Friday, September 12, 2008


Just went to Bela Bar in San Juan yesterday for an ocular inspection for the up and coming event that will be happening next week Friday, September 19, I went there with the ex drummer of Pink Cow and sidemen for Malabon's Earthlings trying to figure out whats the best way to go there without breaking the bank, obviously the map that we supplied to you did little to help the less financially capable guy that would love to go but is rather short of cash.
After meeting up with my companion at SM Mega Mall and started to study the map we head along EDSA Robinson's Galleria taking the bus from Ortigas to Quiapo we took the route going to Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan, then Wilson Street no Public Utility Jeepneys here folks only Taxi Cabs are allowed to enter the subdivision (or is it a subdivision because of the imposing gate and a bunch of security guards) that i forgot what the heck the name of it was. We decided to trek the path hoping that it will be such a short walk to the said venue, but lo and behold! it took us quite a while and a few sweaty balls later to get to P. Guevarra. So to summarize it all, this will be a challenge to all you people who wanted to see MUSIC FRONT, THE GOSIGNALS, CONTRAS and SHUFFLE UNION.
But do not despair we had noticed some PUJs (Jeepneys) that are stalled at the corner of Alex III adjacent to McDonalds waiting for passengers at the corner of P Guevarra. So look no further the easiest way is to take EDSA, Shaw Boulevard then a short ride going to Kalentong, from there look for some PUJs that are heading to San Juan with a sign that says STA LUCIA or if you are going to P. Guevarra the Jeepney's that are treading the San Juan P. Guevarra route can be seen on PUREGOLD (formerly Agora Market) just look for the SAN JUAN via KALENTONG jeepneys and that's it! Either which way you choose to go just board and always remember the signboard that says STA LUCIA or if you are not totally sure where to go, clueless or just really plain stupid do ask some locals or traffic aids nicely and politely. The distinguishing landmark is that you will spot a gas station smack near Bela Bar.
The bar is quite small but its quite good for small intimate gatherings such as this one. Its up to you to come or not we do not care all we care about is giving you what you need and not what you want and that is REAL, RAW, HONEST music without the trappings of the so called rock and underground radio (the only real ones that are playing real music nowadays in my honest opinion are the ones on cyberspace without them coporate bloodsucking man goat sponsors to ruin their creativity) and that MTV shite (stop bastardizing Ben Sherman you fools!) that's polluting the airwaves right now. WE KEEP IT REAL, PURE UNADULTERATED MOTHER FUCKING FUN.