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A pussy can become a tough guy, if he's got a gun in his hand. Now, I'm hopin' you're not just a pussy with a gun in your hand...

Just in case you stupid people with guns and a liquor on his/her hands this New Year's Eve hope the stray bullet that you're about to fire hits you!

Infant hit by stray bullet critical
CAMP VICENTE LIM, Laguna, Philippines -- A three-week-old baby girl remains in critical condition after a stray bullet hit her in the back during New Year's celebration in Dasmariñas Cavite, police said Friday.

Inspector Raul Bolido of the Dasmariñas police said the mother, Joan Abara, was carrying her infant when a stray bullet from the back of their house in the village of Sto. Nino II hit the child at around 12 a.m. Thursday.

The three-week-old infant was taken to the Philippine General Hospital in Manila. Bolido said the bullet is still lodged in the infant's body.

Police have yet to identify the gun that caused the bullet wound and the gun wielder.

By Maricar Cinco

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Despite the tragedies and mishaps that this year has brought us there are a few good things that came out of the music scene this year and here are some of those:

1. The Singapore based pinoy hardcore band from their native town of Bulacan T.S.A came and gave us a dose of oldschool hardcore.

2. Throw released their 2nd full length album under Counterflow Records.

3. Shuffle Union released their live album taken from the recordings of Luis "Weslu" Guiang's 2nd death anniversary event called Louie Louie.

4. Go Jimmy Go's trombonist Ryan Kunimura visited our country and had a taste of our own brand of ska in which he even jammed to the ska punk band PinkCow.

5. Loads of foreign hardcore acts brought in by trusted hardcore collectives giving us global hardcore at its finest.

6. The first ever Ska Fest hosted by PiliSkaPinas was held at the now bastardized place called Cubao X giving the unsuspecting so called in crowds a dose of real skank.

7. Jun Idiot of George Imbecile and The Idiots fame organized a gig at his current hometown in Tarlac that was attended by hordes of Tarlac Punks.

8. Rockabilly Band Bembol Rockers was invited by local Hong Kong band El Destroyo giving the Hong Kong audience a taste of Pinoy Rockabilly.

9. The groove merchants of heavy heavy modernist soul Juan Pablo Dream released their 2nd album under indie label Rookie Records.

10. Arnold Morales new band Tsunami Tsunami finally was solidified with former Sex Militants members.

These are some of the good things that came out this year despite the lows that we encountered in our lives lets hope next year that things will turn out right. Expect to get some goodies along the way like Throw's 3rd album, The GoSignals debut album, Tsunami Tsunami's debut album, Against Man's EP Coffee Break Island's 2nd album T.S.A's 2nd album and many more. Til' then keep the faith.

Drink as many beers as you can! Cheers! and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The ultimate document of the New York Hardcore scene

Agnostic Front's seminal debut, Victim in Pain, arguably remains the ultimate document of the New York hardcore scene - an early-'80s movement which coincided with some of the most dire social and political crises ever to afflict the metropolis. By taking the rudiments of punk, then injecting enough energy and rage to elevate them to an entirely new level of primal aggression, Agnostic Front's piece de resistance ultimately succeeds because it transcends musical art form to create protest rock not necessarily at its most lucid, but definitely at its most visceral. With 11 tracks clocking in at a mere 15 and a half minutes, ..."Blind Justice," "United and Strong," "Power," "Society Sucker," and "Your Mistake" were literal calls to arms for New York City's disenfranchised youth, who faithfully trekked down on a weekly basis to CBGB's legendary Sunday hardcore matinees. Listen closely to these cuts and you can almost hear the hallowed Bowery venue's dilapidated walls sweat, blister, and peel from the onslaught.

Agnostic Front will have their original 1984 lineup in tow - Roger Miret, Vinny Stigma, Rob Kabula, and Dave Jones. "We haven't played together since '84, this is the CLASSIC lineup together again.

Monday, December 21, 2009


5 Sides of a Coin" takes its viewers on a unique voyage that shows where hip-hop originated and where it has since spread in its 30+ years of existence. Unlike other hip-hop documentaries, "5 Sides" chooses to focus on each of the 5 basic elements of hip-hop in order to outline its history and its diaspora. Emcee'ing, DeeJay'ing, Breakin,' Graffiti Writing and Beatboxing are all given their own spotlight and within each section, "5 Sides" allows the pioneers, the new school, critics and experts from around the world to define each element in their own words. In an attempt to up the ante, "5 Sides" also takes on the controversies, the many misconceptions and the setbacks surrounding hip-hop today, by comparing and contrasting the various opinions of those within the culture, as well as those on the outside looking in.

Did Sid kill Nancy?

After 30 years, a new take on Sid, Nancy and a punk rock mystery

Just over 30 years ago New York detectives investigating the death of a woman in Room 100 of the Chelsea hotel were convinced they had her killer in the form of John Beverley. But was he the murderer? Did the man better known as Sid Vicious kill Nancy Spungen?

As the 30th anniversary of Vicious's drug overdose death approaches, there are plenty who believe that the belligerent punk rocker from the Sex Pistols was responsible for the stab wound that led to Spungen bleeding to death on the bathroom floor on 12 October 1978.

But writer Alan Parker is not one of them. He was friends with Vicious's mother, Anne Beverley, who, before she committed suicide in 1996, asked him to try to prove her son's innocence. The result is Who Killed Nancy?, a documentary to be released in cinemas based on 182 interviews and a re-examination of the original New York police case files.

"I just wanted to clear his name," said Parker. "Of course I wasn't there, I can't swear on the bible he didn't do it, but people involved have always told me to keep digging, keep digging and when you do dig it just does not add up."

Parker has uncovered evidence in Vicious's favour. The film shows how:

• At the time of Spungen's killing Vicious had to be out cold, having taken some 30 Tuinal - a powerful sedative.

• Police found fingerprints in the hotel room of six people who were known to them, but none were interviewed.

• The couple's money was missing, and they had a lot at the time with earnings from Vicious's version of the Frank Sinatra tune My Way and recent gigs.

• According to witnesses a drug addict called Michael, who lived on the sixth floor of the hotel, visited the couple and was later seen with a wad of cash tied with Spungen's purple hair tie.

The theory that the previously unknown Michael killed Spungen is the most intriguing. In Parker's film Vicious's friend Steve Dior produces a drawing from memory. "This is the guy I think did it. Michael," he says.

The film also explores Vicious's death, at the age of 21, on 2 February 1979. He had just been released on bail and wanted drugs. So his mother got drugs.

According to friend Peter "Kodick" Gravelle, "the drugs were rubbish" so he asked for better heroin using her money.

Parker said: "The thing is, what did come back with Peter was beyond good. It's been said it was 98% which is too pure for the human body in any state."

At "a party" in an apartment that night, Vicious was in good spirits as they listened to New York Dolls records. Gravelle said they were even having a laugh at the songs Vicious's manager, Malcolm McLaren, wanted him to do for an album - including I Fought the Law and the Law Won, and, improbably, YMCA.

Parker said: "The only people who can tell you the God's honest truth about what went on in Bank Street that night: one is Sid and he's dead; one is Anne, and she's dead; and one is Michelle [Robson - Vicious's new girlfriend] and she doesn't even answer to that name any more." By the next morning Vicious was dead.

The film-makers acknowledge that the title of the documentary might be misleading because, bar a confession, no one can ever know with absolute certainty how Spungen died.

Some witnesses in the film believe she killed herself. One friend, Howie Pyro, says: "To me, she just did it herself because that's what people like that do, like teenagers who cut themselves."

And others are convinced that Vicious, even if he did not know what he was doing, killed Spungen.

Their deaths mean that most people are now familiar with the words Sid and Nancy. If the last year of their life had not been so squalid it could be Romeo and Juliet with syringes.

Many in the film have fond memories of Vicious. Viviane Albertine, who shared a flat with him before his Sex Pistols days, says: "Sid was really clever, he had a great brain. The way he wore Nazi insignia and swastikas was to completely dilute the meaning of them, but people never got that about him. He was clever. He understood concepts."

She did admit that when they went out they often got into trouble. "It got to the point where he'd take his belt off, wrap it round his hand and just whack people with the buckle. I don't know where that came from because he wasn't actually a physically aggressive guy."

Others also tell stories of his moments of madness - glassing the brother of the singer Patti Smith, unsuccessfully picking a fight with Paul Weller of The Jam.

Parker admitted that Vicious has been something of an obsession. Anne Beverley first approached him to write a book on her son in 1984. "I've now probably written more words about that guy than any other writer on the planet. That is definitely it. No more," said Parker.


Sublime, the chart-topping Long Beach-based punk reggae group that split-up more than 13 years ago when its lead singer OD'd, will play its first official gig with a new vocalist as part of the Smokeout festival, to be held Oct. 23-24 at the San Manuel Amphitheatre in San Bernardino, Calif.

Slipknot, Deftones, Cypress Hill, Geto Boys, Goodie Mob, Pennywise, Redman & Method Man, Kottonmouth Kings and Bad Brains, among others, will perform across three stages at Cypress Hill's revamped event meant to raise awareness about the cannabis counter-culture.

Sublime's original lead singer, Bradley Nowell, died of a drug overdose in 1996 just as the band was achieving its biggest mainstream success. Surviving members Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson went on to form the Long Beach Dub All Stars, but earlier this year played a gig with Northern California-based singer Rome that Gaugh later called a Sublime reunion.

Hosted by comedic duo Cheech and Chong, the Guerilla Union-produced event will also feature appearances by Immortal Technique, Hieroglyphics, K'Naan, Living Legends, B Real, Mix Master Mike, Devin the Dude, DJ Muggs, Dirty Heads, Swollen Members, Big B, Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Reza, Lenny V, Barry Weaver and ShortDawg Tha Native, with more to be announced.


At long last things are winding up here at work and finally i can post these awesome images taken from the December edition of The Bing Austria Show! Stay in touch next year as we bring you a bigger, better and badder version of Bisikleta Productions. Expect next year's goodies to come like The GoSignals debut album, Throw's 3rd album and Tsunami Tsunami's debut album.

On January 16, 2010 we will be celebrating our 4th year anniversary and is tentatively gonna be held at Ten 02 Bar and Resto (the reservations for the slot is on the works). And we will be featuring top rank bands such as THE GOSIGNALS, JUAN PABLO DREAM, TANGO BITOY and many many more.

And also on the 18th of January (the most important month for me) will be the 3rd year death anniversary of the founder and the brains behind Bisikleta Productions the one and only Luis "Weslu" Guiang. Next year i decided not to do a tribute gig for the man for the reasons that some people are spreading rumours that I am banking on his name. (I even got an SMS telling me to stop what i am doing) Accusing me that i am a Svengali, a Charlatan swindling people for money. Instead I along with some of Luis closest friends from way way back is cooking something up.

So once and for all i will set the records straight i wont name names. (except i will let you guess who this moron is) Those people who accused me of doing such things but i will say this to you all readers that in Luis's 1st death anniversary that was held on Purple Haze Bar (now Leprechaun Bar). The owners of the said bar (which is prerequisite for every establishment) required to have me set up a gate charge and on that gate charge includes a drink and the rest of the profit of the tickets is automatically gonna be given to the promoter which on that case is me. But little did the ones who spread that filthy lie knew that on the first Bisikleta Productions event that was held at Malabon City Luis had opened a bank account before exclusively for the productions itself. And on his 1st death anniversary the profit that was generated from the said event was coursed through me but i did not gained from it instead i gave the money to Luis's then Bisikleta Productions cohort on the early morning right after the event which in turn was deposited on the Bisikleta Productions bank account that said bank account i have not taken possession of ever since his untimely death.

I have been running this production up out of my own pocket. eversince Weslu died and at the request of his Bisikleta cohorts that i should continue what he had left and i vowed to do this out of respect for the man The money spent on every event that i held came from my honest to goodness work as a graphic designer I work hard and party harder so that all the people attending Bisikleta events is fully satisfied and get their moneys worth.

Then on his 2nd death anniversary Trash Radio Manila and Bisikleta Productions collaborated for another tribute gig for him which was held at Cubao X and the entrance is ABSOLUTELY FREE. The rental space and sound equipment expenses came from our own pockets. And now that freaking gossip monger is spreading lies about me telling the people that i am making money out of my dear departed's friend's name! Tell you what buddy all of the Bisikleta Productions events came from my own pocket never did i benefited from it. I'm just doing this for the love of music itself the difference from you and me is that you my friend you use music as your source of daily income playing for the in crowds that don't know a shit or two about real music. I have so much admiration and respect for people who earned their living through music, but you on the other hand my friend its people like you that has a crab mentality that sickens me.

And most of the bands that participated in all the Bisikleta Productions events voluntarily played pro bono its because most of the bands here are either close friends of mine or old friends of Luis Guiang. The money from my pocket is used to pay the venue and other stuff that goes along with it. I am very grateful to the bands that they give their two cents worth for free! just to give the crowd real music that matters to them.

So this January 18th Luis Guiang's 3rd death anniversary will gonna be secretly held to avoid nosy fucks like you. Anyways here are the scene from the last The Bing Austria Show shindig. Again i would like to thank all the bands that supported Bisikleta Productions and all the people who dined drank and danced with us! Much appreciated!


Images from up to bottom: Whats left after the event (class picture), Arnold Morales with his band Tsunami Tsunami, Juan Pablo Dream, Steady Movin' Beat and the unruly skankers, The crowd waiting for the bands to play and their ice cold beers, Mel Maniego and his Rickenbacker, The crowd and the crossed eyed magtataho, The Marcos Cronies Conspiracy, Time for skihead reggae Rocket Punch with the moon stomping crowd, Noel of Life Without Francis, Gaia with The Young Instigators. (photos courtesy of Michael Alvin Gianan

Thursday, December 17, 2009


ENGLAND, 1966: A new youth subculture emerges in an era of Hippies and "Flower Power." Adopting Reggae as their music of choice, short cropped hair and a street style born out of their Working Class roots, this new breed are dubbed "Skinheads."

A mixture of Mod and Jamaican Rude Boy influences (and later redefined by 2 Tone, Punk, Oi and Hardcore), Skinhead represents a cross of cultures that came together to form a singular identity. From the onset, it was a positive match. But as their numbers swelled across the UK, so did their dubious reputation in the media, largely for public drunkenness, football hooliganism, and confrontations with Police. Although some of these reports were well deserved, most were often exaggerated.

Over time this unabated negative characterization by the British media (mixed with the rise of Right Wing politics in the '70s) would peg Skinheads with a new identity, one that embodied only the worst elements of society... Violent, Racist, Ignorant, Criminal. By the time Skinheads came to the attention of the American media (and Hollywood) in the mid-'80s, most of the mainstream public would only know this image of a Skinhead.

Yet, despite all the misinformation about Skinheads, the original spirit and style still thrives to this day. Its sense of Working Class pride is universal and bridges borders from Europe to the Americas, Malaysia and beyond. International and multicultural, Skinhead knows no bounds. The music, style and attitude still appeals to new generations across the globe. This documentary is a testament to that spirit.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sharpies: expressing difference through a well-dressed thuggery

Greg Macainsh of the Skyhooks’ made this short film about Sharpies in 1974. Influenced by Skinheads in hair and style substitute the patterned cardigan for Fred Perry shirts, and add a rat-tail of hair to the Skinhead crop.The Sharpies was truly a ‘gang’ movement, and amplified all the thuggish aspects of skinhead behavior.

Monday, December 14, 2009


MANILA, Philippines - Juan Pablo Dream (JPD) is taking audiences to a genre other local groups would find unconventional and risky tackling about. Mainstreaming soul music dubbed as Manila Soul is what the band would like to play. So far, it has been successful in attracting crowds to delve into their entertaining show.

“Walang gumagawa ng soul these days and ayaw namin gawin ‘yung nagawa na,” says lead vocalist Bing Austria.

JPD’s conviction of spreading the soul sound is evident in its performances, with Bing making sure the crowd knows the band is playing such music and not other genres confused with it. In a recent gig at the NU Rock Awards where the band delivered a three-song medley, JPD performed defining soul music as pyro-blast supplemented the finale number.

Having scored a couple of hits in the past and putting X44 Tony Ferrer back into the limelight via the latter’s cameo role in one of its first videos, the eight-piece band has been providing a kind of show uncommon to band acts today. Theirs has that classic, old school energy feel, complete with uniformed suits and girlish vocal back-ups. Yet they have that underground act appeal that diffuses any probability of selling out.

Of course, the songs they perform, whether originals or covers, are gripped tightly on the essentials of soul music — melodic, patterned and groovy. Their latest single Tibok Ng Puso represents that firm hold, supported by a performance music video that zeroes in on the band members and the synergy that’s going on among them.

A former member of Tropical Depression and Put3Ska which both spearheaded the popularity of their respective genre affiliations, Bing is expert on helping a band. “We feel blessed that we are exposed to soul music. Nalulungkot kami na nakakalimutan na ng iba ang roots ng sound nila. They have forgotten the music of the legends.”

“We are artists and it’s important that we are true to the music we’re representing. Kaya binibigyan namin ng emphasis ang soul music,” he adds.

The singer-songwriter is supported by a strong pack of instrumentalists namely Aurelio Castro III (guitars), Alexander Dumlao (bass), Kim Ventusa (saxophone), Bong Termulo (trumpet), and Aldwin Fernando (drums).

Helping him produce pretty harmonies are backing vocalists Bianca Holganza and Lotte Villarosa.

JPD was formed in Malolos, Bulacan in 2004 and released its debut CD under Terno Records. The band is now under the care of Bryan Garcia (of Rookie Records) who decided to manage it beyond basic business concerns. “I like their music and even if being indie is not easy in most aspects, I love the fact we’re happy with our product.”

The new, self-titled album was produced by Benjie Mendez and engineered by Angee Rozul of Tracks studio. It contains mostly originals, with three interesting covers led by the Doors’ Light My Fire.

JPD will launch the new CD on Dec. 17 at Eastwood Central Plaza.
The Philippine Star

Friday, December 11, 2009


Tonight at 6 Bisikleta Productions bid farewell to 2009 as we end this year with The Bing Austria Show's presentation. Featuring great bands from punk rock to ska to soul. Expect next year for a big bash on January 16 at Ten02 Bar as we celebrate the 4th year anniversary of Bisikleta Productions and more shows coming....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It seems that this year is the year for the Grim Reaper, The music community suffered a big blow everyone's dropping like flies. Another tragic motorcycle accident had taken another life. PinkCow's session trumpeteer, Juan or Juandokito fondly called by his friends died this morning due to a fatal motorcycle crash.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


This December 12, The Bing Austria Show ends this year's run with a pre-launch party for the groove merchants of heavy heavy modernist soul JUAN PABLO DREAM'S sophomore album which will be released on December 17. Also featuring this month's show will be the awesome sounds of TSUNAMI TSUNAMI, THE GOSIGNALS, ROCKET PUNCH, STEADY MOVIN' BEAT, LIFE WITHOUT FRANCIS, THE MARCOS CRONIES CONSPIRACY, TURBO GOTH, THE YOUNG INSTIGATORS and TARTARZ.

The show will start at 6 in the evening, happening only at Saz's Bar in Espana. Be there!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


For those great men and women who champion noble causes, it is not unusual to hear stories of that one defining moment in their lives of how they got involved in their advocacy in the first place. Some claim that their epiphany came in form of a man or a woman who enlightened them and showed them to their path, some claim that it came after a long meditation while some claim it came in form of a dream, a song, a TV show or a film. For social worker and teacher by profession Efren Peñaflorida, his epiphany came in form of rocks.

Growing up in a poverty-stricken part of Cavite City, Efren’s life was full of struggles even at an early age. He lived near the city dump site, his parents (his dad a tricycle driver and his mom a vendor) worked hard to make ends meet. The young Efren knew back then that it was education which will be instrumental to alleviate their destitute status. Thus, he made sure to always do his best at school. However, Efren often encountered neighborhood kids who would hang out outside his school who either bullied him or enticed him to join gangs, some even resorting to the violent actof beating him up. When Efren was in fourth year high school at the Cavite National High School, the bullying reached a new low: the bullies started to throw rocks at them.

This experience eventually drove Efren and three of his high school classmates to form Dynamic Teen Company in 1997, which aims to divert kids from joining gangs and notorious fraternities and involving themselves in petty crimes. Through Dynamic Teen Company, the group came across Club 8586, Inc., a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-denominational organization helping the less fortunate in Cavite City. Club 8586 already had a good reputation at that time.

"It was here where I met my mentor who changed my perspective," Efren says, pointing out that the mentor prefers to remain nameless. "We joined in their volunteer work and jail outreach programs. Our eyes were opened to reality, how kids who aren’t properly guided grow up to be criminals rotting in jail cells or ending up at the cemetery."

Dynamic Teen Company started as a friendship club of around 20 members and their major platform at the time was to provide youth awareness projects, talent and self-development activities and community services. Now, the group, which now has 125 volunteers in Cavite City alone, holds different activities to address these issues.

In 1999, Dynamic Teen Company led by Efren began to reach out to slum kids by conducting outreach classes, bringing them plastic bags with food and goodies to lure them. Four years later, Club 8586’s office burned down and the group got the idea of utilizing the unused push carts from Club 8586. A volunteer, Michael Advincula, took charge of conceptualizing the design of the carts. Michael was a former Akyat Bahay gang member and Spaghetti gang member, stealing cable wires and selling them, before being taken in as a volunteer by Dynamic Teen Company.

"It was Michael who thought of the concept," Efren recalls. "He was the one who did the shelves, the built-in blackboard." They stocked the pushcarts with books, pens, tables and chairs and this gave birth to the "pushcart classroom," where they replicate a school setting every Saturday in the most unlikely places like the cemetery and the municipal trash dump.

This year, the pushcart classroom has a total of 350 enrollees in four sites, with kids with ages ranging from 2 to 14 learning the basics of counting, reading and writing. The group hopes to bring the "pushcart classroom" into the roads of Manila soon. However, their good deeds are constantly met with challenges.

Dynamic Teen Company"We came to a point where we almost gave up," Efren shares, adding that it was his mentor from Club 8586 who kept encouraging them. "He said,’Why would you be ashamed of doing something you know is right?’"

So Efren and his team pursued their cause more passionately. Efren’s determination was further cemented when he met Cris Valdez, a six-year-old orphan boy whose arms and back got badly burnt when he accidentally fell into burning tires during a scavenging hunt at the city dump site.

Now 10 years old and in Grade 4, Cris volunteers as a hygiene and first aid demonstrator. From January to November, Efren relates how Cris earns money, selling candies at his school, and saves the money to buy slippers for streetkids come Christmas time. Cris has even formed his own group, Aklat Para sa Lahat, with 15 kids of the same age. For this, he got recognized as well and was featured recently in Jessica Soho, Kapuso Mo, together with the Dynamic Teen Company. This certainly gave the group good publicity.

However, exposure and spreading awareness to their noble cause and not publicity were the two things in Efren’s mentor’s mind when he filmed the group’s "pushcart classroom" activities one Saturday and uploaded the video in Efren’s mentor believed that the Internet was a good way to let others know of their cause so they can reach out to even more kids in need. It didn’t take long for the video to catch attention worldwide. Eventually a staff member from Oprah’s Angel Network, a website inspired by respected daytime TV host Oprah Winfrey, found out about it. As a result, Efren’s story was featured on the site. In December 2008, someone from CNN got wind of Efren and his group’s efforts and got in touch with them, suggesting that they submit Efren’s story for CNN Hero of the Year.

Efren was reluctant at first because he believed that the good work that they they were doing was a team effort. Ultimately he was convinced to agree to be the organization’s representative since he is one of the founders. So in January 2009, the CNN staff flew in from New York to interview Efren personally and to shoot footages of their actitivities. The segment was shown worldwide in the first week of March the same year, giving Efren, who celebrates his birthday on March 5, a great birthday gift.

"We were very happy of course because it was a big step for us, especially because CNN is a network accessible worldwide," Efren says. The final 10 nominees for CNN Hero of the Year will be announced on October 1 and awarding ceremonies of the winner will be in November. Efren never expected something as big of a deal like this.

"The concept [of the pushcart classroom] is not entirely ours. There are many around the country whom I’m sure are doing the same. We don’t like to claim the idea is our own. The nomination is a representation not only for our organization but for the whole country as well and everyone else who are doing the same thing."

It looks like that Efren is doing a good job of representation. He has recently been featured in the Ako Mismo advocacy campaign with heavyweight personalities Ely Buendia, Angel Locsin and Charice Pempengco. Efren was also chosen as one of the Bayaning Pilipino given by the Gawad Geny Lopez annually to honor Filipino heroes for their unconditional sacrifices for the country and for the welfare of others.

Efren considers it a great honor to be regarded as a modern-day hero but believes that no one is too ordinary to be heroes.

"We should all start the change from within," he says. "All of us, we should open our minds and hearts to accommodate to the needs of the less fortunate and release the hero within. We are all capable of contributing to our community and to our country."



Many Filipinos are pointing to the massacre of 46 unarmed people in the southern Philippines province of Maguindanao Monday as evidence of the deadly influence of a dynastic clan that has been nurtured by the central government for almost 20 years. Nothing is yet proven, but survivors of the attack, national politicians, and police officials all say the likely perpetrators were loyalists of Andal Ampatuan, a former provincial governor who has used his private army to control politics in the province for a decade. Mr. Ampatuan was term-limited out of the governorship this year. In his three election campaigns, no local politician dared to run against him.

His son, Andal Jr., was gearing up for a similarly unopposed run to replace his father. But Ismael Mangudadatu, a former ally of the Ampatuans, had other ideas. On Monday morning, he dispatched a convoy of cars (mostly women and journalists, on the theory that would afford some protection against attack) to file papers in the provincial capital Shariff Aguak to run against the younger Ampatuan. Mr. Mangudadatu remained at home.

The people in the convoy never made it. Instead, they were waylaid when they came to Ampatuan (the clan’s stronghold), dragged from their cars, and summarily executed. Survivors alleged to reporters in the Philippines that Andal Jr. led the gunmen.

Many of the victims were buried in mass graves that survivors said appeared to have been dug before the assault. Among the dead were Mangudadatu’s wife, Genalyn, and two of his sisters. At least 12 of the victims were Filipino journalists. The provincial police chief was sacked and a government spokesman said local police officers also appeared to be present during the murders.

The murders led Philippines president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to declare a state of emergency in the province. Her government is now dealing with a looming scandal, with opposition politicians asking how the murders could have happened in broad daylight and on a major road regularly patrolled by soldiers and police. The attacks appear to show the problem with her government’s tolerance of warlords.

Warlordism has been endemic for generations in the Philippines, from the main northern island of Luzon to Mindanao, the largely Muslim island that hosts at least three armed separatist groups. Mindanao also has freelance kidnap-for-ransom gangs and protection rackets tied to the large army and police presence.

The US got its first extended taste of counterinsurgency on Mindanao, where Moro fighters centered in the powerful local clans tied up US forces for 14 years as America sought to colonize the country (the Moro rebellion ended in 1913). The island’s Muslim population has had an uneasy relationship with the central government ever since, and two major separatist groups – the Moro National Liberation Front and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) – were born there.

In 1990, the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) was created for the Muslim provinces of the island, ostensibly to give the local population more power over their own affairs and suck the life out of Mindanao’s various insurgencies. But in the 1990s, the Armed Forces of the Philippines continued to aggressively hunt down local militants using the paramilitary loyalists, much as similar civilian forces were created by Colombia’s military in the 1960s. One paramilitary leader who worked with the Army’s 6th Infantry Division was Andal Ampatuan.

With his close military ties, Ampatuan’s rise has been meteoric. He has served in the Philippines Congress and as the governor of Maguindanao. His family’s rise to political dominance has closely tracked that of Arroyo, who became president in 2001. Since Ampatuan first became governor in 2000, five of the province’s towns have been renamed for his relatives, including the provincial capital now known as Shariff Aguak, after his father.

In a long 2008 report on the Ampatuan clan’s influence and strength, reporter Jaileen Jimeno wrote that “only one family wields real power in Maguindanao: the Ampatuans, led by… acknowledged patriarch, Governor Andal Ampatuan.” She quotes Michael Mastura, a former congressman from Maguindanao, as saying of Ampatuan’s local power, “the word ‘impunity’ does not even suit it.”

He has cultivated the relationship with the presidential palace by running a reliable election machine in his area. Ampatuan was widely alleged to have rigged the local vote in the 2004 election, which saw ARMM vote overwhelmingly for Arroyo. In 2005, his son Zaldy became ARMM governor. In Zaldy’s last reelection, in 2008, he received 90 percent of the vote. In 2007, all 12 candidates whom Arroyo had backed for senator in Maguindanao won. After that election, local school administrator Musa Dimasidsing told a national commission on electoral fraud that he’d personally witnessed ballot stuffing. He was murdered with a shot to the head soon after. Mr. Dimasidsing’s murder remains unsolved.

In 2006, Arroyo issued Executive Order 546, which legalized the then-informal, and technically illegal, paramilitary groups of men like Ampatuan. “The (Philippines National Police) is hereby authorized to deputize the [paramilitaries] as force multipliers in the implementation of the peace and order plan,” Arroyo’s order reads. The order’s effect was to institutionalize paramilitary groups like Ampatuan’s across the country.

At least four of Ampatuan’s sons are also town mayors and most of them have gunmen of their own. Estimates of the size of his own personal militia range from 200-500. He often travels in a convoy with “technicals,” pickup trucks with 50-caliber machine guns mounted on the load bed, armed by loyalists and family members.

“Arroyo returns the favors by letting (The Ampatuans’) rule Maguindanao like a fiefdom,” Jarius Bondoc wrote in The Philippine Star. “All economic initiatives need the Ampatuans’ assent; state funds are released through them. Even the posting of police and military generals are cleared with them.”

Ampatuan has been a target of violence himself. In 2006, he survived an ambush that he said was laid by the MILF. The group denied trying to kill Ampatuan, but the former governor’s personal gunmen have often fought with the MILF. The group said it had killed 20 of Ampatuan’s militiamen in a firefight in 2006.

More violence could be in the offing. Though the government is hoping that the state of emergency will tamp down the situation, the Mangudadatus are powerful in their own right. Blood feuds in Mindanao traditionally run long, and hot.

By Dan Murphy

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Last Saturday was a superb night starting off with the open stage night audition for bands. We tested bands from Angeles City, Pampanga down to Bulacan City and Novaliches. Bands that auditioned that night included Local SP, Tartarz and More Than Linda.

Then at around 9 in the evening things starts to fall into place. Out come the weekend offenders Marlon along with the Mandalondon Crew arrived, Rex along with the Paco Skinheads, the foreign Students from Berkeley that supported GABRIELA came in along with Odel of the political activist band Tolonguez Death Squad. Mae of Shuffle Union who lost weight, Marika of Trash Radio Manila who also lost a lot of weight, Glen Mod, Rhanny Torres of The Lost Boys and Ethnic Faces, Brownbeat All Stars fame graced the show, (Bing and I had a little chit chat with him and we urged Rhanny to regroup his band The Lost Boys because its about time to give the new generation a lesson on real music, which he politely considered our plea, Lets all hope that The Lost Boys and Skalawags will resurface soon keep your fingers crossed! These bands are the first ones who played ska here in Manila before Put3ska). The Kapangpangans - The Marcos Cronies Conspiracy arrived, The tandem of Kit and Dennis of Steady Movin' Beat came in, Big 5 Ben arrived drunk, Paulo Tae of PinkCow came in. The Young Instigators brought along the trusted agua de pataranta and a bottle of Sprite for good measure, Glen along with Rocket Punch arrived with their lovely ladies in tow. Albert along with Middle Finger Records head honcho Jon Fishbone came in and did an ambush set. Sy and axeman Rod doing the Tango Surf, Barrio Morning Glory of Paranaque City finished the event that day, and the unknown civilians who came in to drink, dine and dance with us all enjoyed the November edition of The Bing Austria Show.

Here are some of the pictures taken by Mr. Michael Alvin Gianan. My sincere apologies to Tsunami, Tsunami, I forgot that they are scheduled to play last Saturday night but i failed to line them up and put them on the bill.

From Top to Bottom: Waiting for the weekend offenders, The crowd, Skanking to the beat of the Cronies, Bing Austria with Kim joining The Young Instigators, Beers and Cheers from Paco Skinheads, Mae with Rocket Punch, Bing and Marlon duet, Rod twang and reverb! From left to right Anton of Rocket Punch, Photographer Michael, Skinhead, Ywren of The Marcos Cronies Conspiracy, Bing and A Boy Named Hil, The Mandalondon Crew with Bing Austria, Glen of Rocket Punch, Marlon of Usual Suspects (this photo courtesy of Marlon)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Everybody has heard many songs performed by the Funk Brothers. The vocalists may have changed, but whether it be Martha Reeves or Marvin Gaye, the band that was the true force of the Motown sound was the Funk Brothers. They are responsible for more number one hits than Elvis, the Beatles and the Beach Boys combined and Many of us grew up listening to the Funk Brothers and never even knew their name.

In 1959, Berry Gordy gathered the best musicians from Detroit's thriving jazz and blues scene to begin cutting songs for his new record company. Over a fourteen year period they were the heartbeat on "My Girl," "Bernadette," I Was Made to Love Her," and every other hit from Motown's Detroit era. With the tumultuous sixties as a backdrop, Motown's unsung heroes take the viewer on a compelling journey in time as they trace the evolution of "The Motown Sound" from its origins in Detroit to its demise in Los Angeles during the seventies. Through the eyes of the riveting characters who ruled Hitsville's studio by day and the club scene of Detroit by night, we enter a world of unparalleled soul and emotion as the Funk Brothers revisit the sites of their musical roots, triumphs, and eventual heartbreak.

For more than four decades, from the dance floors of the world, to the Detroit riots of 1967, to the war in Vietnam, the music the Funk Brothers created has played a major role in the cultural fabric of all of our lives. STANDING IN THE SHADOWS OF MOTOWN finally puts some faces on that music and introduces these heroic musical figures to the world.


RESPECT YOURSELF: THE STAX RECORDS STORY chronicles the birth of Stax Records, soul music, and the “Memphis sound.” During a time when the United States was segregated and the struggle to end racial discrimination and extend civil rights to African Americans was raging, Stax was racially integrated and eventually became one of the most successful black-owned companies in the nation.

Started by a white banker and his sister, Estelle Axton, Stax. Founded in 1957 as Satellite Records, renamed in 1961 by blending the surnames of brother-sister co-founders Jim Stewart and Estelle Axton, Stax was Motown's funky Deep South counterpart. From its loose atmosphere came giants, including Otis Redding, Rufus Thomas and daughter Carla, Booker T and the MGs, Eddie Floyd, Sam & Dave, Albert King, Isaac Hayes, and the Bar-Kays. Recording in a converted movie theater, the earthy results were often as stunning and transcendent as anything from the equally loose Sun Records across town or Motown itself.

Monday, November 9, 2009


This coming Saturday Bisikleta Productions will be bringing back again THE BING AUSTRIA SHOW!. This month we will be showcasing a bunch of great bands from Ska, Mod, Punk, Skinhead Reggae, Soul and Surf Music. For a measly sum of 60 bucks you will get 1 ice cold beer and an earful of delights so be there! 12 bands 60 pesos. what more can you ask for? The show starts at 8 PM.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


On November 14, before The Bing Austria starts show proper, we are hosting auditions for bands to be part of the Bisikleta Productions roster. I had received sms messages for quite sometime and some emails asking me if they can play at Sazi's Bar. Sad to say most of the sampled emailed mp3s that i had received are not up to the standard of what this production is all about.

I am guessing some of the bands that emailed me did not quite understood the poster that i had posted here or is lazy to read that article. Anyway i will be setting up the guidelines , terms and definitions of the music that we wanted and what bands we are really looking for in this audition and here they are, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO SAY HERE!


is a music genre that originated in Jamaica in the late 1950s,Ska combined elements of Caribbean mento and calypso with American jazz and rhythm and blues. It is characterized by a walking bass line accented with rhythms on the upbeat.

What we are looking for:
2tone (The Specials, Madness, The Selecter) and Third Wave (Operation Ivy, Hepcat, Slackers)

ROCKSTEADY: A successor to Jamaican ska, and a precursor to reggae. rocksteady differs from ska musically as the tempo is slower and more relaxed. The bass is heavier and more prominent in the mix and in addition, the bass lines abandon the earlier "walking" style of the ska period in favor of more broken, syncopated figures. The ska-style back beat and the emphasis on the offbeat carried over into rocksteady.

What we are looking for:
Bands who are heavily influenced by Justin Hinds, Phyllis Dillon, Ken Boothe

REGGAE: The term reggae more properly denotes a particular music style that originated following on the development of ska and rocksteady. Reggae is based on a rhythmic style characterized by accents on the off-beat, known as the skank.

What we are looking for:
Skinhead Reggae (Toots and The Maytals, Symarip, Harry J All Stars) Dub (King Tubby, Lee "Scratch" Perry) Lovers Rock (Louisa Marks, Dennis Brown) Dancehall (Yellow Man, Saxon Sound System)

PUNK ROCK: is a rock genre with deliberately offensive lyrics expressing anger and social alienation that developed between 1974 and 1976. exemplified by the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, The Damned, and The Clash.

What we are looking for:
UK '77/'82 Style Punk (The Briefs, Clorox Girls, The Exploding Hearts) Streetpunk (Angelic Upstarts, Cock Sparrer, Sham 69) Hardcore (Bad Brains, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys)

ROCKABILLY: A fusion of black music and country music that was popular in the 1950s; sometimes described as blues with a country beat the simplest way may be to describe it as picturing an exciting blend of the blues, country and gospel sounds of American music that were prevalent, up to the mid 1950's. Mix that in with the heavier beat that was becoming more and more a part of pop music of the day and the result was "rock 'n' roll."

What we are looking for:
Neo Rockabilly: (Boneville Barons, Carlos and The Bandidos) Psychobilly (Thee Exit Wounds, Batmobile)

MOD REVIVAL: Is a music that was influenced by 60' soul (stax and motown records) rhythm and blues mixed with the energy of punk rock.

What we are looking for:
Bands who are into The Fixations, Merton Parkas, The Lost 45's, The Jam.

POWER POP: A musical genre that draws its inspiration from 1960s British and American pop and rock music. It typically incorporates a combination of musical devices such as strong melodies, crisp vocal harmonies, economical arrangements, and prominent guitar riffs. Instrumental solos are usually kept to a minimum, and blues elements are largely downplayed. Recordings tend to display production values that lean toward compression and a forceful drum beat.

What we are looking for:
Bands who are into The Incredible Kidda Band, Paul Collins Beat,

SOUL: Soul music is a mixture of gospel, rhythm and blues and doo-wop merged resulting in a catchy rhythms, stressed by handclaps and extemporaneous body moves and powerful bass lines.

Soul music was, fundamentally, a consequence of rock music. The leadership went from the blacks (rhythm'n'blues) to the whites (rock'n'roll) back to the blacks (soul). Soul music was everything that rock music was: dance music, personal expression, teenage angst, political rebellion. Rock'n'roll had stolen the body (the sound) of rhythm'n'blues, and soul music stole the soul (the spirit) of rock'n'roll.

What we are looking for:
Bands who are heavily influenced by the sound of Motown, Stax and Northern Soul.

So there it is i already gave you some pointers to hold onto this is spoon feeding people! Use your head and do some research of your own and exercise the D.I.Y. ethic of punk rock.. And one more thing we do not accept bands who are on the bandwagon trend, because this is not a trend this is a lifestyle. See ya all on the 14th of November 6 in the evening sharp!

Please do email for screening and reservations. Send all the details to him (Band Profile Demo, Influences, Contact Numbers Etc.). We do not accept walk-in bands during the show proper.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


What is Rocksteady

Rocksteady is the direct predecessor of Jamaican Reggae. Rocksteady has sparse rhythmic accompaniment and a relaxed feel allowing the vocalist more expressive musical phrasing and greater lyrical freedom. All these elements were retained in Reggae.

What came before reggae music? Full points if you answered rocksteady.

Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae is a new documentary about Jamaican music in the 1960s. The film covers a brief period in that country's music, a period that became the platform upon which reggae was built and upon which careers like Bob Marley's were founded.

For various reasons (and they're not just musical) rocksteady is referred to as Jamaica's "Golden Age" of music. It was actually a golden age of sorts for the island itself.

The stars of the era, such as Dawn Penn and Stranger Cole, are reunited to create an album of their hit songs, and many of the musicians who gather talk about not having seen one another in 40 years. Cole narrates a portion of the movie, talking about the musicians' reunion in Kingston and about the past, describing the transition from ska to rocksteady music.

Along the way, the movie catches up with Hopeton Lewis, who recorded Take It Easy when he was 16; it's considered the first rocksteady song.

Then there's Marcia Griffiths, who still tours and who had a hit with The Tide Is High; Ken Boothe (Shanty Town); Leroy Sibbles, who had rocksteady hits with the Heptones; Judy Mowatt, one of Bob Marley's I-Threes (with Rita Marley and Marcia Griffiths), who sings Silent River Runs Deep; Dawn Penn, singing You Don't Love Me Anymore, No No No; and U-Roy, who describes himself as a "toaster" for his spoken vocals on Stop That Train. And he talks about toasters influencing American rap music.

These are among the many artists who gathered in Kingston to celebrate rocksteady music, who take part in the film and record their hits for the reunion album.

Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae uses archival footage from the 1960s and offers a brief recent history of the island. Jamaica gained independence from Great Britain in 1962, and according to the musicians in the movie, the early '60s were a peaceful and optimistic time, with plenty of economic opportunity. If rocksteady music is remembered with great fondness, it may be in part because the island was peaceful and fairly prosperous at the time, and, according to the movie, the sort of violence for which Kingston became infamous had not yet begun.

The musicians talk about the 1966 visit to Jamaica by Haile Selassie, the Emperor of Ethiopia, about the outdoor theatres where they performed, about "Peter, Bunny and Bob," (Tosh; Wailer; Marley) and about the rude boys who eventually brought guns into Kingston.

Rita Marley remembers going into the garbage in Trenchtown as a child, hoping to find food or bubble gum. By the time she appears near the end of this documentary, Bob Marley has become the elephant in the room. Your ear is longing to hear his music, but that's the reggae that came later, circa 1970.

And this is a story about what came before.

Friday, October 30, 2009


The Bullets are a group of veteran L.A. musicians influenced by true Los Angeles oldies music. They take classic organ drenched grooves and fuse them with a Chicano take on Reggae and Soul. Formed by Aggrolite’s organist Roger Rivas and featuring members of such bands as Ocean 11, Irie Beats, and more, Showcasing the sound of classic organ drenched grooves that will cause jaws to drop, this band plays music that will remind you of the days brown eyed soul ruled East Los Angeles. Music that will remind you of the latest Pama Reggae hit to sweep London town.

The Bullets believe its time to bring back the oh so sweet tempo & taste. This collective does not hold back on its reggae either. Shot after shot, the bubbly scratches gets the crowd swaying

Thursday, October 29, 2009


One half of Croydon's busking brothers duo The Dualers has branched out into a solo project. Si Cranstoun has formed a vintage rhythm and blues, doo wop early gospel inspired soul music that clearly displays his love for Jackie Wilson. Watch out for his new upcoming solo album called Skinny Jeans and The Dualers new album The Cooking Pot.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Jeez whats happening to our country, The people behind the media should once and for all tell the REAL TRUTH not sugar coating the harsh reality. Its really annoying when i heard that this man handling maid TV media personality evil bitch got married to a fake ass bicycling peddling market man. And is using a freaking gameshow to announce their love for each other. Jeez! people wise up the media is fooling!

Mar Roxas' and Korina Sanchez's Election Ploy
April 25, 2009, what is usually a game show strangely turned into a celebrity question and answer session when Wowowee's host Willie Revillame cut a significant amount of time from Wowowee to interview Senator Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez regarding their love life and marriage plans. With the majority of the Filipino masses tuned onto the screen to watch Wowowee, it leaves many wondering why this question and answer session, which seemed more fit for a celebrity gossip show, was held instead on this ultra-popular noon-time show.

In the interview, Korina Sanchez and Senator Mar Roxas are seen being overly sweet, exaggeratedly dramatic, and with the forced tears by Mar Roxas (which just needed to be pointed out)--very plastic. But Korina Sanchez, as well as many other celebrities and media figures, are known for being fake, plastic, snobs, and for being suplada. So, what makes this question and answer session unique? I already mentioned the first clue, which is that Wowowee is not supposed to be a celebrity gossip show.

Cutting straight to the point, this Wowowee interview is clearly an election ploy by Senator Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez, who plan on running for the Philippine presidency in 2010 and obtaining the First Lady throne, respectively. They are trying to reach the masses, and quite wisely chose Wowowee as their instrument. And I really wonder how much money and future kickbacks Willie Revillame will get for his part as interviewer and appealer of the masses, especially if the tandem does make it to the Malacañang Palace. They realistically do have a big(ger) chance now with this "cute" Wowowee interview and bonus recaps/reruns on the news via ABS-CBN's TV Patrol program.

And if that wasn't obvious enough, Senator Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez opted to become the primary sponsors for a set of babies (quintuplets), who were televised as being in desperate need of help. Mar and Korina to the rescue! All in all, I must say, perfect timing.


Who needs to watch reality television show when the Philippine political and celebrity scene offers more exciting drama? Brides are suppose to be sweet, well not all but normally when one is about to march into the altar of love, love and not hate should fill the air. So what’s up with Korina Sanchez? Or better yet why is Korina Sanchez on a warpath looking for enemies when she is about to embark on a fantasy dream wedding that most little girls can only dream of? Is Korina Sanchez turning into a bridezilla? If we look at the way she seeks or looks for enemies she is probably close to it or perhaps has arrived at the honor or was it horror of being crowned as one.
Some people Like Angela Stuart think that Kris Aquino should be gagged for talking too much on what they believe was her “shallow and dumb” plan to package Noynoy complete with hair raising or rather scalp treatment to prevent hair loss. That she ought to just do it without broadcasting it to the idiot box which they feel is just too much. I just don’t know why some people makes a fuzz over it when they have in their hands the greatest invention of all time, the remote control so you can flip channels if what you see is not to your own liking or preference. Kris Aquino is one talkative lady and that is just her character which is the reason why she earns the big bucks as she has no qualms baring it all. It allows people to learn more about her personal life as she is a public figure quenching the thirst of the inquisitive minds and yet as surreal as it sounds her ways allows people to get in her thoughts and private life as if they are her friend. Unlike Korina Sanchez, Kris is not the combative confrontational kind so, if there is anyone that needed to be gagged it is none other than Korina Sanchez.

Conrado de Quiroz got the ire of the bride when he says that the groom Mar Roxas is an atat na atat (too eager) presidential wannabe based on an observation regarding media ads of the tricycle pedal kicker featuring Korina’s fiancée. While Conrado’s comment may have been moot after Mar Roxas statesman like redemption withdrawing his presidential ambition giving way to Noynoy Aquino, it just escapes me why she is demanding for an apology. I have no clue what planet Korina is on right now but in case she has not noticed most if not all the presidential wannabe are basically too eager beaver for comfort approaching illegal acts for early electioneering bombarding people with pathetic obnoxious ads geared for their presidential run.

If it makes Korina Sanchez happy we have to implore Conrado de Quiroz to apologize to Mar Roxas pronto because it seems the one who is the bigger atat na atat is none other than the frustrated first lady wannabe Korina.

Sharon Cuneta a megastar (gawd I can't believe I am saying megastar, lol) was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and yet instead of a brat like attitude in defense of Mr. Noted errrr husband Kiko Pangilinan when Korina Sanchez calls him an ingrate, shows she has more class choosing not to dignify Korina’s tirade by not responding. It makes you wonder if Mar Roxas told Korina that the presidential run is bigger than themselves and to feel betrayed on a perceived notion that Kiko Pangilinan’s support of Noynoy Aquino caused the slide of support away from Mar Roxas to just the vice presidency only shows she does not get it.

Then we have RG Cruz who made the mistake that he can poke fun in his Facebook account at the frustrated first lady Korina Sanchez, a co-worker at the “Kapamilya” (family) ABS CBN network. Talk about family eh, no wonder some people including this Political Jaywalker are not attracted at joining this “family” especially one that is so dysfunctional. In all of these incidents, she has no qualms airing it in public that her new found enemies owes her a favor like one who thinks like a queen except she is missing her crown to borrow RG Cruzes apt description should not forget they owe her a debt of gratitude. To think that she is one who believes or should we say deludes herself she can make a difference when she displays despicable traits of the political patronage. kind There goes the drama of sacrifice for love of inang bayan, looks like she is one narcissist who thinks the world revolves around her.

She could have handled this better although she is probably in a lot of pressure as most brides to be and while if this white paper really came from her she is mishandling the incidents very poorly, to quote:

While some characters would sit back, relax and ignore the nuances and irritants of daily living, some characters such as mine are the types who would see and know, by experience if I may add, that evil prospers when good men do nothing. While there is wisdom in silence, there is nobility to be found in response and courage — as foolish as some might think these to be, given specific circumstances.

True, I agree that evil prospers when good men do nothing but “good men” or women being good knows enough to act with class and not be combative because it not only validates their contention when one reacts like Korina did and worse comes up with an allege scary retort below:

So to you, RG Cruz, I say, I hope that — as your Facebook entry narrated — as you were “eating chocolate” and indulging your gastronomical cravings while events at Club Filipino on the 2nd of September 2009 were unfolding and all you could think of and delight in, as written in your Facebook, are your cruel attacks, pettiness, inanities and insensitivities to the sacrifice of others and, horror of horrors, make these public — you will, henceforth, attempt to save yourself from the very real prospect of disappearing, leaving this world without a trace, no better and even worse than when you found it.

People disappear without a trace and are never heard again when they get the ire of the powers that be, this is not something one jokes about and coming from an eager beaver wannabe first lady is a window to the future on the kind of occupant that will inhabit the palace. I am sure one happy camper not seeing Mar Roxas running for the presidency as he has a very scary bitter vindictive partner with a tendency to have anger management problem.

What is so amazing is she has no qualms showing her bitterness in not attending Mar Roxas acceptance of Noynoy Aquino’s offer to be his running mate. Fer cryin’ out loud you just loss us there Korina, it is time to move on and please stop making a spectacle of yourself as you are hurting your future hubby and dragging Noynoy down too in his impending presidential run. Think of the poor people in Payatas who believe that change is possible and with the meager or literally scarce resources they are rejecting patronage politics and showing us the way by donating whatever they have for the cause.

In the interest of "saving" inang bayan and not dampen the resurgence of hope of desperate people that are eternal victims of political hypocrisy and double talk, Korina Sanchez should figure out how she can control her temper and apologizing for her behavior is really not a bad idea. She can opt to be the way she is which is not very pleasant especially for a future bride, as in making herself a spectacle like those in reality TV show with no redeeming social value or she can still walk tall without the help of a 10 inch heels if only she tries to re-examine the folly of her confrontational attitude. Not that it is any of my business to want to see Korina change her ways but there is this possibility that she might grow old like my favorite Senator Miriam Santiago, who when angry says she her mouth is foaming, homicidal and has the urge to spit on a justice face that irates her. I dare say that it is time for Mar Roxas to drop the Mr. Palengke (Mr. Market as in economist having graduated from Wharton) packaging lest his ex-future wannabe first lady goes on a tantrum spell again if she is referred to as Mrs. Palengkera...........

As I've always say time and time again that leave your politics behind the door coz politics fucks you up but there are times that we need to voice our two cents worth. Time for the silent minority to act up and let our voice be heard that politics are fucking up the system and its time for a real change. Be vigilant be wise and do not be fooled again by the freaking media propaganda just because someone in the movies rides a horse, saved the world and gets the damsel in distress that doesn't mean in real life he is a true hero we have been fooled before by the fake smile and empty promises i hope never again will this happen.


One of the most underrated bands to come out of the mid 90's underground scene and perhaps one of the most misunderstood. They where one of the bands during the mid 90's to fuse Metal and Hardcore and with some Numetal arrangements that i think they are the ones who did that in the mid 90's along with some bands including Tame The Tikbalang and Mindrape.

I posted this one night only affair (even though i hated the bar that these great band is into) Its because one of the member of this band is a dear friend of mine. We met up at an event far more notorious than FHM shindigs during my sabbatical when my wife dragged me in that event. Turns out the guy from Loads of Motherhood is one Funky Brother! (He loves the Meters and he even had a cap that was given to him by Joseph "Zigaboo" Modeliste! during his stint in Japan).

You might say that hey, wait a minute Bisikleta Productions is only into Ska and Punk well think again my dear readers I am a metal fan too which by the way This band is into the Metal/Hardcore cross over and Nino Hernandez is one big Slayer and D.R.I. fan as myself. Let me rephrase that i basically listen to music that has character be it hip hop (not the bling bling fake raps on MTV crap), Hardcore, Jazz (to me this is punk rock), Funk, Latin, Emo (that is Embrace and Rites of Spring ONLY!), Afrobeat.

I remember back then me and Luis of Private Stock, G.I. and the Idiots and Put3ska attended a gig somewhere in Paco, Manila where in Luis will play drums for Throw, We chanced upon Nino and he and him immediately hit up and were exchanging quirky jokes here and there. I gave Luis a compilation of their record and Luis recommended Nino to Al Dimalanta for a spot to be in Throw. I haven't heard any news from Nino lately all i knew is that He and Arthur "Barthur" of MAD had done gigs abroad (his bread and butter).

Anyway enough of this rantings if you wanna see them live on November 19 beg, borrow or steal to get in!

"they never had the chance to prove themselves to people in the scene, but to their close circle of friends, we knew and proved that Loads of Motherhood was HARDCORE in every sense of the word. It wasn't their fault they were lined up/associated with major labels artists/bands and if they got invited to play UP shows and pulp shows. They were in fact that talented for a hardcore band. but they always stayed true to their roots and to themselves." - Jep Peligro