Friday, August 28, 2009


This September Bisikleta Productions presents another Mod and beyond musicology edutainment via The Bing Austria Show! featuring diverse acts from rockabilly to shoe gaze to hip hop and the staple ska music. With mainstays The GoSignals, Steady Movin' Beat , Earthlings and PinkCow. We've invited Angono ska specialist Neighbors who happens to be celebrating their 14th year anniversary this Saturday. Rockabilly rebels Bembol Rockers, Pusakal and CoffinRide will supply the boogie woogie and hip hop collective A.M.P.O.N. will bring on their head noddin beats. Skies of Ember will bring out their brand of Shoe Gazing and for all you unsuspecting victims Gut Reaction will turn up the volume for their spanking brand of punk rock

Come along this September 12 at Sazi's Bar to see all these great bands for a cheap price of 60 bucks!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


This Friday night the Manila contingents for the Bicolandia Skannection will embark tonight for half a days or more travel to Legazpi City. Sad to say PinkCow or should i say Life Without Francis with the Umble Uno Horny Horns will not join the group bound to Legazpi City plus the host for the said event will not be coming along Bing Austria is busy with his group Juan Pablo Dream for some serious gig racketeering and is finishing up their upcoming album, as well as Arnold Morales who is also busy with his band Tsunami Tsunami.

The reason that Life without Francis will not be joining the Manila based bands is that according to my sources that some of the said sponsors for the event did not fulfill their obligations hence lack of funds .Anyway fear not boys and girls Shuffle Union and Steady Movin' Beat will be there to skank to your hearts delight! If you happen to be around Bicol do drop by Bar 101. and dress sharp, keep calm and dance the night away!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Brace yourselves as we take you on a tour together with PiliSkaPinas to Bicolandia. This coming August 29 the champion sounds of Metro Manila clashes with the heavy hitters of Bicol, this will be like a one fiery hot as hell siling labuyo and a creamy coconut milk affair to remember!

The Manila contingents is composed of
SHUFFLE UNION, STEADY MOVIN' BEAT, LIFE WITHOUT FRANCIS with THE UMBLE UNO HORNY HORNS and EXSENADORS plus ARNOLD MORALES and BING AUSTRIA of the infamous ska act that started it all, and spawned the ska scene we all knew today its none other than PUT3SKA!

And on the Bicol side we will be featuring the heavy hitters PUNK O' DIE, MUCHAS GRASSAS, SKAMALIG, DAMAGE SIDE WALKS and STOLEN SHOTS. This event will be held at BAR 101. For more info regarding this shindig. please double click on the poster for better (understanding) er' view.

Meanwhile here are the videos of the last BING AUSTRIA SHOW! held last August 8 with Shuffle Union as one of the performers during that said event and they will be on board Bisikleta Productions Bicol Tour. By the way this tour will not be possible without our sponsors in Bicol namely, ASPE Group of Pawnshops, 81st Sand Construction and Inkman. and to my main man in Bicol the instigator, BIG 5 B
who had helped and planned this one out, wreck a pum pum mate!

From top: THE SNEEKERS, SHUFFLE UNION and T.R.A, Videos courtesy of Aryani Simonon


This August 29th, Saturday the Angono Rudies NEIGHBORS will celebrate their 14th year anniversary at their hometown in Angono, Rizal the show is ABSOLUTELY FREE so please do drop by their hometown and show your love and support to this band. This band has come a long long way supporting Put3ska at Club Dredd in P. Tuazon during the 90's. Neigbors had graced our productions a number of times and their set still has that heavy weight punch.

And this coming August 22 THE K4th UNITED CREW dishes out volume two of their WORKING CLASS NIGHT this time featuring an impressive line up of not just pure oi! music but psychobilly, ska and skinhead reggae. Bands included on the line up had graced our events too and this coming August 29, EXSENADORS will be joining us on our BICOL TOUR together with SHUFFLE UNION, STEADY MOVIN' BEAT, LIFE WITHOUT FRANCIS with THE UMBLE UNO HORNY HORNS along side heavy hitters from Bicolandia. (watch out for that folks!).

Please support these bands as you openly loving supported us. Times are changing now, leave your petty differences behind coz this is the dawning of the new era. Those in the dark ages take a look at yourself bunch of fools. Remember leave your politics at the door coz politics fucks you up.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Join us again for another night full of Ska music, a little bit of hardcore and punk rock plus some good old novelty. The bands that will be performing on August 8, Saturday will be SHUFFLE UNION, JEEPNEY JOYRIDE, STEADY MOVIN' BEAT, MARCOS CRONIES, AGAINST MAN, THE SNEEKERS, T.R.A., BARRIO MORNING GLORY, F.M.D. EARTHLINGS and LIFE WITHOUT FRANCIS with the UMBLE UNO HORNY HORNS.

Here is one of the videos from our mainstay act, Life Without Francis. The video was taken from PiliSkaPinas Ska Fest event held at Cubao X in which some of the featured acts for the August edition of The Bing Austria Show also graced the affair last July 25.