Tuesday, December 16, 2008


All's been quiet since November's Skalloween event...And i am guessing that all you kids are getting restless for another kick ass event from us well fret no more! We are teaming up with the dirty folks at TRASHRADIO MANILA for a post christmas/pre-new year bash and thanksgiving party.

Holiday will be interrupted in the meantime as we are toning down the music so we can all hear each other out. The bands that will be participating for this endeavor had all agreed to go unplugged yeah you heard us right they are all going for the acoustic route. This will be the first time you will be hearing JUAN ISIP, THROW, THE GOSIGNALS, SHUFFLE UNION, THE MIGHTY CONTRAS, THE WAYFARERS, PINK COW, STEADY MOVIN' BEAT trade their electric guitars and go back to the basic, plain and simple acoustic set.

We are expecting you to come in and join the fun bring along ONE CANNED GOODIE (DE LATA) this will be donated to THE OUR LADY OF FATIMA PARISH CHURCH in Green Park, Cainta, Rizal and in turn they will distribute what you had given to the inmates of the CAINTA MUNICIPAL JAIL. Lets give a little piece of our heart please do come cause we really need your help share your blessing.

One more thing LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR CAUSE POLITICS FUCKS YOU UP! nuff' said see ya at the 27th of December 8PM at THE SAUSAGE BAR. (Sausage Bar is located at 42A Sgt. Esguerra Street cor. E. Lopez Street South Triangle, Quezon City (beside Kitaro and East St. Louis, adjacent to Figaro-Bohol and ABS-CBN).
While you are anticipating for the 27th we decided to throw in a little added bonus we had collaborated with some like minded individuals that are purely into the D.I.Y. ethic our pals from the DIRTY SHOE COLLECTIVE and TAE PRODUCTIONS had decided to do a collaboration with us and the result is PASULONG and will be held at this cool hole in the wall joint with a real warm ghetto vibe located at 2450 Karapatan Street, Blumentritt the name of the spot is called 4TH DOOR GALLERY rumors has it that the guys responsible for that venue is a part of the PINOY STREET PROJECT or something like that anyway please do swing by on the 20th of December thats Saturday. The bands that will be playing is massive! I kid you not. Just bring along 50 bucks and that money on your pocket (or whoever pocket it is) comes with a one free beer.
Enough said lets support the real deal D.I.Y. and please LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR CAUSE POLITICS FUCKS YOU UP! As Desmond would say: YOU AN EYE TEA WHY......
Karapatan Street is located smack down the middle of Dimasalang and Laloma adjacent Vision Street and is near the Chinese General Hospital go figure it out for yourself if you see a Pine Tree accross the street, then your very near it...or go follow the punks!.