Monday, May 24, 2010


Due to a volcanic ash fall that came from Iceland and had enveloped the whole European skies that halted the entire flight last month. Bisikleta Productions, Soundblasters and Rookie Records April 25th event was canceled.

Keb Darge decided to master the ancient fighting skills of the orient to avenge his disrupted second coming to Manila. Now no angry volcanoes can get in his way to save us mere mortals from the evils of modern music. Get ready to get your guts kicked out this June 11, Saturday. at 7 in the evening.

As Bisikleta Productions, Rookie Records and Soundblasters bring you the impeccable Scottish taste maker non other than KEB DARGE. Come and hear the sound like you have never heard! sights like you have never seen! and a kick like you've never felt before!

Come and dance the night away with Keb Darge together with some of the hottest soul and ska act Manila has to offer at Ten 02 Bar and Resto located at Scout Ybardolaza, Quezon City, Philippines. See and hear him play northern soul, real r 'n' b and rockabilly of the rarest 7 inchers.

To all the expats who knows Keb Darge's impeccable taste for the rare floor shaking 45's this is your chance to see him live at Ten 02 Bar and Resto located at 43 B, Timog Avenue corner Scout Ybardolaza Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines (its near GMA 7).