Friday, January 20, 2017



DIY Label and Distro based out of Orange County, California called NO TIME RECORDS have put out massive 134 song compilation of some of the finest ska punk bands from all over the globe.

One band that caught the ear of this label is the up and coming ska punk band from the Philippines non other than SINGKOPADO SOUND SYSTEM and ONE LAST MEAL. Also included on this compilation is France' acoustic ska punkers Beng Beng Cocktail, The Hempsteadys from the US, Manchester's' The Autonomads, The politically charged dub band from UK - Conscious Youth, New York's' The Pandemics, London's' punky roots rockers Smiley and The Underclass and many more.

Just so you know after the 2Tone movement came into prominence in the 80's a bunch of forward thinking punky rebels caught ear and later Third Wave Ska came into fruition in the 90s' and reared it's ugly head giving birth to a more aggressive form of sound incorporating, dub, reggae, ska and hardcore elements into the mix only a few bands can perfectly achieve the sound but most band failed miserably (too many third wave ska bands to mention here folks).

One perfect example of a great sounding ska punk band is The Mighty Mighty Bosstones whose singer Dicky Barrett came from the hardcore band Impact Unit and bassist Joe Gittleman of Gang Green.

To find out more about this massive compilation released by No Time Records please go to and ready your credit or debit card to purchase the record.