Tuesday, January 20, 2009


First and foremost before we go on announcing our event for the month of February, We on behalf of Trash Radio Manila would like to thank all those that came to Mogwai at Cubao X and took their time off to celebrate the life and times of our dearly beloved weslu on his 2nd death anniversary. And also thanks to the bands that came and skank, mosh, pogo the hell out of Cubao X, Plus our deepest apologies to the bands that came but was not able to get on the stage due to technicalties on the line up schedules we are very very sorry, hope you guys wont take it personally Pictures will be posted soon.

Now for our 2nd offering for this year we are collaborating this time with the Angono Rudies for a Sound System Sound Clash entitled LAST GANG STANDING. Fearured on this event will be the DJs of SOUNDBLASTERS versus another DJ collective. (we will announce the lineup very soon!)
The history of the sound system goes way way back in Jamaica with some of the originators Clement Seymour "Sir Coxsone" Dodd and Arthur "Duke" Reid before they became record producers they were first sound system owners. There were several sound system competition against other sound systems but the most competitive of all the sound systems was between Coxsone The Downbeat Ruler and Duke Reid The Trojan.

Those two sound system battle it out for supremacy and now we are bringing it to you via LAST GANG STANDING. This time we are focusing on the DJ aspect of the music scene but do not worry folks there are still plenty of live bands thats gonna grace this event so stay tuned for more info on this one. Til' then.....