Monday, January 11, 2010


It was a fun filled evening last Saturday at Sazi's Bar when old long lost friends started to show up for Luis Guiang's 3rd death anniversary. One by one popped up and was surprised to see their pals up and about happily telling stories and cracking jokes on one another. It was heart warming to see them all in a jovial mood. That night is all about a celebration of life, all of us knew each other kinda like a family reunion minus the dysfunctionalities and the drama that comes along with that sort of gathering. Four bands happened to play that night two of those bands was Weslu's former band mates Throw and The GoSignals and the other one was Weslu's friends Against Man and the latter was a sort of sing a long karaoke type spiked with punk rock and a little bit of a hippie vibe thrown in fronted by Veronica Maniego or Bunek as we fondly called her that i am sure Weslu would have loved.

Here are some of the photos from the Weslu gig that was taken from Facebook accounts of Bunek and Racine Anne Castro. Videos to be posted soon courtesy of Weslu's cousin Eugene AKA Hapon.
From top to bottom: Dekdek of Against Man, Al Dimalanta of Throw, The GoSignals, Against Man, Eugene Hapon, Michael, Rommel Xerex and Isko of Smile Plenty, Bunek with Albert of Throw, Racine Anne Castro and Spyk the Punkaraoke Band.