Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Onslaught

Its been a very busy week after the last Bisikleta Productions event that happened last August 30 and as Trash Radio Manila simply described it in one word - OVERFLOWING. I bet you boys and girls are hungry for more? well fret no more this time we are bringing you the heaviest of the heavyweights, the finest line up that we cooked up for you people featuring MUSIC FRONT, THE GOSIGNALS, CONTRAS and SHUFFLE UNION supported by some of the talented young individuals of the local underground scene.

First on the bill is the modern newscasters MUSIC FRONT composed of punk rock luminaries Je Bautista of Absolute Zero and Betrayed. Arnold Morales of College, Urban Bandits and Put3ska. Jun Quinane of Deceased and last but not the least new school hardcore guitarist Albert Ascona of Beauty of Doubt, Throw and countless other bands if i am going to name them all it will took me sometime to do it! I am not going to indulge on the history of this band because i would look like a freaking fan boy its up to you to experience them face to face. I for one am truly blessed and humbled at the same time when i finally heard about them (word has it that their unreleased some sort of a private pressed album is circulating the underground scene the record is a classic mix of power pop, post punk and oi! thrown in for good measure).

After music front comes THE GOSIGNALS this powerful trio is also composed of punk rock luminaries of the 80's and the 90's composed of Mel Maniego of Private Stock. Dennis Maniego of Throw and his son Spyke. A favorite among the Mod and Scooterist scene, The GoSignals brand of power pop is second to none and each song they delivered packs a wallop. Paco skinheads rejoice! next on the bill is Oi! band CONTRAS composed of members from different bands from Vex and Kakos Noise, Shuffle Union, Beeradors and Spoil Army. And last on the bill is ska and rocksteady band SHUFFLE UNION these ladies and fine gents are been around from quite sometime and if you wanna experience a real Ska band this is the band to beat!

The 4 main bands on the bill are supported by Pulikats, Earthlings, Steady Movin' Beat, Pink Cow and King Kong Wasabi. The affair will be held at Bela Bar in P Guevarra St. San Juan, Metro Manila and for 50 bucks (comes with one beer) you will experience a guaranteed great show because the line up is absolutely superb. So please do come and leave your politics at the door cause politics fucks you up. Enjoy and have a great time!