Wednesday, October 29, 2008


All saints day is fast approaching and everyones starting to pack their bags to pay homage to their dearly departed love ones and a short vacation from the grueling 9 to 5 job.
But here there is no rest for the wicked for we are preparing for hallows eve this coming friday we are giving you THIS IS SKALLOWEEN a treat for you people out there who wants to party before heading to the cemetary on November 1st.

The line up we have in store for you is a sure fire winner and I am eager to watch some bands get their groove on and that includes THE WAYFARERS and BEATDOWN BOOMBOX composed of The Wuds, Betrayed, TheGosignals and Ampon word has it that Ampon and Drip's Soundscape master will not be in attendance for this nights event coz he has several stints to attend to but the rest of the gang will be there tommorow to serve you up their brand of dub and oldschool punkrock.
The event will be at TEN 02 BAR located at Scout Ybardolaza, Timog, Quezon City. For 50 bucks you'll get one ice cold beer plus lots of band that will be playing ska, punk, dub and reggae music. Plus a guest DJ spot from our mates TRASH RADIO MANILA will be there.

More news from the grapevine SAGOR might have a no show coz' most of the members have gone to Bicolandia and we are awaiting for their arrival here in Manila as of today or God knows tommorow and last but not least THE WAYFARERS might also be a no show due to missed out rehearsals from the band members itself and they are still at the early stages and is getting their act togther so lets keep our fingers crossed that they will appear tommorow night as well. But anyway despite of that we still have tons and tons of great bands to play for your wicked hearts content so come on over and join us tommorow and lets party with the spirits that looms over the horrizon whoever they maybe.

AND REMEMBER LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR COZ' POLITICS FUCK YOU UP! and lastly this goes out to the lowest of lifeforms and that my friend is not a worm but the one who's been slagging me and the rest of my comrades FUCK YOU!!! GO GET A LIFE YOU MAN SUCKING GOAT!!! You coward you know who you are! I will kick you in the balls so hard it will pop out from your freaking filthy mouth and that my boy is not a threat.
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