Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Last Saturday was a superb night starting off with the open stage night audition for bands. We tested bands from Angeles City, Pampanga down to Bulacan City and Novaliches. Bands that auditioned that night included Local SP, Tartarz and More Than Linda.

Then at around 9 in the evening things starts to fall into place. Out come the weekend offenders Marlon along with the Mandalondon Crew arrived, Rex along with the Paco Skinheads, the foreign Students from Berkeley that supported GABRIELA came in along with Odel of the political activist band Tolonguez Death Squad. Mae of Shuffle Union who lost weight, Marika of Trash Radio Manila who also lost a lot of weight, Glen Mod, Rhanny Torres of The Lost Boys and Ethnic Faces, Brownbeat All Stars fame graced the show, (Bing and I had a little chit chat with him and we urged Rhanny to regroup his band The Lost Boys because its about time to give the new generation a lesson on real music, which he politely considered our plea, Lets all hope that The Lost Boys and Skalawags will resurface soon keep your fingers crossed! These bands are the first ones who played ska here in Manila before Put3ska). The Kapangpangans - The Marcos Cronies Conspiracy arrived, The tandem of Kit and Dennis of Steady Movin' Beat came in, Big 5 Ben arrived drunk, Paulo Tae of PinkCow came in. The Young Instigators brought along the trusted agua de pataranta and a bottle of Sprite for good measure, Glen along with Rocket Punch arrived with their lovely ladies in tow. Albert along with Middle Finger Records head honcho Jon Fishbone came in and did an ambush set. Sy and axeman Rod doing the Tango Surf, Barrio Morning Glory of Paranaque City finished the event that day, and the unknown civilians who came in to drink, dine and dance with us all enjoyed the November edition of The Bing Austria Show.

Here are some of the pictures taken by Mr. Michael Alvin Gianan. My sincere apologies to Tsunami, Tsunami, I forgot that they are scheduled to play last Saturday night but i failed to line them up and put them on the bill.

From Top to Bottom: Waiting for the weekend offenders, The crowd, Skanking to the beat of the Cronies, Bing Austria with Kim joining The Young Instigators, Beers and Cheers from Paco Skinheads, Mae with Rocket Punch, Bing and Marlon duet, Rod twang and reverb! From left to right Anton of Rocket Punch, Photographer Michael, Skinhead, Ywren of The Marcos Cronies Conspiracy, Bing and A Boy Named Hil, The Mandalondon Crew with Bing Austria, Glen of Rocket Punch, Marlon of Usual Suspects (this photo courtesy of Marlon)