Sunday, May 31, 2009


Quezon City----This is to everyone who Ska and beyond! After a short break, Shuffle Union is proud to present the release of "INVINCIBLE", a LIVE album taken from the recent LOUIE LOUIE tribute concert held at Cubao X hosted by Trash Radio Manila and Bisikleta Productions. The cd features a live cut of the band's best known ditty "Dance With Me" that also appeared in the 2006 Doobie Nights Compilation of JAM 88.3. Also included in the album is "Thank You" a tribute to the late great drummer Luis "Weslu" Guiang

The release was officially announced May 23 during Shuffle Union's live performance at Doobie Nights, where they also announced a tour dubbed "Shuffle Union INVICIBLE- LIVE Album Tour". The "INVINCIBLE" will kick of on May 30 in Batangas City and will also hit Baguio City, Laguna, Bulacan, and their hometown of Quezon City on July 18 at Cubao X. The tour will also be joined and supported by the rich collection of musical acts from each locale. The album will be available during the tour. For updates on the tour you may visit their MySpace and Facebook page on the web.

The "INVINCIBLE tour" is presented by PiliSKApinas in cooperation with JAM 88.3fm, Doobie Nights, Ala-Eh Mob, Bloohwerks, Bahaghari Productions, Bisikleta Productions, Wooden Canvas Gallery, 1962 Tambayanan, UPLB Gamma Sigma, Topeoplewhoska, and Pin-M-Down.


Here's some of the lowdown on the up and coming Bisikleta Productions event. Last event's This is a Dirty Old Town at Ten 02 Bar turned out great we had lined up some new bands in the Bisikleta scene included on the bill was the skate punkers called Posero and Oi! band Exsenadors we will be lining them up pretty soon on upcoming events plus images on that said event will be posted as soon as i got hold of the guys and girls that had a camera that night so stay tuned for it folks. Then the collaborative effort between Dirty Shoe Collective and Tae Productions is quite a success, stay tune again for more collaborations with these lads.

And now you all well now know that Bisikleta Productions along with Mr. Austria of Juan Pablo Dream fame has a regular slot at Sazi's Restobar located along Espana, Manila Incase you still do not know where Sazi's is, it is the former infamous bar that breed countless famous bands called MAYRICS its infront of UST. Anyway our slot at the said bar will be every second saturday of every month. Expect to see up and coming bands as well as bands that are pioneers in the Ska, Punk, Mod, Rockabilly and anything else in between. For this month we have tons of bands that will perform for the price of 60 fucking bucks! These bands are all Killers and no Fillers!

First on the bill will be THE GOSIGNALS, keeping mod modern and a new band started by Mr. Arnold Morales along with the Sta Mesa Slabs called Tsunami Tsunami, And mainstay bands PINKCOW and STEADY MOVIN' BEAT, Plus i heard it from the grapevine that there will be a surprise band coming in lets keep our fingers crossed that they will perform for us. If you want a hint well they were the fastest band in the land during the 80's! Keep in touch for more updates soon, Meanwhile feast your eyes on this. The first ever Bisikleta Productions event that we did this year teaming up with Trash Radio Manila. This is called LOUIE, LOUIE as a tribute to the main man and brains behind this productions the images is a sort of reunion between long lost friends and love ones, the usual suspects and innocent bystanders.

These ugly mugshots includes: Pol of Coffee Break Island, Allan of Against Man & Russell of Tame The Tikbalang, A Skinhead, A Punk and A Mod, Edwin of The Jerks, Homer of The Wayfarers and Mel of The GoSignals, Punk You!!! Jeff of Against Man and cohort, Spyke of Throw, SDK and The GoSignals with Mom Nekbu, Knela with Japo, Albert of Beauty of Doubt, damn forgot the name of this wonderful lady! and Wolfman Ron, Rommel Xerex of PMX with Eugene Hapon Weslu's Cousin, Malabon-Kankaloo Connection, Rommel Xerex, Mike and Hil Boy of Bisikleta Productions, Je Bautista of Trash Radio Manila with Arnold Morales.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


People get ready for another mod and beyond musicology edutainment at Sazi's Bar as we bring you again THE BING AUSTRIA SHOW. The first event that was held last time at Sazi's turned out quite well so the owner of the said bar had given us a permanent set every second Saturday of every month to stage The Bing Austria Show. The show will feature up and coming promising bands from Mod to Ska to Punk as well as some of the pioneers in the scene This is a Variety Show for dirty people like you and me. The purpose of this event is to support each and every band and established some sort of a community amongst the scene. This is not entertainment, This is a musical movement lets start a revolution!

Here are some highlights of the 1st Bing Austria Show at Sazi's Bar that was produced Bisikleta Productions. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Its been awhile since I've written a review on past Bisikleta Productions events sorry ladies and gents your humble host here is fucking tied up to the chair hurrying up to meet the deadlines..anyway i am not here to complain about my 9 to 5 blue collar job...i work hard but i party even harder!

And for that Bisikleta Productions hooked up with like minded peeps for a joint project and the people i am talking about are the guys from 4th door TAE PRODUCTIONS and the DIRTY SHOE COLLECTIVE This will be a sticker convention plus music will be provided by great bands including Beauty of Doubt, Shuffle Union, Pink Cow and more.

The event will be held at LEPRECHAUN BAR located at Tomas Morato this bar is formerly known as Purple Haze so all you ladies and gents that knew about this place please kindly spread the word out. The bar is now owned and operated by an Irish expat along with his Filipina wife. I had a little chat with the geezer and found out that Patrick ,(the owner's name...a very Irish name eh?) is a close friend of John Lydon also known as Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols., anyway be there! The entrance fee for this event will cost 50 bucks and it comes with one ice cold beer plus a free CD will be given away to the 20 early patrons.

Please bring your tolerance with you and LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR COZ POLITICS FUCKS YOU UP!