Sunday, October 26, 2008


A few weeks ago i was browsing the Angono boss dee jays blog and saw an interesting info from this regular visitor from Batangas City who happens to be a member of TELLAYOUTHSKA a Batangas based 3rd wave ska band and he dropped this info about Greg Narvas who happens to be the drummer for Hepcat, a California based third wave ska band known for their soulful harmonies and mellow rhythms akin to the 1960 jamaican ska and American soul and jazz. Greg Narvas played drums and percussion on the Out of Nowhere and Scientific album.

This will come out as a shocking surprise to those who are new to ska music in general that Greg Narvas played with one of the best ska act in the world and happens to be a fellow kababayan! He had been doing this comics for quite some time now entitled "I WAS A TEENAGE FILIPINO SKINHEAD" Its his autobiograhy of sorts and if you wanna find out more of this log on to his site and read some insights on his works according to the man himself.

I WAS A TEENAGE FILIPINO SKINHEAD can be ordered via Western Union I emailed him a week ago concerning his works and asked him if I can order the whole thing using money transfer and this is what he said:

Hi Hil:

How are you...thanks for your interest in my comics. If using Western Union please transfer $14.75 USD (for issues 1-10 plus shipping and handling) from your PI agent to this Western Union agent location:

Ralph's #86
3827 Culver Ctr
Culver City, CA 90232-3365

I will send your comics immediately upon receipt of payment.

Hope to hear from you soon! Please let me know if have any more questions, etc.

Yours truly,
Greg Narvas

For those of you who wanted to get them and do not know how to. Just email him directly to Let us support our fellow Filipino by buying one of our own. Issue 1 to 10 cost only $10.00 thats a dollar each plus shipping and handling fees to the Philippines cost about $4.75.00 for a total of $ do the math conversion will cost only about 700 bucks plus.