ Nite invite at a hip very bohemian local joint in Malate, Manila called Penguin.

If you happen to like deep dirty drum breaks and dusty hammond and percussions galore well you gotta go there and hear some of the rarest grooviest beats philippines has to offer. Plus this is the one time only show where in you could hear my good friend Matt an English native NGO volunteer doing renewable energy for our less fortunate brothers and sisters from our neighboring provinces. (I wish our government should invest on renewable energy rather than wasting time and peoples money on some fucking you know what them bunch of monkeys). Because he is heading off to his homeland on the 25th of August.

The DJ night will be on AUGUST 7 that's Thursday at 9PM and will feature MATT LITTLE, SGT. VEZ and hosted by MINISTER ZERO on the wheels of steel that will guarantee to keep your ass shakin and your feet movin'!

By the way entrance is absolutely free come as you are be nice or leave! Penguin Bar is located at Remedios, Malate.