Sunday, September 23, 2012


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Fresh from the heels of the recent successful comback of Skamax that was held at The Spot recently. PiliSKAPinas is at it again this time bombarding all you ska loving folks for a one night only boss performance by the country's skinhead reggae pioneers, non other than SNUBNOSE live and direct at Skarlet's Jazz Kitchen (formerly Ten 02 Bar) this coming Thursday.

In case all you young bloods don't know who these gents are the former members of this band, half of it had morphed into the now famous Coffee Break Island  the other one opted to be a globetrotting graphic designer and tattoo artist the other while the other had became part of  the infamous ClubSka Manila stalwarts - Shuffle Union. (infamous due to the fact that once this band hits the stage there's bound to be a lot of non stop skanking going on at the dancefloor)

Supporting them on this one night only show will be SHUFFLE UNION, NEIGHBORS, EARTHLINGS, PINKCOW and THE MONSOONS.  It's time to do the moon hop and mix it with the kangaroo!