Monday, August 18, 2008

The man behind 2tone

Coventry native, Jerry Dammers was the man behind 2tone a unique fussion of punk rock and reggae that spawned a new generation of rudeboys, skinheads and punk rockers that brought about a renewed interest on Jamaican artist/musicians and helped influenced a lot of bands to come including the 3rd wave ska genre. Here's a video interview of Jerry Dammers the brains behind 2tone. Talking about ghost town and the real story about the Specials name. This video was taken from a blog by New Brunswick NJ Ska Reggae Band Bigger Thomas bass player named Marc Wasserman. If you wanna know more about the rumoured Specials planned reunion later this year go to his blogsite: . And If you wanna know more about Bigger Thomas do checkout their website:

Note: Deepest apologies to Marc Wesserman i pulled out an article from your blog (Dammer's Interview) without your prior knowledge, if you want me to take out this content please do email me at