Sunday, March 18, 2012


When someone says something about Batangas City two things comes to mind one is the rare and exotic coffee called the Kapeng Barako most commonly associated with an image of a tough man and the other is the famed Balisong or fan knife made famous by actor comedian and the city's own Dencio Padilla. Urban legend has it that this knife is so famous that it's almost a de riguer accessory of every Batanguenos.

Besides those two popular contributions of this city to the world it is a little known fact that a great musical culture is being cultivated on this famed city the ancient war song called Kumintang later became a lovers serenade called Kundiman originated here.

Not only that this city had played a significant role in propagating Philippine music but poetry as well. If you think that battle raps originated in America better think again Bulacan and Batangas hold down the court on freestyle verses via Balagtasan which is a form of debate using improvised freestyle poetry set in a backdrop of a sing song rhythmic cadence think of Flip Top 1900's stylee.

Fast forward today the city now boast a handful of underground musical scenes from punk rock to hardcore and hip hop to ska you can find it here. One example of this is the band called CROOKEDBEAT. This band caught my attention when they message me here in this site about wanting to play in Manila so i took my chances and invited them in a Rude Maynila Sessions they immediately caught my ear and i told myself that this band have what it takes to be on top.

And now they are playing in Malabon City for their EP Launching. Please do support this band come and see them live on March 24, Saturday 8PM at The Spot and do not forget to buy their EP!.

So what are you waiting for? Ala eh tara na dine sa Malabon!