Thursday, August 27, 2009


This Friday night the Manila contingents for the Bicolandia Skannection will embark tonight for half a days or more travel to Legazpi City. Sad to say PinkCow or should i say Life Without Francis with the Umble Uno Horny Horns will not join the group bound to Legazpi City plus the host for the said event will not be coming along Bing Austria is busy with his group Juan Pablo Dream for some serious gig racketeering and is finishing up their upcoming album, as well as Arnold Morales who is also busy with his band Tsunami Tsunami.

The reason that Life without Francis will not be joining the Manila based bands is that according to my sources that some of the said sponsors for the event did not fulfill their obligations hence lack of funds .Anyway fear not boys and girls Shuffle Union and Steady Movin' Beat will be there to skank to your hearts delight! If you happen to be around Bicol do drop by Bar 101. and dress sharp, keep calm and dance the night away!