Friday, March 26, 2010


Music Speaks is a duo made up of Marika of Trash Radio Manila and columnist Erwin Romulo of The Philippine Star's The Outsider. Marika told me about this venture a week before i left for Ho Chi Minh City. And she told me about its aim and i was glad she and Erwin did this sort of stuff pushing the boundaries of what music really is. Music is Universal, Music is the ultimate language.

I for one am kinda envious about Marika's foray into event productions because Bisikleta Productions is kinda limited to a certain music genre and it caters to a certain type of subculture and at the back of my mind i always thought that it would be a lot better if i introduced some music that's worth hearing, much like Brave New World did. back in the day besides showcasing punk bands they also line up Ethnic Faces which back in the day was different.

But i did some things that i would not normally do like putting AMPON on the bill alongside a hardcore band and let the close narrow minded people that had attended some Bisikleta gigs react and laugh at their stupid comments. For me I have several music genre that i really love besides Ska and Punk. ( I like afrobeat, funk, latin, brazilian, folk, trueschool hiphop, jazz, psychedelic and the list goes on and on) and that i would like to let other people know that there's more to punk and ska music (which by the way if you dissect it got some borrowed grooves from black America and Jamaica) and if you take a real close look at it all the music that you listen to are related to each other in any which way, shape, size or form.

Its about time MUSIC SPEAKS does this sort of thing much like Trash Radio Manila does. it challenges your ear and your mind to open up and let your booty flow.

To Marika and Erwin Cheers!