Tuesday, January 20, 2009


First and foremost before we go on announcing our event for the month of February, We on behalf of Trash Radio Manila would like to thank all those that came to Mogwai at Cubao X and took their time off to celebrate the life and times of our dearly beloved weslu on his 2nd death anniversary. And also thanks to the bands that came and skank, mosh, pogo the hell out of Cubao X, Plus our deepest apologies to the bands that came but was not able to get on the stage due to technicalties on the line up schedules we are very very sorry, hope you guys wont take it personally Pictures will be posted soon.

Now for our 2nd offering for this year we are collaborating this time with the Angono Rudies for a Sound System Sound Clash entitled LAST GANG STANDING. Fearured on this event will be the DJs of SOUNDBLASTERS versus another DJ collective. (we will announce the lineup very soon!)
The history of the sound system goes way way back in Jamaica with some of the originators Clement Seymour "Sir Coxsone" Dodd and Arthur "Duke" Reid before they became record producers they were first sound system owners. There were several sound system competition against other sound systems but the most competitive of all the sound systems was between Coxsone The Downbeat Ruler and Duke Reid The Trojan.

Those two sound system battle it out for supremacy and now we are bringing it to you via LAST GANG STANDING. This time we are focusing on the DJ aspect of the music scene but do not worry folks there are still plenty of live bands thats gonna grace this event so stay tuned for more info on this one. Til' then.....

Sunday, January 11, 2009


This coming Sunday will be the 2nd death anniversary of a dearly beloved friend. We and the dirty folks from Trash Radio Manila is paying tribute to him by staging LOUIE LOUIE. Join us folks as we celebrate the life and times of this extraordinary man.

Luis Guiang known to many as WESLU has touched so many lives one way or another through his kindness, off the wall humour and ofcourse his music. And this coming Saturday, January 17th, a stellar line up will be playing for this man. Bands included will be a mix of the old and the new, including Arnold Morales College/Urban Bandits/Put3ska) newly formed band THE ANDY WARHOL comprised of Mel Maniego of Private Stock/The GoSignals, Edwin Aguilar of The Jerks/Tropical Depressions/The Wayfarers, Jun Nogoy of Put3ska/Coffee Break Island. All Star eh? well my friend this is just the icing on the cake.

We've got loads and loads of surprises in store for you as Trash Radio Manila states on their blogsite " the more senior bands will be treating us to acoustic or toned down performances, which is something to watch out for. So you may ask, how does a hardcore band deliver an acoustic set, anyway? Perplexed? Find out for yourself." SEE FOR YOURSELF.
Do drop by this coming Saturday, the event will start at 6PM and entrance is absolutely free but as we say here LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR COZ' POLITICS FUCK YOU UP!. for more info log on to http://www.trashradiomanila.blogspot.com/

Monday, January 5, 2009


This coming January 18th will be the 2nd death anniversary of the jolly kind hearted soul of a drummer named LUIS 'weslu' GUIANG of Private Stock, George Imbecile and the Idiots and Put3ska fame and sessionist for such bands as The Jerks and Tropical Depression. Hopefully our good mates from Trash Radio Manila will celebrate his 2nd death anniversary this month...stay tuned folks...meanwhile ponder on this images.

Top Photo: Ground Zero! The first ever Bisikleta Productions event held at Tribal Hut Bar in Malabon City (Weslu with Isko of FMD)
Below: Coffee break Island, Bembol Rockers, The GoSignals with Ricky of Private Stock, Bing Austria and Meng, Put3ska's roadie extraordinaire and Shuffle Union live at Luis Guiang's last wake....the man would not go down without a bang! HIGH FIVE my dear friend. Below is a video clip of Put3ska playing live at the Floresco Funeral Home.