Saturday, May 29, 2010


Starting Independence Day Bisikleta Productions is now hosting THE RUDE MAYNILA SESSIONS every second Saturday of every month at Sazi's Bar. The Bing Austria Show will temporarily seized operations due to the busy schedule of Manilas groove merchants Juan Pablo Dream. Rude Maynila Sessions will continue to promote Ska, Punk, Oi! Mod, Rockabilly and everything that's not involving cute flavor of the month bands that's targeting MTV.

We are giving you what you need not what you want if you don't like it then Sod off!


Mahalo! on June 3 Bembol Rockers is presenting The Rockabilly Bill 50's Luau Party, featuring some of the finest rockabilly bands Manila has to offer. My good friend and one mean bass slapper Lakshmi Ramirez will bid Aloha this coming month (he's bound for UAE for some R & R with his lovely wife) so please do drop by at B Side in Malugay Street Makati City for some rockin' 'n' rollin ' bop til ya drop good time!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Images courtesy of Cindy Aquino and Alex Medina Hapan.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Due to a volcanic ash fall that came from Iceland and had enveloped the whole European skies that halted the entire flight last month. Bisikleta Productions, Soundblasters and Rookie Records April 25th event was canceled.

Keb Darge decided to master the ancient fighting skills of the orient to avenge his disrupted second coming to Manila. Now no angry volcanoes can get in his way to save us mere mortals from the evils of modern music. Get ready to get your guts kicked out this June 11, Saturday. at 7 in the evening.

As Bisikleta Productions, Rookie Records and Soundblasters bring you the impeccable Scottish taste maker non other than KEB DARGE. Come and hear the sound like you have never heard! sights like you have never seen! and a kick like you've never felt before!

Come and dance the night away with Keb Darge together with some of the hottest soul and ska act Manila has to offer at Ten 02 Bar and Resto located at Scout Ybardolaza, Quezon City, Philippines. See and hear him play northern soul, real r 'n' b and rockabilly of the rarest 7 inchers.

To all the expats who knows Keb Darge's impeccable taste for the rare floor shaking 45's this is your chance to see him live at Ten 02 Bar and Resto located at 43 B, Timog Avenue corner Scout Ybardolaza Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines (its near GMA 7).

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Its been 2 years since the first Rude Maynila event happened. It started out as my own way of showing to the world that Manila has some of the tuffest and ruffest ska bands around. Inspired but what i had seen in Singapore back in 2008, there at Lion City the music scene is vibrant with lots of bands ranging from Ska, (3rd wave), to Indie to Hardcore. I was quite please and proud when some of the locals told me that Philippines was (and still is!) the birth place of punk rock in Asia. They look up to our punk rock bands as inspiration. And luckily for them they were blessed with Bulacan's premiere hardcore band T.S.A. to rock the socks off the Singa Pura punks pinoy stylee!

Invigorated by what i had experienced there I thought of putting up RUDE MAYNILA and lined up some of the promising Ska acts this side of the globe. Hence Rude Maynila was born. And now I am bringing it up again as my own ska and punk fix. I miss skanking silly again because i was based for a month a week or so at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (which by the way is a fucking awesome country! I was impressed with their rapid growth and not to mention the food) while I was there i asked the locals if there is any punk scene and lo and behold i was flabbergasted to know that there wasn't any. To me punk rock is my religion and i was saddened that my religion was not present in Vietnam. But its a good thing that a pinoy friend of Mark Zero had established base there peddling his brand of hip hop, real hip hop that is! and other kick ass music! Things are looking good for Vietnam.

To remedy this I resorted to the heroic nerdly ways of the music bloggers (thanks to those damn pirates!) to compensate my longing for punk and ska and other music that fits my taste but as weeks progressed I searched and searched for my religion and ended up with a Filipino show band thats been playing the ubiquitous Bob Marley tune - No Woman No Cry, (its a good thing Green Day's One Twenty One Gun's song was not yet that popular there!)

So i said to myself first thing in my to do list when i get back home to my ugly and beautiful at the same time country is to make love to my wife, have fun with my two beautiful daughters, do a barbecue for my buddies , get really really drunk, and do the second round of RUDE MAYNILA in one of the historical places for underground bands non other than Mayric's now called Sazi's Bar. (the most infamous of course is KATRINA'S).

This coming Saturday if you happen to be near Espana, Manila do drop by and experience Philippines brand of ska, dub, oi! and punk. See y'all there!