Thursday, December 6, 2012


PILISKAPINAS had done it again as the year draws to a close they hosting the  first ever PHILIPPINE SKA FESTIVAL and for this year they are bringing in Korea's top ska outfit KINGSTON RUDIESKA for a three night performance. First stop will be here in Manila for the 3RD MANILA SKA FESTIVAL on December 8 at Makati Cinema Square they will be joined by the city as well as nearby provinces top ska acts such as SHUFFLE UNION, COFFEE BREAK ISLAND, NEIGHBORS, JEEPNEY JOYRIDE, BAGUIO SKA PARADISE, STOLEN SHOTS, STEADY MOVIN' BEAT, DANDIMITES, MONSOONS and FINGERTRAP.

For the second leg of the PHILIPPINE SKA FESTIVAL they will be going to the Queen City of the South for the SOUTHSIDE SKARNIVAL at Cebu City happening at Peace Bar on December 15 and on December 16 at Bob Marlin Restaurant and Grill in Mandaue. This time they will be joined by the southerns finest as well as Manila's fiercest ska acts SKALIBRE 32, ONE MAN DOWN,  SEAWEED PASTA, SHEPERD'S PLAID, BLESSED THE KING, SHUFFLE UNION and COFFEE BREAK ISLAND.

Do drop by at any of the shows if you happen to be at any of these dates.

In case some of you do not know who KINGSTON RUDIESKA is, well it's time to give you a bit of edutainment so you'll not get confused with that K Pop thing. The band comes from South Korea and have been around since 2004 playing authentic ska music. If you like to be bombarded with tight rhythm section and even tighter horn section then this band is for you. Meanwhile enjoy their music video and start skanking.