Friday, May 26, 2017


Remember the group behind the recent Urban Bandits reunion that featured support bands spanning from the 80's up to the present? Well folks they are at it again. This time focusing on 2 Tone ska - a punky take on Jamaican R&B bringing in a short lived band called The Skalawags that will be held at B Side The Collective in Makati City on June 2, Friday 2017 featuring support acts Neighbors, Coffee Break Island, Dandimites, The Buzzer Beaters and Skaface with Par Satellite manning the decks. 

This band was a unicorn only the lucky few saw them live and only one of their songs was recorded under a compilation called Paalam Uncle Sam (getting a copy of the cassette tape is rare as a hen's teeth!) They are arguably one of the highly influential Philippine ska bands that was formed in the in 80's the other two bands were The Lost Boys and The Skavengers.

This band even tough their presence in the local underground music scene was short would leave an indelible mark on the Philippine ska scene that would later gave birth to Put3ska, Neighbors, Snubnose, Shuffle Union and a slew of ska acts to follow in the 90's up until today.

If you wanna know more about them I suggest you go to Jon Fishbone Gonzales' of the band Bad Omen as he is regularly posting some great stuff direct from the band members themselves or you can drop by his shop in Recto called Middle Finger for some TMZ style fun chatter.