Sunday, January 13, 2013


This will be the first and probably the last Bisikleta Productions event for this year for it is the time to pass the torch to the new breed of rebels as Bisikleta Productions had handed down the duties to a bunch of like minded individuals mostly composed of the usual suspects that had graced Bisikleta Productions in the past. 

These slightly off their heads collective had built a credible DIY scene during it's infancy back when yours truly was away on an employment gig in Vietnam.

Starting February we will be on a hiatus and for that Counter Culture will continue and pick up right where we left of. Just like life it is a series of young bloods taking over while the seasoned veterans of the scene had to move on to pursue higher endeavors. 

Please support Counter Culture as you had lovingly supported this outfit through the years. And remember never take shit from no one. Now off to Africa.....