Monday, December 12, 2011


Besides Dolor's kakanin, the iconic pansit luglug, jazz legend Angel Peña and poet Ophelia Dimalanta. The twin cities of Malabon and Navotas is a hotbed of talented artist and musicians that played out a pivotal role in the emergence of one of the most important form of rebel music as well as its subculture in the 80's non other than punk rock. These cities had produced some of the infamous bands this side of Asia the likes of Third World Chaos, Dead Ends, Private Stock, and G.I. and the Idiots to name a few that had swept underground Manila during those years giving birth to the Malabon-Navotas Hardcore scene.

In case you readers do not know, it is a wide known fact that
Malabon and Navotas were two of the several important regional centers fostering the spread of hardcore punk in the Philippines. Their contribution to this subversive type of music is hard to deny it is still significant today as it was back then. Suffice to say that the Malabon-Navotas Hardcore scene in one way or another had influenced countless new school hardcore bands of today.

On December 17, Saturday come and witness the rebirth of this mighty hardcore scene in the northern coastal town of Manila. Featuring the twin city luminaries Throw, The GoSignals, Against Man and Nekbu. Joining them are Hard K, Wolfshaman, Class Bunkers and Red Corpse.
This event will be held at The Spot in Rosas Arcade, Concepcion, Malabon City and is lovingly produced by my good friends who stayed true to the game hardest to the core since day one. Long live Tambobong and Nabutas! Don't forget your roots, hardcore for life!