Tuesday, November 8, 2016


This coming Saturday, Quezon City punk rockers KNF will be releasing their second EP entitled Hoy Kolokoy alongside Singkopado Sound System who also happen to be releasing their EP. I got the chance to listen to both of their EPs firsthand before it hit the underground market and I must say that both EP demanded playback.

KNF, as I mentioned a few days back at my personal FaceBook page is that their songs are short and sharp like punk should be - no complicated Steve Vai riffs and songs about unicorns and dragons. These boys pounded out three chords as if their lives depended on it, Now I'm not going to do an EP review on both of the bands i just mentioned here because I'm too damn lazy to describe their sound so I'll just make it simpler by comparing their sounds to some of the music I've heard before so that maybe just maybe all of you dear readers can easily get what I'm trying to say here so here it goes...

...KNF's music is equal parts Yano and Grin Department. One song in particular is "Miss Kita" it's short, fast and injected with humor. As for SINGKOPADO SOUND SYSTEM song "Forward Thinking" on the other hand is a mix of dub, reggae and punk that kinda reminded me of the band Destroy Babylon. If you wanna hear them live then do drop by at TOMATO KICK this Saturday. The EP launching is organized by SUS PETSA with the help of BISIKLETA PRODUCTIONS and supported by Angono's finest ska band NEIGHBORS (watch out for their upcoming album), hardcore band COBRA KIDS, 2tone skankers STEADY MOVIN' BEAT, melodic punk rockers GIVE CHANCE TO RUN and sociopolitical blues rockers THE GENERAL STRIKE.

This event is free of charge but i strongly advise to bring your tolerance with you. If you wanna hear one of their songs do click on the soundcloud icon below.