Wednesday, October 29, 2008


All saints day is fast approaching and everyones starting to pack their bags to pay homage to their dearly departed love ones and a short vacation from the grueling 9 to 5 job.
But here there is no rest for the wicked for we are preparing for hallows eve this coming friday we are giving you THIS IS SKALLOWEEN a treat for you people out there who wants to party before heading to the cemetary on November 1st.

The line up we have in store for you is a sure fire winner and I am eager to watch some bands get their groove on and that includes THE WAYFARERS and BEATDOWN BOOMBOX composed of The Wuds, Betrayed, TheGosignals and Ampon word has it that Ampon and Drip's Soundscape master will not be in attendance for this nights event coz he has several stints to attend to but the rest of the gang will be there tommorow to serve you up their brand of dub and oldschool punkrock.
The event will be at TEN 02 BAR located at Scout Ybardolaza, Timog, Quezon City. For 50 bucks you'll get one ice cold beer plus lots of band that will be playing ska, punk, dub and reggae music. Plus a guest DJ spot from our mates TRASH RADIO MANILA will be there.

More news from the grapevine SAGOR might have a no show coz' most of the members have gone to Bicolandia and we are awaiting for their arrival here in Manila as of today or God knows tommorow and last but not least THE WAYFARERS might also be a no show due to missed out rehearsals from the band members itself and they are still at the early stages and is getting their act togther so lets keep our fingers crossed that they will appear tommorow night as well. But anyway despite of that we still have tons and tons of great bands to play for your wicked hearts content so come on over and join us tommorow and lets party with the spirits that looms over the horrizon whoever they maybe.

AND REMEMBER LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR COZ' POLITICS FUCK YOU UP! and lastly this goes out to the lowest of lifeforms and that my friend is not a worm but the one who's been slagging me and the rest of my comrades FUCK YOU!!! GO GET A LIFE YOU MAN SUCKING GOAT!!! You coward you know who you are! I will kick you in the balls so hard it will pop out from your freaking filthy mouth and that my boy is not a threat.
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Sunday, October 26, 2008


A few weeks ago i was browsing the Angono boss dee jays blog and saw an interesting info from this regular visitor from Batangas City who happens to be a member of TELLAYOUTHSKA a Batangas based 3rd wave ska band and he dropped this info about Greg Narvas who happens to be the drummer for Hepcat, a California based third wave ska band known for their soulful harmonies and mellow rhythms akin to the 1960 jamaican ska and American soul and jazz. Greg Narvas played drums and percussion on the Out of Nowhere and Scientific album.

This will come out as a shocking surprise to those who are new to ska music in general that Greg Narvas played with one of the best ska act in the world and happens to be a fellow kababayan! He had been doing this comics for quite some time now entitled "I WAS A TEENAGE FILIPINO SKINHEAD" Its his autobiograhy of sorts and if you wanna find out more of this log on to his site and read some insights on his works according to the man himself.

I WAS A TEENAGE FILIPINO SKINHEAD can be ordered via Western Union I emailed him a week ago concerning his works and asked him if I can order the whole thing using money transfer and this is what he said:

Hi Hil:

How are you...thanks for your interest in my comics. If using Western Union please transfer $14.75 USD (for issues 1-10 plus shipping and handling) from your PI agent to this Western Union agent location:

Ralph's #86
3827 Culver Ctr
Culver City, CA 90232-3365

I will send your comics immediately upon receipt of payment.

Hope to hear from you soon! Please let me know if have any more questions, etc.

Yours truly,
Greg Narvas

For those of you who wanted to get them and do not know how to. Just email him directly to Let us support our fellow Filipino by buying one of our own. Issue 1 to 10 cost only $10.00 thats a dollar each plus shipping and handling fees to the Philippines cost about $4.75.00 for a total of $ do the math conversion will cost only about 700 bucks plus.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Hot from the recent MASH IT UP! event that was held at Bela Bar if you already knew about what transpired that faithful September 19th it was crazy as hell the almighty CONTRAS stole the show and it was nasty despite the owner or the bar did a little something completely stupid, unnecessary and uncalled for! (The Erap looking guy pulled out a glock and cocked its hammer and I definitely heard the bullet entered the chamber of his gun and pointed it strait at me!) Still despite of that near mishap the crowd had a jolly good fun and pogo them selves silly. If you wanna know more about the said MASH IT UP! gig go to (thanks for the coverage)

Anyway enough of that amidst the global economic meltdown things are starting to heat up here at the Bisikleta camp as we bring you 12 bands serving you tons and tons of 2tone, ska-punk, 3rd wave, dub and a little bit of that long beach sunny styled riddims for the measely sum of 50 bucks! and that includes one ice cold beer! That my friend is music like dirt for your moneys worth! Plus a guest DJ spot from our comrades that serves dirty music for dirty people - TRASH RADIO MANILA! So brace yourselves for another jamboree!

The event is a bone skanking holloween bonanza that is scheduled to take place on hallows eve, 31st of October, Friday at TEN 02 Bar & Resto situated at 43 B Scout Ybardolaza Street, Timog, Quezon City and it will feature interesting personalities! Surprise! Surprise!

First on the bill, bringing an oldschool punk rock flavor is BEATDOWN BOOMBOX that features Beauty of Doubt axeman Albert Ascona & AMPON Collective DJ beat maestro Caliph8 and Mel Maniego of GoSignals and Private Stock fame with a feller that do not want to be named so you have to see it for yourself! All i know about this band is that Beatdown Boombox was a long time project that was masterminded by Caliph8 and a geezer that do not want to be named so lets keep it that way I do not want to BETRAY him so go figure! Watch out for these blokes! And next on the bill is THE WAYFARERS composed of members of The Jerks, former Pink Cow and Neighbors that packed some heavy duty ska and reggae. After The Wayfarers comes THE EASTERN VIBRATION that includes former (past and present) members of the Angono Ska kings Neighbors with their lovely downright cute vocalist. After those guys and that lovely lady, comes SAGOR the offshoot band of the Malabon dub cartel composed of Goodleaf members, news is that Goodleaf is currently on hibernation and the mad scientist is in the land of gata and honies! Bicolandia. (He's probably growning herbs with Maria and Juana and pushing dubstep and grime beats to the unsuspecting victims). After them dub meastros comes the 3 piece ska punkers of Paranaque City NEVERTHELESS, And next is UMBLE UNO this skate punkers have a knack for punky 3rd wave ska. And next on the bill is PINK COW this talented boys are in tuned with their Rancid, The Clash and Opeartion Ivy influences. After them these boys hailing from mainly Pasig and Malabon City the STEADY MOVIN' BEAT bringing along their 2tone influences that they wear proudly on their sleeves! Another Angono band is G2 AND THE BUNDOCKS adding a little sunny styled long beach vibe in the mix (they sounded like a cross between 311 and Sublime). And these cats from Pulilan, Bulacan the PULIKATS this Clubska/Skamax luminaries packs a dancing virus that will infect your feet, next in line the dub reggae bredrens from the city of Pasig DREADKNOTUSED they are part of the Steady Edy mob preaching roots rock reggae to the masses with a fat spliff. And last but not the least from Skaville Malabon the EARTHLINGS serving you some nice touches of 2 tone ska ala Bodysnatchers.

I am running out of metaphors to use here so I leave you with the famous line that Mr. Symarip always deliver..."Give me some of that old moonstomping"....see you at TEN 02 Bar and Resto on the 31st and lets dance ourselves silly. The beer is only 35 bucks plus they have a promo wherein for the price of 200 bucks you'll get a bucket load of beer (5 bottles)with an assortment of pica pica to choose from! Thats dirt cheap. One more thing remember to LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR COZ' POLITICS FUCKS YOU UP.