Monday, December 21, 2009


At long last things are winding up here at work and finally i can post these awesome images taken from the December edition of The Bing Austria Show! Stay in touch next year as we bring you a bigger, better and badder version of Bisikleta Productions. Expect next year's goodies to come like The GoSignals debut album, Throw's 3rd album and Tsunami Tsunami's debut album.

On January 16, 2010 we will be celebrating our 4th year anniversary and is tentatively gonna be held at Ten 02 Bar and Resto (the reservations for the slot is on the works). And we will be featuring top rank bands such as THE GOSIGNALS, JUAN PABLO DREAM, TANGO BITOY and many many more.

And also on the 18th of January (the most important month for me) will be the 3rd year death anniversary of the founder and the brains behind Bisikleta Productions the one and only Luis "Weslu" Guiang. Next year i decided not to do a tribute gig for the man for the reasons that some people are spreading rumours that I am banking on his name. (I even got an SMS telling me to stop what i am doing) Accusing me that i am a Svengali, a Charlatan swindling people for money. Instead I along with some of Luis closest friends from way way back is cooking something up.

So once and for all i will set the records straight i wont name names. (except i will let you guess who this moron is) Those people who accused me of doing such things but i will say this to you all readers that in Luis's 1st death anniversary that was held on Purple Haze Bar (now Leprechaun Bar). The owners of the said bar (which is prerequisite for every establishment) required to have me set up a gate charge and on that gate charge includes a drink and the rest of the profit of the tickets is automatically gonna be given to the promoter which on that case is me. But little did the ones who spread that filthy lie knew that on the first Bisikleta Productions event that was held at Malabon City Luis had opened a bank account before exclusively for the productions itself. And on his 1st death anniversary the profit that was generated from the said event was coursed through me but i did not gained from it instead i gave the money to Luis's then Bisikleta Productions cohort on the early morning right after the event which in turn was deposited on the Bisikleta Productions bank account that said bank account i have not taken possession of ever since his untimely death.

I have been running this production up out of my own pocket. eversince Weslu died and at the request of his Bisikleta cohorts that i should continue what he had left and i vowed to do this out of respect for the man The money spent on every event that i held came from my honest to goodness work as a graphic designer I work hard and party harder so that all the people attending Bisikleta events is fully satisfied and get their moneys worth.

Then on his 2nd death anniversary Trash Radio Manila and Bisikleta Productions collaborated for another tribute gig for him which was held at Cubao X and the entrance is ABSOLUTELY FREE. The rental space and sound equipment expenses came from our own pockets. And now that freaking gossip monger is spreading lies about me telling the people that i am making money out of my dear departed's friend's name! Tell you what buddy all of the Bisikleta Productions events came from my own pocket never did i benefited from it. I'm just doing this for the love of music itself the difference from you and me is that you my friend you use music as your source of daily income playing for the in crowds that don't know a shit or two about real music. I have so much admiration and respect for people who earned their living through music, but you on the other hand my friend its people like you that has a crab mentality that sickens me.

And most of the bands that participated in all the Bisikleta Productions events voluntarily played pro bono its because most of the bands here are either close friends of mine or old friends of Luis Guiang. The money from my pocket is used to pay the venue and other stuff that goes along with it. I am very grateful to the bands that they give their two cents worth for free! just to give the crowd real music that matters to them.

So this January 18th Luis Guiang's 3rd death anniversary will gonna be secretly held to avoid nosy fucks like you. Anyways here are the scene from the last The Bing Austria Show shindig. Again i would like to thank all the bands that supported Bisikleta Productions and all the people who dined drank and danced with us! Much appreciated!


Images from up to bottom: Whats left after the event (class picture), Arnold Morales with his band Tsunami Tsunami, Juan Pablo Dream, Steady Movin' Beat and the unruly skankers, The crowd waiting for the bands to play and their ice cold beers, Mel Maniego and his Rickenbacker, The crowd and the crossed eyed magtataho, The Marcos Cronies Conspiracy, Time for skihead reggae Rocket Punch with the moon stomping crowd, Noel of Life Without Francis, Gaia with The Young Instigators. (photos courtesy of Michael Alvin Gianan