Sunday, January 31, 2010


The Singapore based Pinoy hardcore trio is back once again to launch their latest album called BACK TO KINDERGARTEN. The album is a homage to the punk rock and hardcore music that had shaped their lives it is a testament to their undying love of this culture and for what hardcore means to them.

They will perform on February 20, Saturday at Sazi's Bar. Supporting them are some of the finest punk and hardcore bands this side of asia non other than THROW, TSUNAMI, TSUNAMI, PRIVATE STOCK (yes you got that right Private Stock is back!) G.I. & THE IDIOTS, HARD K, AGAINST MAN and RUSH I.D.

For a mere 60 bucks you will get to have an ice cold beer in hand and a chock full of awesome hardcore music for your ears!

T.S.A.'s album will be on sale at the gate. And please do watch out for another T.S.A. gig at their hometown of Bulacan that would be happening sometime this month. So better keep you eyes and ears peeled!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


You Weren't There – A History Of Chicago Punk 1977-1984 looks back on the impact that the Punk movement had on the Windy City. Though overlooked in the annals of Rock history when compared to media-centric Los Angeles, New York, and London, Chicago served as an important early supporter of this burgeoning and controversial scene.

From what is now considered to be the first Punk dance club in America (La Mere Vipere), to proto-hardcore clubs (Oz, O'Banions), and All Ages DIY scene (Centro-Am Hall), Chicagoans made sure that there were outlets for the genre that was often blacklisted by the mainstream local live music scene. This small, but dedicated scene had to endure harassment from the Police, City Hall, Neo-Nazis, and even the audience, as well as making uneasy alliances with the ever-present Chicago criminal underworld. It was a scene that could be violent and unsavory at times,but always tempered with large doses of humor, art, and intelligence.

You Weren't There talks to the DJ's, musicians, promoters, artists, and fans who were pivotal in creating the Chicago Punk scene. The film also features classic archival footage of such great Chicago bands as Naked Raygun, the Effigies, Strike Under, Big Black, Articles Of Faith as well as lesser known greats Silver Abuse, the Mentally Ill, the Subverts, Negative Element, and many more. This is a rare glimpse into a truly one-of-a-kind American underground music scene.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This 3-hour documentary tells the story of Studio One, Jamaica's most important record label in the history of Reggae.

Filmed in Kingston, the documentary has interviews with many of the artists who Studio One made famous - Horace Andy, Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Sugar Minott etc.

The main interview is with Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd, owner and founder, and the documentary tells the story of his life and the impact he has had on Reggae music in Jamaica and the rest of the world.

Studio One is the foundation label of Jamaican Reggae. Often described as the Motown of Jamaica, Studio One is where the career of literally hundreds of Reggae artists began - Bob Marley and the Wailers, Alton Ellis, The Heptones, Ken Boothe, The Skatalites, Burning Spear - everyone! Lee Perry was a handyman there and Prince Buster a bouncer.

The film also visits Trenchtown's old Dancehalls, the Alpha School for wayward Boys (run by Nuns), Tuff Gong Studios and Pressing Plant, Orange street (Jamaica's Tin Pan Alley) and many sites relating to the story.

There is rarely seen vintage footage of musical performances, interviews, Haile Selaisse's arrival in Jamaica and even early music videos (from the 1960s). Much of this footage has rarely been seen outside Jamaica.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Like many of the early players in the Jamaican music industry (Leslie Kong, Justin Yap, the recently departed Charlie Moo), Vincent Chin’s family origins lay in China. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1937, and the son of a carpenter who made the move from China in the 20s, Chin’s schooldays witnessed a burgeoning fascination with US radio programmes, particularly a rhythm & blues show sponsored by Randy’s Record Mart of Gallatin, Tennessee.

Chin’s fascination with the show saw his schoolfriends dub him ‘Randy’ – a nickname that would stay with him for the rest of his life. His first job on leaving school was with jukebox operator Isaac Issa, who had machines across the island, and the young record enthusiast would collect the takings and replace outmoded records with the latest in-demand tunes.

Founded in 1958 by Vincent and Patricia Chin, Randy’s was the first complete package - studio, distribution, sales and most importantly vibes. Producers and artists crowded Idler’s Rest—a famous spot around the corner of Randy’s—to get a chance to record in the studio. Many legends today made their mark at this historic location from Bob Marley and The Wailers’ ground-breaking album Catch A Fire to Peter Tosh’s first two solo albums Legalize It and Equal Rights. According to reggae luminary Pat Kelly, Randy’s had “the sound people want. We can call it the ghetto sound. The real roots sound.”

From the very start, Randy’s linked itself to the popular yet controversial musical styles of the day – particularly ska, roots and dub reggae. Disc One 1960-1971 features the early politically motivated ska tunes “Independent Jamaica” from Lord Creator and “Malcolm X” from the Skatalites, the Bob Marley & The Wailers cover of the Archie’s pop single “Sugar Sugar” and “John And James” by a youthful Toots & The Maytals displaying their spiritual and subtly subversive style. The first album also features musical pioneers like the great trombonist Don Drummond on “Machine Shop”, organ player Jackie Mittoo on “End Dust” and the original sound system deejay Winston ‘Count Machukie’ Cooper on “Warfare”.

From ska to reggae, to dub to Jamaica’s leading singers, Reggae Anthology: Randy’s 50th Anniversary is a history of reggae culture from its beginnings in the 1960s to perhaps its most ingenious peak in the 1970s. This commemorative release puts these influential music-makers in their proper place, the hands of reggae collectors and music fans everywhere. Respect to Randy’s every time.


Ska is one of the most underated and misunderstood "genres" of music. This incredible new doc attempts to set the record straight. For more info go to

London in the 1950’s was a cold place in more ways than the obvious. Or so it appeared if you were one of the thousands of newly arrived Jamaicans. Many were overqualified for their menial jobs. Thousands of others quite simply could not get work. Discrimination and racial tensions culminated in fierce riots in both Nottingham and Notting Hill Gate.It was in this environment that the Jamaican soundmen; Duke Vin and Count Suckle arrived in the UK. They both stowed away on a boat from Kingston and brought with them a sound that was sweeping across the small Caribbean island and would later change the face of music in the UK.This was the sound of ska! Duke Vin was the main deejay on Tom The Great Sebastian’s Beat Street system in Jamaica and he built the first sound system in the UK in 1956. Count Suckle started the famous Roaring Twenties club on Carnaby Street in 1962 and Daddy Vego was its first deejay.Daddy Vego would later set up People’s Sound Record Store, a bustling red, green and gold-painted reggae emporium that is the only non-gentrified business on All Saint’s Rd. Forty years ago that same street was rapidly evolving into one of London’s frontlines and a virtual no-go area for the police.Count Suckle’s Roaring 20’s club was the first club that welcomed black people in London and its electric mix of rhythm and blues, soul and ska made it the busiest clubs in London for years, attracting all the leading musicians of the day.Now in their 70’s, Vego and Vin, both continue to do as they have always done, promoting and pushing Jamaican music. Daddy Vego is still running his record store and plays a vital role in the Ladbroke Grove community with his youth projects and street fairs. Duke Vin is still a deejay, playing on sound systems at the Notting Hill Carnival and to packed clubs such as Gaz’s Rocking Blues in Soho.These three men are the last surviving members of a small group of Jamaicans who played an instrumental role in bringing the sound and musical culture of Jamaica to the UK. This is their story and the story of their sound. - Adam Deeves

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yes folks we are now four years old! Thanks to you people who supported us all these years. Thanks to the bands who graced the stage and had performed for the crowd past and present. Hats off to y'all! Cheers!


Left, Bin Laden in 1998; middle, the FBI image; right, Gaspar Llamazares

This week, the FBI released a “digitally-altered” image showing what Osama Bin Laden possibly looks like now that he’s older. While the FBI claims to have used “cutting-edge” technology to create the image, a Spanish politician has noticed that the poster is a modified version of his campaign photo — he now finds his face in America’s most wanted list. While on the surface it’s an amusing misstep by intelligence agencies, Gaspar Llamazares, the former leader of Spain’s United Left coalition, calls the move “shameless.” His safety is at risk, he told the BBC, and he no longer feels able to travel to America now that his likeness is on a wanted poster: “Bin Laden’s safety is not threatened by this but mine certainly is,” Llamazares said.

The FBI is quoted admitting to the error, saying that the artist found the photo on the web and didn’t know it was of a Spanish politician: “When producing age-progressed photographs, forensic artists typically select features from a database of stock reference photographs to create the new image…it appears that in this instance the forensic artist was unable to find suitable features among the reference photographs and obtained those features, in part, from a photograph he found on the Internet.

The forensic artist was not aware of the identity of the individual depicted in the photograph. The similarities between the photos were unintentional and inadvertent.

We don’t think it matters that the man in question was a notable politician: Using photos from an image search to create a most wanted poster is surely putting the subject at risk, is it not?

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Tradition is the belief of passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation by word of mouth or demonstration. With out it we are clueless about ourselves. Actual traditions aren't important, but it's why you make them a tradition that matters. They are a trigger, a reason to get together, they get you in the right mind set. It is a sense of order. Tradition should be regarded with honor and esteem.

At home tradition is instilled on us and at school tradition is highly respected. On February 20, 2010 The Singapore based hardcore trio known as T.S.A. will give us a lesson on tradition. (yes folk's they are back) They are keeping the old school sound alive by giving us their new album called BACK TO KINDERGARTEN. The album is a homage to their hardcore heroes and they are taking us back to first grade back when hardcore music is pure, simple, heavy, short and fast without those complicated new school shit.

Watch out for these guys next month. I will be posting the details on their 3rd album launching very very soon.

Monday, January 11, 2010


This coming Saturday join us as we celebrate our 4th year anniversary at Ten 02 Bar and Resto in Scout Ybardolaza Street, Quezon City. Performing on that day will be a superb line up consisting of Ska, Punk Rock, Dub, Soul and Surf music. Featuring Tsunami Tsunami, The GoSignals, Juan Pablo Dream, Tango Bitoy, Goodleaf, Life without Francis, The Marcos Cronies Conspiracy, Steady Movin' Beat, Earthlings and Stolen Shots. Please do come and support local music.

And also on the 23rd of January Saturday let us support Throw's 3rd album launching entitled Believe which will be happening at Leprechaun Bar (formerly Purple Haze) Coinciding with the said date is Dead Ends bassist Jay Dimalanta's Birthday. Do come and buy the album!


It was a fun filled evening last Saturday at Sazi's Bar when old long lost friends started to show up for Luis Guiang's 3rd death anniversary. One by one popped up and was surprised to see their pals up and about happily telling stories and cracking jokes on one another. It was heart warming to see them all in a jovial mood. That night is all about a celebration of life, all of us knew each other kinda like a family reunion minus the dysfunctionalities and the drama that comes along with that sort of gathering. Four bands happened to play that night two of those bands was Weslu's former band mates Throw and The GoSignals and the other one was Weslu's friends Against Man and the latter was a sort of sing a long karaoke type spiked with punk rock and a little bit of a hippie vibe thrown in fronted by Veronica Maniego or Bunek as we fondly called her that i am sure Weslu would have loved.

Here are some of the photos from the Weslu gig that was taken from Facebook accounts of Bunek and Racine Anne Castro. Videos to be posted soon courtesy of Weslu's cousin Eugene AKA Hapon.
From top to bottom: Dekdek of Against Man, Al Dimalanta of Throw, The GoSignals, Against Man, Eugene Hapon, Michael, Rommel Xerex and Isko of Smile Plenty, Bunek with Albert of Throw, Racine Anne Castro and Spyk the Punkaraoke Band.

Friday, January 8, 2010


On January 23 the undisputed authority on hardcore music non other than MAIM is organizing an event for one of the most well respected Philippine hardcore band THROW. Join them on January 23, Saturday at Leprechaun Bar in Tomas Morato as they launch their third album entitled BELIEVE. Supporting them are top notch bands TAME THE TIKBALANG, TALK SICK, THE GOSIGNALS, S.D.K, STAID, GOO, NEKBU and T.R.A.

And speaking of THROW tomorrow night they will be on the WESLU event happening at Sazi's Bar together with G.I. and THE IDIOTS, THE GOSIGNALS, AGAINST MAN and NEKBU. Please do come and support local music, for a measly sum of 60 pesos you will get to hear these great bands play and with an ice cold beer to boot!

Plus this coming February stay tune for some goodies to come. Including a planned gig for Singapore based Pinoy hardcore band T.S.A.'s 3rd album launch and Juan Pablo Dream's Bisikleta Productions / Rookie Records Angeles City tour! keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This coming January 16, Bisikleta Productions will be celebrating its 4th Year Anniversary at Ten 02 Resto & Bar. Join us for this special occassion as we turn 4. We invited top notch bands to play for you the likes of TSUNAMI, TSUNAMI, THE GOSIGNALS, JUAN PABLO DREAM, GOODLEAF, PINKCOW, THE MARCOS CRONIES CONSPIRACY, TANGO BITOY, STEADY MOVIN' BEAT, EARTHLINGS and last but not the least the STOLEN SHOTS from Bicolandia.

Gate cost at is 50 pesos comes with one ice cold beer. So be there!

Monday, January 4, 2010


This coming January 9 this Saturday at Sazi's Bar the slot for The Bing Austria Show will temporarily give way for a very special presentation for a dearly departed friend celebrating the 3rd death anniversary of the man behind the beats of Private Stock, G.I. and The Idiots and Put3ska non other than Luis Guiang. The featured bands will be long time friends of his from his early roots at Malabon City.