Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011


ofThis coming Saturday join us as we celebrate our fifth year anniversary at Hades Bar, Timog, Quezon City. We will also be remembering the life and times of our fallen comrade Luis Guiang the founder and creator of Bisikleta Productions.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


These are some of the bands that help shaped Philippine punk rock. This is the REAL Brave New World! THE JERKS! BETRAYED! THE GO SIGNALS! what more can you ask for? and best of all its free!


Its been awhile since i updated this blog my apologies for the delay last year a few months ago i was hounded with so much trouble both personal and public, one included was that Bisikleta Productions lost its home at Sazi's Bar due to some issues you may all well knew by now. However the year end salvo KAPOW! turned out quite good even though things did not go well exactly as planned but heck it was fun.

Its 2011 another year has passed and now its time to start a new beginning...again! But up to now i am still feeling quite unsure about what the future might hold and i kept telling to myself whether or not to throw in the towel or to roll with the punches. Should i stay? or should i go doing this? ....Well maybe i should go...go on and continue what has been started and do it better. Its time to ride on the bike once more and see what lies ahead.

This year we have some things lined up for you starting this January 15 as we celebrate our 5th year anniversary as well as founder Luis "Weslu" Guiang's 4th year death anniversary at Skarlet's new bar called Hades Bar located the 2nd floor of ANDROSIA along Timog, Quezon City near Tomas Morato Rotonda.

Then coming February Singpore's finest hardcore heroes will be here. My good friend Ojie was recently here last December and we met then told me that T.S.A. will be coming home this Chinese New Year!

And on April Keb Darge will be coming to the Philippines along with Swampcat Caz to give us another dose of that fine sweet real rhythm and blues, jump blues and rockabilly. Stay tuned for other future projects inline we are also in the midst of doing another Bicol tour..so keep your fingers crossed and thanks for the bands and the people for your unwavering support and love. CRAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!