Saturday, October 13, 2012


In anticipation for the debut album of The Exsenadors, Bisikleta Productions is jump starting a series of strictly Oi! music events featuring streetpunk bands that plays music for hooligans. And for that we are offering all you skinheads out there the real deal if you are tired of seeing and hearing all the psuedo streetpunk bands being featured on some faux Oi! events that boldly uses that cockney expression and taking that word in vain then this is for you.

And for this initial offering of Hoy! we are featuring Philippines Oi! music pioneers THE MIGHTY CONTRAS, The lone band to represent our country for Skinhead! It's an Asian league Oi! compilation released by Japan's Bronze Fist Records.

Along side The Mighty Contras we will also be featuring Bulacan's TARTARZ, Laguna's AGAINST THE WALL, Cavite's The SQUAT and lastly but not the least Manila's THE EXSENADORS rounding up this testosterone filled line up for October 27, Plus A BOY NAMED HIL will be playing some boss reggae for your jeggae to keep all you baldies from dancing with your birds rather than going aggro.

This event will be held at THE SPOT located at 1470 Luzvic Building Samson road corner Francisco Street, Caloocan City. For a measly sum of 50 pesos you'll get to hear some brutally honest to goodness loud music void of any pretensions and an ice cold beer to boot.