Thursday, November 11, 2010


Last Rude Maynila Sessions according to my friends came out quite good but unfortunately the line up was not properly coordinated due to the fact that i was so fucked up drunk that day. I started drinking last Friday night it was not planned at all i was at home when suddenly my phone rang and i heard a familiar voice, It was Bimboi San Pedro guitarist of Bulacan's finest hardcore band the T.S.A. he was here in Manila and was due to go home to Singapore on Saturday and he asked me if i would like to go and watch The Jerks at 70's Bistro so i immediately said yes to his request. After watching The Jerks rocked the stage we proceed to go to Malabon to attend to Al Dimalanta's mom Dr. Ophelia Alcantara Dimalanta's wake. Then after that i drank some more at home and at Monkey Man a shop run by Ompong drinking with The New Trends.

That faithful day i lost touch of whats going on during The Rude Maynila Sessions I tuned in, turned on and dropped out, all i could remember was that most of the personnel at Sazi's Bar were all new except for the guy i gave the ticket sales too. Before the show started I've notice one of the new personnel hanged a sign that says 300 pesos corkage. When i saw that i began asking them politely not to hang that sign for the reason that a potential customer might mistakenly thought that the 300 pesos would be Bisikleta Productions door charge, which on our case we never go beyond 60 bucks.

And if they think that the 300 pesos is our door charge they might shy away eventually a potential customer will be lost. So one guy from the bar told me if they ever saw one with a food and a liquor in hand not bought at the bar they will charge the person that carries it with the said corkage and i told them that they should really charge them that because i for one don't like people carrying liquor and food not bought inside the bar, but that wont be my job instead they should be the ones looking out for people whom they suspect as policy breakers since they worked there.

After that discussion I told Nani of The Exsenadors to take charge of the door (while i zoned in to slumberland) and frisk the crowd coming in to see if they are carrying any items that are deemed for corkage. And i sent SMS messages to people who i personally knew carrying their own food and liquor and asked them not to carry it inside and requested them to consume the goods not bought at the bar outside the bars premises.

The reason why i am writing this is to let you all readers know about RESPECT. As you may well knew that i always tell people to take care of the bar because they supported the scene too in so many ways the bar provided a venue to express ourselves through our music. To me Skarlet's Ten 02 Bar and Resto and Sazi's Bar is my home. Ten 02 Bar and Resto is a place where i held so many important events, special events that are memorable the last one was Keb Darge This is a place that holds dearly to me. The second one was Sazi's Bar to tell you the truth its been hard to stage a regular monthly gig at this famous place getting one is no easy task. But i eventually bagged one thanks to the help of Bing Austria but sad to say after the last Rude Maynila Sessions it seems that we are walking the thin line from getting another one to loosing our slot. Due to the fact that some of us still do not view Sazi's Bar as their home.

I got an SMS message from Bing he forwarded to me Sazi's message stating that we went out of line this time. People came in with a liquor and food in hand. I don't know why that some of us are still doing that sort of thing for a mere fact that the beer over there is dirt cheap even the food are reasonably priced. We all knew that all establishments charge corkage every time you bring in goods that are not purchased within its walls. But why the fucking hell are you still doing it? Its cool for me for you guys to bring along your choice of liquor as long as you drink it outside of the bar but bringing it inside is totally uncool.

Right now we are fixing this incident but if things did not go well as planned we might as well move out and look for a new home. If we did get a new home for The Rude Maynila Sessions please be responsible for your own actions and be responsible to the person you're with. Respect bar policies. Do not shit on your own backyard. Please do not let these things ever happen again i urge you to support the bar by buying beer from them not from 711 because they are supporting us, they are giving us a chance to propagate our community.