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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


All's been quiet since November's Skalloween event...And i am guessing that all you kids are getting restless for another kick ass event from us well fret no more! We are teaming up with the dirty folks at TRASHRADIO MANILA for a post christmas/pre-new year bash and thanksgiving party.

Holiday will be interrupted in the meantime as we are toning down the music so we can all hear each other out. The bands that will be participating for this endeavor had all agreed to go unplugged yeah you heard us right they are all going for the acoustic route. This will be the first time you will be hearing JUAN ISIP, THROW, THE GOSIGNALS, SHUFFLE UNION, THE MIGHTY CONTRAS, THE WAYFARERS, PINK COW, STEADY MOVIN' BEAT trade their electric guitars and go back to the basic, plain and simple acoustic set.

We are expecting you to come in and join the fun bring along ONE CANNED GOODIE (DE LATA) this will be donated to THE OUR LADY OF FATIMA PARISH CHURCH in Green Park, Cainta, Rizal and in turn they will distribute what you had given to the inmates of the CAINTA MUNICIPAL JAIL. Lets give a little piece of our heart please do come cause we really need your help share your blessing.

One more thing LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR CAUSE POLITICS FUCKS YOU UP! nuff' said see ya at the 27th of December 8PM at THE SAUSAGE BAR. (Sausage Bar is located at 42A Sgt. Esguerra Street cor. E. Lopez Street South Triangle, Quezon City (beside Kitaro and East St. Louis, adjacent to Figaro-Bohol and ABS-CBN).
While you are anticipating for the 27th we decided to throw in a little added bonus we had collaborated with some like minded individuals that are purely into the D.I.Y. ethic our pals from the DIRTY SHOE COLLECTIVE and TAE PRODUCTIONS had decided to do a collaboration with us and the result is PASULONG and will be held at this cool hole in the wall joint with a real warm ghetto vibe located at 2450 Karapatan Street, Blumentritt the name of the spot is called 4TH DOOR GALLERY rumors has it that the guys responsible for that venue is a part of the PINOY STREET PROJECT or something like that anyway please do swing by on the 20th of December thats Saturday. The bands that will be playing is massive! I kid you not. Just bring along 50 bucks and that money on your pocket (or whoever pocket it is) comes with a one free beer.
Enough said lets support the real deal D.I.Y. and please LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR CAUSE POLITICS FUCKS YOU UP! As Desmond would say: YOU AN EYE TEA WHY......
Karapatan Street is located smack down the middle of Dimasalang and Laloma adjacent Vision Street and is near the Chinese General Hospital go figure it out for yourself if you see a Pine Tree accross the street, then your very near it...or go follow the punks!.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Its official KEB DARGE will be on the Philippine shores this coming 22nd of December! So all you beat heads, Vinyl Junkies, Hip Hop aficionados get ready for a lethal dose of 100% pure grade stankness from the mighty Scott himself! Spinning Deep funk, rare soul and perhaps some jumpblues and rockabilly!
So people get ready! The event will be happening at CUBAO X. See ya there!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


December is just a few days ahead and most of us are getting our asses kicked by our employers to beat this years sales quota and most of us are anticipating this years 13 month pay! If you are planning to relax from a hard days work look no more, reward yourself with these up and coming events. First stop is tonight's event hosted by the Angono rude boys RUDIES ALL AROUND happening at 6Underground at Pearl Drive Ortigas with great bands including THE WAYFARERS! do drop by if you need some ska fix and ice cold beer to soothe you after a hard days work at the office.

And this coming saturday all you Vespa afficionados heads up coz' there will be an awesome shindig happening at Liberty Center, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City (near wack wack) with guest bands JUAN PABLO DREAM, RUBADUB, DEAD POP STARS and EARTHLINGS the program will start at around 6:30 in the evening so be there!

Come this December watch out for a very very awesome event that will be happening at CUBAO EXPO I have long been an avid fan of this great man since early 2000 for his impeccable taste in music particularly deep funk (if you think that James Brown, Sly Stone and George Clinton's P Funk is Funk wait til ya hear the nuggets that he had compiled alongside DJ Shadow, RZA and other noteworthy DJs on the BBE label) to me he is the godfather of deep dirty funk 45s.
The man i am talking about is none other than KEB DARGE himself. He will be here on the 22nd of December. For a little bit of info about him is that he began his career as a northern soul DJ at Wigan casino and gained notoriety spinning deep funk (besides deep funk he is a pasionate rockabilly music collector, go check out youtube he's with the modfather Paul Weller!) at Madame Jo Jo's a strip joint in London's Soho district. So all you vinyl junkies, hip hop heads and funk fanatics who dig dirty drum breaks and bone rattling basslines this is the place to be.
Time to have fun away from the dreaded deadlines. WORK HARD, PARTY HARDER!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hallows Eve Shindig

It has been 3 weeks since our last event that was held at Ten02 Bar and Resto and it was a blast! And as the dirty guys had said endless supply of brews and non stop music and friendly faces had showed up! Kudos to trashradiomanila for the fabulous photos that they sent me the other day.

Since i am so lazy today to summarized what had happened that day go browsed the wold wibe web and check out for their excellent observation on what had transpired that day the only thing i can say is props goes out to all the people that lovingly supported this production. And much respect to the bands that played that night y'all are amazing!

Here are the fantastic images caught by the dirty folks:

Top photos from left to right: The Skinheads demma come, Cheers! from Gener of The Trend, Yeah, Yeah Yeah its Bing Austria!, Beatdown Boombox showing the kids what real punk rock is all about, Eastern Vibration blow that trombone.
Bottom photos from left to right: Francis of Pinkcow, Edwin Aguilar of The Wayfarer in the zone, Umble Uno, these kids are all right!, Steady Movin' Beat courtroom session!
Photos courtesy of

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Been very very busy lately after Skalloween (still waiting for the pictures to arrive at my inbox courtesy of the dirty folks). I will post what transpired that day and it was helluva show! Hats off to The Wayfarers and Beatdown Boombox that gave the new schoolers what punk rock really is just like Joey said "learn to listen, listen to learn, you gotta learn to listen before you could burn!"

And much respect to the bands that played that night. And also to the people that came and give their love and respect to the scene without you ladies and gents the scene would not be possible, we salute you!

One more thing I have to get this off my chest to the people that came gatecrashing and without telling us that they are selling their crust punk merchandise at the door, You should be ashamed of yourselves name dropping your collective and name dropping the hardcore thrash punkers from Leeds UK. You do not know shit and doesnt have utter respect even for your fellow collective that does not know what the fuck your doing trying to front you have no idea that the stupid things you do reflects on your entire collective and to the other stupid people that also gatecrashed shame on you too! If you really knew what the word working class meant (google it up - working class for dummies) you should not be doing this sort of thing bunch of poseurs you people make me sick. Before you used that cockney expression make sure you know what that really meant to people that love and respected streetpunk.

This is Bisikleta Productions and we are rude and reckless. Bottomline for us is respect the artist and musicians and the scene so that the people within the scene will respect you. We do not honuor your badge here my friend. If your gonna be rude we will give you the boot.

And now for some very interesting events. Please support them as you openly supported Bisikleta Productions as the old saying goes - "If the kids are united they will never be divided". First one is a gig that would be happening on the 27th of November thats going to be next week Thursday, The event would be handled by the Angono ska community RUDIES ALL AROUND good thing they are back in circulation. They have been absent for quite awhile hope this time they stay. Then if you wanted to experience some good skanking from Bulacan brace yourselves for SKA TRAIN GOES TO MALOLOS BULACAN hosted by the rude boys of Bulacan, TO PEOPLE WHO SKA.

Hope to see you ladies and gents there! Back to the skankpit again. And as we always say LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR COZ' POLITICS FUCKS YOU UP.

Keep your eyes peeled for next year we are planning something big this January...or who knows this comming December anyone up for some CHRISTMESS MAYHEM?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


All saints day is fast approaching and everyones starting to pack their bags to pay homage to their dearly departed love ones and a short vacation from the grueling 9 to 5 job.
But here there is no rest for the wicked for we are preparing for hallows eve this coming friday we are giving you THIS IS SKALLOWEEN a treat for you people out there who wants to party before heading to the cemetary on November 1st.

The line up we have in store for you is a sure fire winner and I am eager to watch some bands get their groove on and that includes THE WAYFARERS and BEATDOWN BOOMBOX composed of The Wuds, Betrayed, TheGosignals and Ampon word has it that Ampon and Drip's Soundscape master will not be in attendance for this nights event coz he has several stints to attend to but the rest of the gang will be there tommorow to serve you up their brand of dub and oldschool punkrock.
The event will be at TEN 02 BAR located at Scout Ybardolaza, Timog, Quezon City. For 50 bucks you'll get one ice cold beer plus lots of band that will be playing ska, punk, dub and reggae music. Plus a guest DJ spot from our mates TRASH RADIO MANILA will be there.

More news from the grapevine SAGOR might have a no show coz' most of the members have gone to Bicolandia and we are awaiting for their arrival here in Manila as of today or God knows tommorow and last but not least THE WAYFARERS might also be a no show due to missed out rehearsals from the band members itself and they are still at the early stages and is getting their act togther so lets keep our fingers crossed that they will appear tommorow night as well. But anyway despite of that we still have tons and tons of great bands to play for your wicked hearts content so come on over and join us tommorow and lets party with the spirits that looms over the horrizon whoever they maybe.

AND REMEMBER LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR COZ' POLITICS FUCK YOU UP! and lastly this goes out to the lowest of lifeforms and that my friend is not a worm but the one who's been slagging me and the rest of my comrades FUCK YOU!!! GO GET A LIFE YOU MAN SUCKING GOAT!!! You coward you know who you are! I will kick you in the balls so hard it will pop out from your freaking filthy mouth and that my boy is not a threat.
Images taken from go visit it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


A few weeks ago i was browsing the Angono boss dee jays blog and saw an interesting info from this regular visitor from Batangas City who happens to be a member of TELLAYOUTHSKA a Batangas based 3rd wave ska band and he dropped this info about Greg Narvas who happens to be the drummer for Hepcat, a California based third wave ska band known for their soulful harmonies and mellow rhythms akin to the 1960 jamaican ska and American soul and jazz. Greg Narvas played drums and percussion on the Out of Nowhere and Scientific album.

This will come out as a shocking surprise to those who are new to ska music in general that Greg Narvas played with one of the best ska act in the world and happens to be a fellow kababayan! He had been doing this comics for quite some time now entitled "I WAS A TEENAGE FILIPINO SKINHEAD" Its his autobiograhy of sorts and if you wanna find out more of this log on to his site and read some insights on his works according to the man himself.

I WAS A TEENAGE FILIPINO SKINHEAD can be ordered via Western Union I emailed him a week ago concerning his works and asked him if I can order the whole thing using money transfer and this is what he said:

Hi Hil:

How are you...thanks for your interest in my comics. If using Western Union please transfer $14.75 USD (for issues 1-10 plus shipping and handling) from your PI agent to this Western Union agent location:

Ralph's #86
3827 Culver Ctr
Culver City, CA 90232-3365

I will send your comics immediately upon receipt of payment.

Hope to hear from you soon! Please let me know if have any more questions, etc.

Yours truly,
Greg Narvas

For those of you who wanted to get them and do not know how to. Just email him directly to Let us support our fellow Filipino by buying one of our own. Issue 1 to 10 cost only $10.00 thats a dollar each plus shipping and handling fees to the Philippines cost about $4.75.00 for a total of $ do the math conversion will cost only about 700 bucks plus.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Hot from the recent MASH IT UP! event that was held at Bela Bar if you already knew about what transpired that faithful September 19th it was crazy as hell the almighty CONTRAS stole the show and it was nasty despite the owner or the bar did a little something completely stupid, unnecessary and uncalled for! (The Erap looking guy pulled out a glock and cocked its hammer and I definitely heard the bullet entered the chamber of his gun and pointed it strait at me!) Still despite of that near mishap the crowd had a jolly good fun and pogo them selves silly. If you wanna know more about the said MASH IT UP! gig go to (thanks for the coverage)

Anyway enough of that amidst the global economic meltdown things are starting to heat up here at the Bisikleta camp as we bring you 12 bands serving you tons and tons of 2tone, ska-punk, 3rd wave, dub and a little bit of that long beach sunny styled riddims for the measely sum of 50 bucks! and that includes one ice cold beer! That my friend is music like dirt for your moneys worth! Plus a guest DJ spot from our comrades that serves dirty music for dirty people - TRASH RADIO MANILA! So brace yourselves for another jamboree!

The event is a bone skanking holloween bonanza that is scheduled to take place on hallows eve, 31st of October, Friday at TEN 02 Bar & Resto situated at 43 B Scout Ybardolaza Street, Timog, Quezon City and it will feature interesting personalities! Surprise! Surprise!

First on the bill, bringing an oldschool punk rock flavor is BEATDOWN BOOMBOX that features Beauty of Doubt axeman Albert Ascona & AMPON Collective DJ beat maestro Caliph8 and Mel Maniego of GoSignals and Private Stock fame with a feller that do not want to be named so you have to see it for yourself! All i know about this band is that Beatdown Boombox was a long time project that was masterminded by Caliph8 and a geezer that do not want to be named so lets keep it that way I do not want to BETRAY him so go figure! Watch out for these blokes! And next on the bill is THE WAYFARERS composed of members of The Jerks, former Pink Cow and Neighbors that packed some heavy duty ska and reggae. After The Wayfarers comes THE EASTERN VIBRATION that includes former (past and present) members of the Angono Ska kings Neighbors with their lovely downright cute vocalist. After those guys and that lovely lady, comes SAGOR the offshoot band of the Malabon dub cartel composed of Goodleaf members, news is that Goodleaf is currently on hibernation and the mad scientist is in the land of gata and honies! Bicolandia. (He's probably growning herbs with Maria and Juana and pushing dubstep and grime beats to the unsuspecting victims). After them dub meastros comes the 3 piece ska punkers of Paranaque City NEVERTHELESS, And next is UMBLE UNO this skate punkers have a knack for punky 3rd wave ska. And next on the bill is PINK COW this talented boys are in tuned with their Rancid, The Clash and Opeartion Ivy influences. After them these boys hailing from mainly Pasig and Malabon City the STEADY MOVIN' BEAT bringing along their 2tone influences that they wear proudly on their sleeves! Another Angono band is G2 AND THE BUNDOCKS adding a little sunny styled long beach vibe in the mix (they sounded like a cross between 311 and Sublime). And these cats from Pulilan, Bulacan the PULIKATS this Clubska/Skamax luminaries packs a dancing virus that will infect your feet, next in line the dub reggae bredrens from the city of Pasig DREADKNOTUSED they are part of the Steady Edy mob preaching roots rock reggae to the masses with a fat spliff. And last but not the least from Skaville Malabon the EARTHLINGS serving you some nice touches of 2 tone ska ala Bodysnatchers.

I am running out of metaphors to use here so I leave you with the famous line that Mr. Symarip always deliver..."Give me some of that old moonstomping"....see you at TEN 02 Bar and Resto on the 31st and lets dance ourselves silly. The beer is only 35 bucks plus they have a promo wherein for the price of 200 bucks you'll get a bucket load of beer (5 bottles)with an assortment of pica pica to choose from! Thats dirt cheap. One more thing remember to LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR COZ' POLITICS FUCKS YOU UP.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Terry Hall and Friends

Terry Hall with Lynval Golding and The Dead 60's captured live at The 100 Club last June 2008 for Fred Perry Subculture concert series. For more info visit

Friday, September 12, 2008


Just went to Bela Bar in San Juan yesterday for an ocular inspection for the up and coming event that will be happening next week Friday, September 19, I went there with the ex drummer of Pink Cow and sidemen for Malabon's Earthlings trying to figure out whats the best way to go there without breaking the bank, obviously the map that we supplied to you did little to help the less financially capable guy that would love to go but is rather short of cash.
After meeting up with my companion at SM Mega Mall and started to study the map we head along EDSA Robinson's Galleria taking the bus from Ortigas to Quiapo we took the route going to Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan, then Wilson Street no Public Utility Jeepneys here folks only Taxi Cabs are allowed to enter the subdivision (or is it a subdivision because of the imposing gate and a bunch of security guards) that i forgot what the heck the name of it was. We decided to trek the path hoping that it will be such a short walk to the said venue, but lo and behold! it took us quite a while and a few sweaty balls later to get to P. Guevarra. So to summarize it all, this will be a challenge to all you people who wanted to see MUSIC FRONT, THE GOSIGNALS, CONTRAS and SHUFFLE UNION.
But do not despair we had noticed some PUJs (Jeepneys) that are stalled at the corner of Alex III adjacent to McDonalds waiting for passengers at the corner of P Guevarra. So look no further the easiest way is to take EDSA, Shaw Boulevard then a short ride going to Kalentong, from there look for some PUJs that are heading to San Juan with a sign that says STA LUCIA or if you are going to P. Guevarra the Jeepney's that are treading the San Juan P. Guevarra route can be seen on PUREGOLD (formerly Agora Market) just look for the SAN JUAN via KALENTONG jeepneys and that's it! Either which way you choose to go just board and always remember the signboard that says STA LUCIA or if you are not totally sure where to go, clueless or just really plain stupid do ask some locals or traffic aids nicely and politely. The distinguishing landmark is that you will spot a gas station smack near Bela Bar.
The bar is quite small but its quite good for small intimate gatherings such as this one. Its up to you to come or not we do not care all we care about is giving you what you need and not what you want and that is REAL, RAW, HONEST music without the trappings of the so called rock and underground radio (the only real ones that are playing real music nowadays in my honest opinion are the ones on cyberspace without them coporate bloodsucking man goat sponsors to ruin their creativity) and that MTV shite (stop bastardizing Ben Sherman you fools!) that's polluting the airwaves right now. WE KEEP IT REAL, PURE UNADULTERATED MOTHER FUCKING FUN.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Onslaught

Its been a very busy week after the last Bisikleta Productions event that happened last August 30 and as Trash Radio Manila simply described it in one word - OVERFLOWING. I bet you boys and girls are hungry for more? well fret no more this time we are bringing you the heaviest of the heavyweights, the finest line up that we cooked up for you people featuring MUSIC FRONT, THE GOSIGNALS, CONTRAS and SHUFFLE UNION supported by some of the talented young individuals of the local underground scene.

First on the bill is the modern newscasters MUSIC FRONT composed of punk rock luminaries Je Bautista of Absolute Zero and Betrayed. Arnold Morales of College, Urban Bandits and Put3ska. Jun Quinane of Deceased and last but not the least new school hardcore guitarist Albert Ascona of Beauty of Doubt, Throw and countless other bands if i am going to name them all it will took me sometime to do it! I am not going to indulge on the history of this band because i would look like a freaking fan boy its up to you to experience them face to face. I for one am truly blessed and humbled at the same time when i finally heard about them (word has it that their unreleased some sort of a private pressed album is circulating the underground scene the record is a classic mix of power pop, post punk and oi! thrown in for good measure).

After music front comes THE GOSIGNALS this powerful trio is also composed of punk rock luminaries of the 80's and the 90's composed of Mel Maniego of Private Stock. Dennis Maniego of Throw and his son Spyke. A favorite among the Mod and Scooterist scene, The GoSignals brand of power pop is second to none and each song they delivered packs a wallop. Paco skinheads rejoice! next on the bill is Oi! band CONTRAS composed of members from different bands from Vex and Kakos Noise, Shuffle Union, Beeradors and Spoil Army. And last on the bill is ska and rocksteady band SHUFFLE UNION these ladies and fine gents are been around from quite sometime and if you wanna experience a real Ska band this is the band to beat!

The 4 main bands on the bill are supported by Pulikats, Earthlings, Steady Movin' Beat, Pink Cow and King Kong Wasabi. The affair will be held at Bela Bar in P Guevarra St. San Juan, Metro Manila and for 50 bucks (comes with one beer) you will experience a guaranteed great show because the line up is absolutely superb. So please do come and leave your politics at the door cause politics fucks you up. Enjoy and have a great time!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Last Saturday Bisikleta Productions took over TEN 02 BAR and everyone went home satisfied and drunk! As early as 8 in the evening people started to congregate at a nearby store adjacent to the venue where RUDE MAYNILA's going to be held most of them came from as far as Bacolod, Cavite, Batangas and Bicol.

Then the speakers starts to rumble as dancehall music being pumped outside the premises ignited the crowd and suddenly starts piling up eagerly awaiting this nights event. The air is jolly thick of enthusiasm as old long lost friends met once again. The host of the show did not disappoint the crowd cheering them up getting them ready for PINK COW which did a damn good set with their brand of ska punk ala operation ivy immediately elbows where flying everywhere and sweat starts to consume the dance floor. Then came along PULIKATS from Pulilan, Bulacan bringing with them their years of SkaMax exposure a guaranteed floor filler with their cover versions of the christian ska band Supertones song after song became a sing a long as the crowd participated on the choruses! After these pulilan rude boys set next was the grand daddies of Pampanga Ska scene the mighty MARCOS CRONIES with their great covers of Mighty Mighty Bosstones and original songs that kept the skinheads and rudies dancing like madmen. Next is the newly reformed 3rd wave ska band from Malolos, Bulacan THE SCARS belting out their originals from their 1st EP igniting another dancing frenzy (no broken bones here only broken bottles word is that they are beginning their work on their 2nd EP watch out for it).

After the heavy punk inflicted ska music Bing Austria toned down the atmosphere with his brand of edutainment, outside Ten 02 the crowds are dancing and singing due to the SOUNDBLASTERS heavy dose of Ska, Bluebeat and Reggae selections that was blasting through the speakers creating an impromptu street party affair. Inside another skanking ensued provided by Caloocan Trad Masters GREETINGS FROM JULIE that let every crowd inside rowing the boat and swaying their arms from side to side. After their set the lads from Las Pinas BARRIO MORNING GLORY entertained the crowd with their 3rd wave ska and their massive literally massive frontman that could give Buster Blood Vessel a run for his money.

The final set was capped off by Malabon Skaville's EARTHLINGS which by the way Bing Austria noted that Malabon is a hotbed for underground artist that left their marked on the Philippine music scene that includes Private Stock, Dead Ends, George Imbecile and The Idiots and of course Put3ska. EARTHLINGS had packed the dancefloor silly to much delight of Bong Termulo of Neighbors fame joining the band to sing some 2tone ska ditties the crowd went wild chanting too much pressure!
The night ended with no fist fights no skinheads, punk rockers, and rudeboys was harmed during the event instead everyone got home satisfied, dead drunk as a fish and asking for more as Jon of the Soundblasters cleverly described it: "warat ako umuwi ako at natulog ng walang panaginip".

Friday, August 29, 2008


Tommorow night's gonna be a blast as we gathered some of the promising and new ska bands and a healthy dose of dub thrown in for good measure! Mixing it with the more prominent ones which includes Pampanga's ska core legends MARCOS CRONIES and the newly reformed Malolos, Bulakan 3rd wave ska band THE SCARS headed by Alex Dumlao of mod soul outfit Juan Pablo Dream.
The final line up includes MARCOS CRONIES, THE SCARS, EARTHLINGS, PINK COW, GREETINGS FROM JULIE, PULIKATS, BARRIO MORNING GLORY and ONE HOT WONDER a roots, dub inflicted band hailing from skaville malabon these lads are the extended family of Good Leaf and the hardcore band Against Man.
RUDE MAYNILA will be hosted by non other than BING "yeah yeah yeah" AUSTRIA of Tropical Depression, Put3ska and Juan Pablo Dream. And will be held at MYRA RUARO's swanky cozy place called TEN 02 BAR & RESTO located at Scout Ybardolaza Street, Timog, Quezon City for only 50 bucks with beer included you'll get to see, feel and hear these heavy weight rudeboys and rude girls live! So beg, borrow, steal or die trying!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's two more days to go as Bisikleta Productions kickstart another event after a long hiatus from the ska, punk, mod scene and this time around we are doing a ska all niter event billled as RUDE MAYNILA featuring different ska acts from Manila and nearby provinces such as Pampanga, Bulacan and Angono.

There's good news and there's bad news for this event. First the bad news i just got word from Pasig City's 2tone torch bearers Steady Movin' Beat's frontman that there will be a no show for them this coming saturday due to some personal mishaps involving her mom. Let us pray for his mom's speedy recovery. And from Pasig City lets get to Mandaluyong and Pateros Skinhead Reggae maestros word is that they have a line up problem involving their bass player their guitarist told me that their bassist is quiting his duties and is concentrating on some other things well whatever it is hats off to you lad! do what ya like.

And now the good news Kankaloo (that's Caloocan City for you my friend) neotrad trad ska band Greetings from Julie had climbed on board Rude Maynila in replacement to Steady Moving Beat these guys goes way way back from their Clubska Manila and Skamax days and is serving up some heavyweight ska in the vein of the Skatalites if you wanna know more about them go google them up on their myspace site. As of now i am still try to find a replacement for the vacancy spot that Rocket Punch has left and i am trying to contact a local ska band from Batangas word is that they are cutting up their indepently produced record way to go guys! never trust those corporate recording company scumbags!

Anyway if those guys and one girl from that band does not reply as soon as possible do not worry folks we still have great great bands to liven up the dance floor including the newly reformed skacore band from Malolos, Bulakan The Scars headed by Alex Dumlao of the mod soul band Juan Pablo Dream plus these DJs from Angono the Soundblasters serving up intensified ska reggae mod soul and punk rock! This lads from Angono are legit! (heard of Neighbors?) and another treat for you the show will be hosted by non other than the Modfather Bing Austria former keyboardist of Put3ska (watch out for Juan Pablo Dream's Sophomore Album!).

The venue will be at TEN 02 BAR & RESTO Scout Ybardolaza, Timog, Quezon City if you are going from Edsa you can see the GMA Network building go right if you are southbound straight ahead is 2 gas stations the 2nd one is the landmark for Myra Ruaro's Place TEN 02. For 50 bucks you will get an ice cold beer and for those lucky few will get a limited Rude Maynila compilation CDs for free. Warning though please leave your politics at the door politics fuck you up. Enough said now lets dance dance dance!
On top left: Jon and Bong of Neighbors aka Soundblasters taking over the airwaves and on bottom right: Bing Austria skinheads demma come!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The man behind 2tone

Coventry native, Jerry Dammers was the man behind 2tone a unique fussion of punk rock and reggae that spawned a new generation of rudeboys, skinheads and punk rockers that brought about a renewed interest on Jamaican artist/musicians and helped influenced a lot of bands to come including the 3rd wave ska genre. Here's a video interview of Jerry Dammers the brains behind 2tone. Talking about ghost town and the real story about the Specials name. This video was taken from a blog by New Brunswick NJ Ska Reggae Band Bigger Thomas bass player named Marc Wasserman. If you wanna know more about the rumoured Specials planned reunion later this year go to his blogsite: . And If you wanna know more about Bigger Thomas do checkout their website:

Note: Deepest apologies to Marc Wesserman i pulled out an article from your blog (Dammer's Interview) without your prior knowledge, if you want me to take out this content please do email me at

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Just got an email from my good friend Mark Young AKA Mark Strange AKA MARK ZERO part owner of the defunct curio shop at the famed Cubao Shoe Expo called ZERO HISTORY and crate digger vinyl historian of all things Funk, Jazz, Psychedelia, Bizarro Soundtracks and other wordly music. The email that he sent to me was a DJ Nite invite at a hip very bohemian local joint in Malate, Manila called Penguin.

If you happen to like deep dirty drum breaks and dusty hammond and percussions galore well you gotta go there and hear some of the rarest grooviest beats philippines has to offer. Plus this is the one time only show where in you could hear my good friend Matt an English native NGO volunteer doing renewable energy for our less fortunate brothers and sisters from our neighboring provinces. (I wish our government should invest on renewable energy rather than wasting time and peoples money on some fucking you know what them bunch of monkeys). Because he is heading off to his homeland on the 25th of August.

The DJ night will be on AUGUST 7 that's Thursday at 9PM and will feature MATT LITTLE, SGT. VEZ and hosted by MINISTER ZERO on the wheels of steel that will guarantee to keep your ass shakin and your feet movin'!

By the way entrance is absolutely free come as you are be nice or leave! Penguin Bar is located at Remedios, Malate.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


After a few months hiatus from the local music scene away from my beloved beautiful ugly country PILIPINAS. I am rejuvenated and inspired from what I had experienced in Singa Pura the underground music scene and the community behind it was so healthy there, I had to take a piece of it back home. The D.I.Y. scene there is so strong its impressive. The punk rockers, Mod boys, Skinheads do actually pay for the door fees to get in which is so surprising. (unlike here) lots of independent labeled band merch being sold and the audience bought it after the show. I wish this thing would happen here. I am sick and tired of the bastards that are gate crashing and the rampant piracy thats killing most of our talented artist here (except I do not care about them fucking major corporate scum record labels along with those so called "artist" they can all go to hell).

The real core are these independent talented struggling, starving bands that put their hearts and soul and their hard earned cash onto a teeny bit of plastic for us to enjoy. let us support them by buying their creativity. Fuck you all gate crashers and to those promoters that exploit bands fuck you too! And to the so called D.I.Y. shame on you please have a sense of decency not to use the word if you do not really knew what that meant.

Armed with inspiration and the sense of Filipino Pride within me I am doing another Bisikleta Productions yes folks we are back and we are taking over! entitled RUDE MAYNILA the name came upon when I was in Lion City after watching a couple of gigs one was at a great local record shop in Bali Lane called Straits Records and one at Bugis at a band rehearsal studio featuring some of the finest hardcore bands this Country has to offer which by the way boasted Bulacancore legends T.S.A. an all pinoy hardcore band based there and the guest band that came from our native land CHOKE COCOI which left the locals black and blue from the brutal ear splitting assault these all female group had offered, that my friend is brown pride for ya'll!. Inspired from what I've seen I told to myself that I gotta do this back home start another riot.
Anyway enough of my senseless blabbering RUDE MAYNILA will be held at TEN 02 Bar & Resto on August 30, Saturday at 8PM. Which was coincidentally owned and operated by the baddest and rudest girl that graced the stage former Put3ska and Brownbeat All Stars vocalist Myra AKA Jazz Chanteuse Skarlet and his hubby Marvin of Bad Burn which boasted some of the heaviest, tuffest and ruffest bands from Metro Manila and its nearby provinces. Featuring Pampanga's best (no pun intended) MARCOS CRONIES these lads are skanking the culinary part of the country for quite sometime now. Besides sweets from Bulacan these rudeboys from Pulilan called PULIKATS can quite pack a punch. And from the south side of Manila comes BARRIO MORNING GLORY with their brand of 3rd wave ska and Pasig 2 tone torch bearers and Club Ska Manila & SkaMax alumnis STEADY MOVIN' BEAT and from The Mandalondon Crew, these skinhead reggae enthusiast ROCKET PUNCH bringing you a hammond infused dirty skinhead reggay true to the upsetters and Manila's very own ska punkers PINK COW with their brand of ska punk ala Operation Ivy and last but not the least Skaville Malabon's EARTHLINGS with their brand of neo trad ska and rocksteady beats completing the line up are the boss dee jays from Angono The mighty SOUND BLASTERS serving up tasty bits of ska, rocksteady, reggae, punk rock and mod tunes on the ones and twos.

Please support the local scene by paying you dues do not gate crash for a measely sum of 50 bucks you'll get to hear some of best ska bands in town plus get an ice cold beer in return for that 50 bucks in your pocket. Beg, Borrow or Steal but please enough of the gate crashing and that "Pare pasok mo naman ako" look nakapunta ka dito bat di mo kaya makapasok by paying up? if you do not like the way we operate well then fuck you! Anyway hope to see you all there at Skarlet's bar on the 30th of August and lets all have a skanking good time.

By the way a Bisikleta Productions website is on the works and it will feature an offshoot label that caters ska and punk rock if you think you know what it takes to be on our ship please do send your demo's to this address 2006, 3rd Floor Karangalan Village Phase II-A, Pasig City or email me at
From top to bottom left side: Marcos Cronies, Steady Movin' Beat, Rocket Punch, Earthlings, Barrio Morning Glory and Pulikats. From right side: Choke Cocoi doing some serious damage at Singapore.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


If you are looking for a place to unwind after a busy day at work and you want to grab some grub or want to have a couple of brews look no further former Ardourn Delirium, Put3ska, Brownbeat All Stars and solo jazz artist Myra Ruaro AKA Skarlet Romero and his hubby Marben Romero of Hardcore Metal band Badburn has set up this swanky resto bar called TEN 02 they serve great food thats reasonably priced plus the beer is ice cold and dirt cheap!

Now this is a great place to hang out eat, drink and be merry without breaking the bank. You can even catch some great live shows from the local underground music scene! and you can even buy Skarlet's new album entitled THE POWDER ROOM STORIES there.

TEN 02 is located at 43 B. Scout Ybardolaza Street, corner Timog Avenue, Quezon City. It's easy to find and its got plenty of open space to park your choice of ride. TEN 02 also offers Jazz Workshops and Music Productions.

And if you are planning to go to Antipolo at night or want to see some great art finds in Angono, and you are craving for some pizza do swing by this place in Cainta and grab them nice hot munchies.

This Angono Rudie has set up a pizza place in Cainta, called JAMAICAN PIZZA it is located at 861 A. Bonifacio Avenue, Cainta, Rizal.

This local joint is owned and operated by Bong Termulo vocalist and trumpeteer of Angono Ska NEIGHBORS and I heard that franchise for his pizza joint is still open, if you are interested do call him up at 09157874724.

Go check out his place besides pizza he might be selling their independently released albums. Jamaican Pizza is open from 1 in the afternoon til' 11 in the evening Mondays to Sundays.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


My last night in Manila went out with a great Rockabilly and Ska gig served in equal amounts by Psychobillies Pusakal, old school rockers Runaway Boys, Skinhead Reggae band Rocket Punch, Skaville Malabon's Earthlings, Pasig 2 tone torch bearers Steady Movin' Beat.
And off course the men of the hour greasy haired Bembol Rockers bringing along their swingin' rootin' tootin' twangin' rockin' greased gun bop sound at the strange now upscale version of CLUB DREDD located at the 2nd floor of GWEILOS, Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City.
The only thing that reminded me of the old Club Dredd was the remnants of that place - The old RHCP poster, Judge Dredd, the club owner Patrick Reidenbach dancing to the infectious skanking beat of 2 tone ska band Steady Movin' Beat.
A considerable amount of familiar faces and newbies are in attendance that night to support Bembol Rockers upcoming independent debut album hopefully to be release sometime later this year.
Drunk and quite satisfied, I staggered home contemplating on my future. I am going to work in Singapore in Kallang Way to ply my trade as a graphic designer in the land that I am completely not familiar with. I am out of my comfort zone away from the land that I love and hate at the same time.
The only thing that will comfort me for my brief 3 month stay there are a few CDs (mostly new joints and some old ones that I kept on heavy rotation) that I burned to serve as my soundtrack to this island nation. Here they are:
1. Pama International - Love Filled Dub Band - Black Ark, King Tubby and Stax inspired record.
2. The Big Sound - Stand So Tall - The vintage sound of Jamaica set to the tone of sunny Southern California.
3. The Movement - Move! - From Denmark walking like The Supremes, talking like The Clash and sharply dressed like The Jam! 100% anti-fascist, working class aggro pop!

4. The Moving Sounds - Ground Shaker - Sweden's power pop, dusty hammond fueled 60's fuzz for the year 2000.
5. The On Offs - This Town - A barrage of punk riffs and mod rolls with a nod to the Jam.

6. I Object - Teaching Revenge - Fiercely political female fronted angry hardcore with positive message.

7. The Rolling Blackouts - Black Is Beautiful - This band has been compared to the Stones and The Who this boys from L.A. has the intensity of The Stooges and The MC5 with the massive amalgamation of everything that made rock sound good.

8. 45 RPMs - Welcome To Hot Rock Lounge - Girl fronted rockabilly band with a hint of ska thrown in for good measure.
9. The Funky 16 Corners - If you think James Brown, Sly and The Family Stone & George Clintons P Funk is Funk think again hip hop label Stonesthrow has meticulously researched and compiled this underground independently released funk of the 60s and early 70's. These are the unsung heroes of the funk revolution of black Amerikkka.

10. Jurassic 5 - Quality Control - Underground hiphop J5 gives a breathe of fresh air to them MTV crap hop blings bringing back the old school joint of The Treacherous Three and Cold Crush Brothers. With two DJs really cutting up and looping vinyls live and Five MCs rapping on top of each other with out sounding cluttered. Old School is in full effect.
I am off to work my dear mates! Bisikleta Productions will be back soon to give you another good show! Til' then drink as much beer as you can, as long as you can! GO BACK TO MOVE FORWARD. IN ORDER TO SEE THE FUTURE YOU MUST REMEMBER YOUR PAST! Stay free my friends! (email me for updates dyan sa PINAS and to those that do not like us FUCK YOU! go get a life ya cock sucking man goats.