Tuesday, March 7, 2017


While society has become ever more estranged from the great events of the past, music on the other hand is the one constant. And that constant one starts out with a barrage of guitars then a painful voice resonated with a guttural tone that once you hear it will instantly take you back to a moment in time like Deja Vu.

It’s time to hear that song again! The quintessential Filipino punk rock band, Urban Bandits is doing a special celebration of their amazing Independence Day album on March 31, Friday at B Side The Collective in Makati City together with Wuds and G.I. & The Idiots, Goo and PinkCow and will be hosted by Carlos Palanca Awardee Erwin Romulo and Social Satirist Jun Sabayton of The Sabaytones plus audio ammunition will be provided by Par Satellite of NU 107’s Pirate Satellite program. 

This event is organized by Lock & Load Productions.