Wednesday, November 26, 2008


December is just a few days ahead and most of us are getting our asses kicked by our employers to beat this years sales quota and most of us are anticipating this years 13 month pay! If you are planning to relax from a hard days work look no more, reward yourself with these up and coming events. First stop is tonight's event hosted by the Angono rude boys RUDIES ALL AROUND happening at 6Underground at Pearl Drive Ortigas with great bands including THE WAYFARERS! do drop by if you need some ska fix and ice cold beer to soothe you after a hard days work at the office.

And this coming saturday all you Vespa afficionados heads up coz' there will be an awesome shindig happening at Liberty Center, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City (near wack wack) with guest bands JUAN PABLO DREAM, RUBADUB, DEAD POP STARS and EARTHLINGS the program will start at around 6:30 in the evening so be there!

Come this December watch out for a very very awesome event that will be happening at CUBAO EXPO I have long been an avid fan of this great man since early 2000 for his impeccable taste in music particularly deep funk (if you think that James Brown, Sly Stone and George Clinton's P Funk is Funk wait til ya hear the nuggets that he had compiled alongside DJ Shadow, RZA and other noteworthy DJs on the BBE label) to me he is the godfather of deep dirty funk 45s.
The man i am talking about is none other than KEB DARGE himself. He will be here on the 22nd of December. For a little bit of info about him is that he began his career as a northern soul DJ at Wigan casino and gained notoriety spinning deep funk (besides deep funk he is a pasionate rockabilly music collector, go check out youtube he's with the modfather Paul Weller!) at Madame Jo Jo's a strip joint in London's Soho district. So all you vinyl junkies, hip hop heads and funk fanatics who dig dirty drum breaks and bone rattling basslines this is the place to be.
Time to have fun away from the dreaded deadlines. WORK HARD, PARTY HARDER!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hallows Eve Shindig

It has been 3 weeks since our last event that was held at Ten02 Bar and Resto and it was a blast! And as the dirty guys had said endless supply of brews and non stop music and friendly faces had showed up! Kudos to trashradiomanila for the fabulous photos that they sent me the other day.

Since i am so lazy today to summarized what had happened that day go browsed the wold wibe web and check out for their excellent observation on what had transpired that day the only thing i can say is props goes out to all the people that lovingly supported this production. And much respect to the bands that played that night y'all are amazing!

Here are the fantastic images caught by the dirty folks:

Top photos from left to right: The Skinheads demma come, Cheers! from Gener of The Trend, Yeah, Yeah Yeah its Bing Austria!, Beatdown Boombox showing the kids what real punk rock is all about, Eastern Vibration blow that trombone.
Bottom photos from left to right: Francis of Pinkcow, Edwin Aguilar of The Wayfarer in the zone, Umble Uno, these kids are all right!, Steady Movin' Beat courtroom session!
Photos courtesy of

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Been very very busy lately after Skalloween (still waiting for the pictures to arrive at my inbox courtesy of the dirty folks). I will post what transpired that day and it was helluva show! Hats off to The Wayfarers and Beatdown Boombox that gave the new schoolers what punk rock really is just like Joey said "learn to listen, listen to learn, you gotta learn to listen before you could burn!"

And much respect to the bands that played that night. And also to the people that came and give their love and respect to the scene without you ladies and gents the scene would not be possible, we salute you!

One more thing I have to get this off my chest to the people that came gatecrashing and without telling us that they are selling their crust punk merchandise at the door, You should be ashamed of yourselves name dropping your collective and name dropping the hardcore thrash punkers from Leeds UK. You do not know shit and doesnt have utter respect even for your fellow collective that does not know what the fuck your doing trying to front you have no idea that the stupid things you do reflects on your entire collective and to the other stupid people that also gatecrashed shame on you too! If you really knew what the word working class meant (google it up - working class for dummies) you should not be doing this sort of thing bunch of poseurs you people make me sick. Before you used that cockney expression make sure you know what that really meant to people that love and respected streetpunk.

This is Bisikleta Productions and we are rude and reckless. Bottomline for us is respect the artist and musicians and the scene so that the people within the scene will respect you. We do not honuor your badge here my friend. If your gonna be rude we will give you the boot.

And now for some very interesting events. Please support them as you openly supported Bisikleta Productions as the old saying goes - "If the kids are united they will never be divided". First one is a gig that would be happening on the 27th of November thats going to be next week Thursday, The event would be handled by the Angono ska community RUDIES ALL AROUND good thing they are back in circulation. They have been absent for quite awhile hope this time they stay. Then if you wanted to experience some good skanking from Bulacan brace yourselves for SKA TRAIN GOES TO MALOLOS BULACAN hosted by the rude boys of Bulacan, TO PEOPLE WHO SKA.

Hope to see you ladies and gents there! Back to the skankpit again. And as we always say LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR COZ' POLITICS FUCKS YOU UP.

Keep your eyes peeled for next year we are planning something big this January...or who knows this comming December anyone up for some CHRISTMESS MAYHEM?