Saturday, February 9, 2008


I rarely listen to local radio anymore for the reason that i easily get annoyed with the senseless blabbering of the jocks on air polluting the airwaves with perversion and cheap talk worst music that is being played over and over til your ears bleed. I don't know its just me perhaps. Beside radio there are lots of crap being shown on the telly, Jello Biafra was right when he sang that song.

Video killed the radio star and now radio is doing it too. There are lots of great quallity music that should be heard but they did'nt get a chance because the artist/band don't have the RIGHT LOOK and the RIGHT CLOTHES. On my quest to find the music that kicks you right in the gut, the final frontier for me was the world wide web or should i say wild wild web, there are lots and lots of music thats being streamed that you can choose from be it 50's, 60's 70's punk, funk, hip hop hell you can even find a site thats dedicated to STYX!....these are the best of times!. Anyway as i was saying, to my relentless pursuit of the ultimate ear splitting bliss i found this great blog site that says DIRTY MUSIC, FOR DIRTY PEOPLE. hmmm sounds good to me and so there i was listening, suddenly the music thats being played there got a hold on me!

The site reminded me the glory days of radio was radio. When i was just a 10 year old lad (i think!) listening to Dante "Howlin' Dave" David on RJAM (he is now back on RJ's UR radio!) playing punk rock and everything that matters to him, that made a mark on me yes i am proud to be a punk rocker always was and always will be! Going back to the site that i recently discovered it took me a while to guess who was the culprit behind that site according to my sources the person responsible was a man along with his partner in crime. This man was one of the pioneer of the pinoy punk rock movement in the 80's and was in a numerous punk band and had manage the famed all star ska band during the 90's. Now go figure!

The name of the site is TRASH RADIO MANILA a name worth befitting due to the fact that most radio station today puts out rubbish on air playing music that was made by some game show host from rival tv stations or payola music thats nauseating. It is rarely this days that you'll get to hear great songs on air. Finally some brave soul dared to be different going against the grain playing music that he cared for and shared it for all of us to hear. Bless your kind heart! on their site you can hear lots of ear candy there that will make a music geek wet his pants from ska to punk rock to hardcore, mod, rockabilly and everything else that has character and worth playing. Now enough of my senseless rantings go check it out yourself my dear readers feel and listen to the music! you can check it out here at