Tuesday, May 3, 2016


It is with deep sadness that our friend, band mate from Private Stock (Mr. Future Generation himself), Edmond Araullo had just passed away. - MEL MANIEGO

Edmond Araullo passed away on May 2, Monday due to Diabetes. He was the guitarist of 80's Philippine punk band Private Stock performing in Katrina's Malate. They made their mark performing at the legendary Brave New World series and independently release their debut album called Hype's Cool under their own record label called Payola Records. Their music is a mixture of rockabilly, garage rock and rhythm and blues filtered through a punk rockers dilapidated amplifier. Some of their songs can be found on Twisted Red Cross compilations namely Katrina's Live Tamanaway, Rescue Ladders and The Human Barricade and Brave New World Live!

Their brand of music inspired a whole generation of punkers to pick up a guitar and form a band. Outside the music world he is a great friend, a father and a great grand dad. This 13th of May his closest friends and brother Ricky Aruallo will pay tribute to him in Malabon City - The birth place of Private Stock Performers will be some of Manila's punk rock pioneers the likes of Al Dimalanta (Dead Ends), Jun Ortega and Benie Sengson (G.I. & The Idiots) Mel Maniego and Ricky Araullo (Private Stock) Radzon Medina (I.O.V) they will be joined by the new bloods on the scene influenced (directly and indirectly) by Private Stock's music namely NO BRAKEFAST KID, ISIDRO PROJECT & FASTPACE.

Supporting the bands will be a DJ set by RUINED GENERATION a duo consisting of Gener (My Generation) Sanchez and Jon Ruiz (Jon Ruin). The event will be held at his former's band mate brother at Tey's Dugout located in General Luna Street, Malabon City.


This coming Saturday, 21st of May we'll be bringing in skinhead reggae band the DANDIMITES, 2tone Ska band STEADY MOVIN' BEAT and former PinkCow guitarist Paulo Robleza's new band SINGKOPADO SOUND SYSTEM comprised of members from various bands namely The Exsenadors, One Last Meal and The Wayfarers. 

Joining these bands to set up a punky reggae vibe the whole night will be France's Legal Shot System selecta NORRIS KING,

 Manila's Move Up Hi Fi JOSEPH MINISTER

and Global City Rudeboys TWICE THE PANIC.

This show is absolutely free and happening only at XII Bar at 8 in the evening. XII Bar is located at Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan, Metro Manila.

Meanwhile here's a bit of a taster on what's coming this Saturday.