Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Once again Filipinos had proved to our neighboring Asian countries, that we are indeed a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Punk Rock and Hardcore music in Asia. Sorry my dear friends at Singapore I am not biased just because i am a true brown skinned punk rocker born and raised in Manila. I had seen your bands out there they are good even great on some account but compared to us you guys are rookies believe me you ain't seen nothing yet!

Last September 19 was a historical event. The hardcore specialist from Singapore had visited us for their first ever homecoming. Supported by the architects of punk rock the likes of THROW, BETRAYED and GEORGE IMBECILE AND THE IDIOTS and support acts from very promising young acts like DESCANT GOTT, SDK, AGAINST MAN, and T.R.A. it was a musical event to behold. Present that day are punk rockers young and old, familiar faces from days gone by up to the present.

First to be on stage were these young upstarts that played 70's type punk rock. T.R.A. they delivered a nice set that set the pace for the evening to come. After those lads came DESCANT GOTT armed with ear piercing blend of Thrash and Death Metal fronted by a Lady that can put shame to any metal head boy.

After Them came Betrayed, I am very much impressed by these punk rock gods Betrayed they never failed to deliver a mighty fine tight set of originals. They are so good the audience begged for more.

After Betrayed Tsunami, Tsunami came in fronted by Mr. Arnold Morales (of College, Urban Bandits, Music Front and Put3Ska fame.) They belted out their newly self penned tunes. I can hear hints of The Kinks, The Who and The Jam. very very good songs! After this band it was time for the kids again to play S.D.K. delivered their brand of 80's cross over these kids are oh so good!...I kinda lost account on what had happened inside coz i am going back and forth the gate and seing the bands play. After them came AGAINST MAN, composed of late 80's veterans of the punk rock era also known as MNHC or MALABON NAVOTAS HARDCORE most notably is their guitarist of MAD and I.O.V. fame delivering a nice set of 80's hardcore the way hardcore should sound like and should stay that way no fancy guitar solos Ala Eddie Van Halen and no fucking non sense just pure verbal assault.

After them came THROW these guys need no introduction as they are one of the most respected and well loved hardcore band here in the Philippines PERIOD! they blasted their set with a fury of fast paced uptempo hardcore and with participation of T.S.A.'s skin basher Ojie and axeman Bimboi who were actually the first generation Throw.

After them came the hardcore specialist direct from lion city the mighty Bulakenyos , T.S.A. - This band had proved themselves in Singapore delivering their brand of Pinoy style fast, short and loud hardcore to the unsuspecting Singaporean punks. These bad boys had been keeping the old torch burning. They blasted their way with their bone crushing brand of music my earwax melted! Truly loved their song every one of it.

Last but not the least is the band that had made a mark on me when i was a little punkilito GEORGE IMBECILE AND THE IDIOTS they played their set minus George who's in the states for some private matters to attend to and minus their original drummer LUIS GUIANG (may you rest in peace!) But the abences of these fine gentlemen were filled in by awesome musicality of Pedro Bandido and Ojie of T.S.A. that resulted to a frenzy of shouted out sing along and silly slam dancing it was hell of a fun! that capped the evening to every ones content, everyone had a great time you can smell it and see it on their faces coz all of us get to go home drunk. and still singing madly Bisikleta Productions had done a great job for a mighty send off party for T.S.A. and of course things wont be this great if it weren't for the bands that had joined in to celebrate their homecoming.

To the bands that participated and to the audience that came in and paid their respects to T.S.A. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!