Friday, May 26, 2017


Remember the group behind the recent Urban Bandits reunion that featured support bands spanning from the 80's up to the present? Well folks they are at it again. This time focusing on 2 Tone ska - a punky take on Jamaican R&B bringing in a short lived band called The Skalawags that will be held at B Side The Collective in Makati City on June 2, Friday 2017 featuring support acts Neighbors, Coffee Break Island, Dandimites, The Buzzer Beaters and Skaface with Par Satellite manning the decks. 

This band was a unicorn only the lucky few saw them live and only one of their songs was recorded under a compilation called Paalam Uncle Sam (getting a copy of the cassette tape is rare as a hen's teeth!) They are arguably one of the highly influential Philippine ska bands that was formed in the in 80's the other two bands were The Lost Boys and The Skavengers.

This band even tough their presence in the local underground music scene was short would leave an indelible mark on the Philippine ska scene that would later gave birth to Put3ska, Neighbors, Snubnose, Shuffle Union and a slew of ska acts to follow in the 90's up until today.

If you wanna know more about them I suggest you go to Jon Fishbone Gonzales' of the band Bad Omen as he is regularly posting some great stuff direct from the band members themselves or you can drop by his shop in Recto called Middle Finger for some TMZ style fun chatter.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


While society has become ever more estranged from the great events of the past, music on the other hand is the one constant. And that constant one starts out with a barrage of guitars then a painful voice resonated with a guttural tone that once you hear it will instantly take you back to a moment in time like Deja Vu.

It’s time to hear that song again! The quintessential Filipino punk rock band, Urban Bandits is doing a special celebration of their amazing Independence Day album on March 31, Friday at B Side The Collective in Makati City together with Wuds and G.I. & The Idiots, Goo and PinkCow and will be hosted by Carlos Palanca Awardee Erwin Romulo and Social Satirist Jun Sabayton of The Sabaytones plus audio ammunition will be provided by Par Satellite of NU 107’s Pirate Satellite program. 

This event is organized by Lock & Load Productions.

Friday, January 20, 2017



DIY Label and Distro based out of Orange County, California called NO TIME RECORDS have put out massive 134 song compilation of some of the finest ska punk bands from all over the globe.

One band that caught the ear of this label is the up and coming ska punk band from the Philippines non other than SINGKOPADO SOUND SYSTEM and ONE LAST MEAL. Also included on this compilation is France' acoustic ska punkers Beng Beng Cocktail, The Hempsteadys from the US, Manchester's' The Autonomads, The politically charged dub band from UK - Conscious Youth, New York's' The Pandemics, London's' punky roots rockers Smiley and The Underclass and many more.

Just so you know after the 2Tone movement came into prominence in the 80's a bunch of forward thinking punky rebels caught ear and later Third Wave Ska came into fruition in the 90s' and reared it's ugly head giving birth to a more aggressive form of sound incorporating, dub, reggae, ska and hardcore elements into the mix only a few bands can perfectly achieve the sound but most band failed miserably (too many third wave ska bands to mention here folks).

One perfect example of a great sounding ska punk band is The Mighty Mighty Bosstones whose singer Dicky Barrett came from the hardcore band Impact Unit and bassist Joe Gittleman of Gang Green.

To find out more about this massive compilation released by No Time Records please go to and ready your credit or debit card to purchase the record.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


This coming Saturday, Quezon City punk rockers KNF will be releasing their second EP entitled Hoy Kolokoy alongside Singkopado Sound System who also happen to be releasing their EP. I got the chance to listen to both of their EPs firsthand before it hit the underground market and I must say that both EP demanded playback.

KNF, as I mentioned a few days back at my personal FaceBook page is that their songs are short and sharp like punk should be - no complicated Steve Vai riffs and songs about unicorns and dragons. These boys pounded out three chords as if their lives depended on it, Now I'm not going to do an EP review on both of the bands i just mentioned here because I'm too damn lazy to describe their sound so I'll just make it simpler by comparing their sounds to some of the music I've heard before so that maybe just maybe all of you dear readers can easily get what I'm trying to say here so here it goes...

...KNF's music is equal parts Yano and Grin Department. One song in particular is "Miss Kita" it's short, fast and injected with humor. As for SINGKOPADO SOUND SYSTEM song "Forward Thinking" on the other hand is a mix of dub, reggae and punk that kinda reminded me of the band Destroy Babylon. If you wanna hear them live then do drop by at TOMATO KICK this Saturday. The EP launching is organized by SUS PETSA with the help of BISIKLETA PRODUCTIONS and supported by Angono's finest ska band NEIGHBORS (watch out for their upcoming album), hardcore band COBRA KIDS, 2tone skankers STEADY MOVIN' BEAT, melodic punk rockers GIVE CHANCE TO RUN and sociopolitical blues rockers THE GENERAL STRIKE.

This event is free of charge but i strongly advise to bring your tolerance with you. If you wanna hear one of their songs do click on the soundcloud icon below.

Friday, October 28, 2016


This coming Saturday Bisikleta Productions is having an open turntable night event at Tuckers. This event will coincide with their 4th year anniversary. If you're a vinyl record collector please drop by and spin some records with us.

For an added extra bonus Tuckers will be bringing in ska punkers PinkCow for an intimate acoustic set if you're in luck they might carry with them their No Boundaries LP so please do carry with you some extra cash to get a copy of that great record.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


After six years of absence Rude Maynila Sessions is finally back! And performing on August 13 will be SINGKOPADO SOUND SYSTEM, STEADY MOVIN BEAT, NO BREAKFAST KID, DANIDIMITES, COBRA KIDS and RAGTAG & BOBTAIL.

For 100 pesos (one bottle of beer included) expect to hear a mix mash of Hardcore, Punk Rock, 2Tone Ska and Skinhead Reggae on this day. The Rude Maynila Sessions will be held at THE NAKED TURTLE SPORTS DINER located at P. Tuazon Street beside LTO.

Due to P. Diggy's (President Digong) nationwide ordinance on curfew our show will start at 8 in the evening and end at 1 in the morning. Please bear in mind that the last Rude Maynila Sessions at Sazi's was a blast but unfortunately it did not go down well on the managements part and Bisikleta Productions got banned due to false accusations of the bar staff, now in order for us not to be accused again please refrain from bringing in alcoholic drinks bought at 711 or other stores. Let's police ourselves.