Friday, August 29, 2008


Tommorow night's gonna be a blast as we gathered some of the promising and new ska bands and a healthy dose of dub thrown in for good measure! Mixing it with the more prominent ones which includes Pampanga's ska core legends MARCOS CRONIES and the newly reformed Malolos, Bulakan 3rd wave ska band THE SCARS headed by Alex Dumlao of mod soul outfit Juan Pablo Dream.
The final line up includes MARCOS CRONIES, THE SCARS, EARTHLINGS, PINK COW, GREETINGS FROM JULIE, PULIKATS, BARRIO MORNING GLORY and ONE HOT WONDER a roots, dub inflicted band hailing from skaville malabon these lads are the extended family of Good Leaf and the hardcore band Against Man.
RUDE MAYNILA will be hosted by non other than BING "yeah yeah yeah" AUSTRIA of Tropical Depression, Put3ska and Juan Pablo Dream. And will be held at MYRA RUARO's swanky cozy place called TEN 02 BAR & RESTO located at Scout Ybardolaza Street, Timog, Quezon City for only 50 bucks with beer included you'll get to see, feel and hear these heavy weight rudeboys and rude girls live! So beg, borrow, steal or die trying!