Saturday, October 22, 2011


Ever wondered what it feels like to be Ewan Mcgregor in his motorcycle adventures for a week? Now here is your chance to be like him except this time onboard a stylish Italian scooter and minus that Stereophonics song. My friend Da Nguyen of The Scooterist Blog is offering a journey not like any other a wild, pure, unrestricted and best of all a very affordable travel starting next year Thursday, 26th of January.

Join him along with some of the finest Vietnamese Vespa enthusiast and seasoned long distance riders to a journey across Vietnam and discover the local's best kept secrets, savor the sights, tastes, smells and sounds as they take you off the beaten path and away from the tourist traps. You can't say you have seen a country unless you have seen it with someone who's in love with it and nobody else can help you get up close and personal with that than them. Live the country with the eyes of a local.

The itineraries includes The city of eternal spring Da Lat, The friendly small town vibe of Nha Trang, The port city of Da Nang, The attractive city with a badlands feel of Dong Hoi, The mountainous regions of Thanh Hoa, The grand old dame Hanoi and The incredibly picturesque village of Sa pa.

In case you are wondering how you can be a part of this one of a kind experience, Da Nguyen is offering a scooter rental for only 30 dollars a day! Along with a convoy of able mechanics specializing only on Vespas In unlikely event that you experience a problem with your scooter.

Words of advice for the uninitiated: this journey is very hardcore, this is not a run of the mill over priced standardized tour package with tight schedules were you hop on a bus with a tour guide complete with food and accommodation. This is pure D.I.Y. folks! Just you, your scooter and the freedom of the open road. And if you're the kind of tourist who is scared shitless of exploring new and uncharted territories and you favored being pampered then this is not your thing, but if you are a traveler and want to experience the real deal then this is tailor made just for you.

For more information and inquiries on how you can be a part of this awesome mind expanding adventure and how to get a hold of your own classic Vespa scooter during the week long exploration kindly email Da Nguyen at or go visit his blog at

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Singapore based all Filipino hardcore band T.S.A. is always one step ahead of the game this time they had outdone themselves again. The last time they wreaked havoc in Denmark waving the Philippine flag proudly slaughtering the Danes in its path. And this time around the Yanks took notice.

New York street punk band The Casualties had chosen T.S.A. as support act for their Singapore leg of their Asian tour. From the multitude of local hardcore acts scattered all around Lion City, T.S.A. had stood out from the rest and that goes to show that they are nonpareil. The best hardcore band there is in Singapore turned out to be Filipinos. This band packed a heavy punch much like Pacquiao beat up those Mexicans to a bloody pulp.

These mighty Bulakenyos will go on head to head with The Casualties in conjunction with their 8th studio album - We All We Have under SideOneDummy Records. The event will be held on the 17th of November at White Studio Fort Canning Park, Singapore.

If you happen to be in Singapore on that said date do drop by and experience their very own take on what true hardcore should be. See and hear T.S.A.'s brand of hardcore, a no holds barred - take no prisoner approach - brutally short, angry and furiously fast, leaving you a casualty once their music hits you. This is the way hardcore should sound like.

This event is brought to you by Bone Crusher Productions.