Monday, January 5, 2009


This coming January 18th will be the 2nd death anniversary of the jolly kind hearted soul of a drummer named LUIS 'weslu' GUIANG of Private Stock, George Imbecile and the Idiots and Put3ska fame and sessionist for such bands as The Jerks and Tropical Depression. Hopefully our good mates from Trash Radio Manila will celebrate his 2nd death anniversary this month...stay tuned folks...meanwhile ponder on this images.

Top Photo: Ground Zero! The first ever Bisikleta Productions event held at Tribal Hut Bar in Malabon City (Weslu with Isko of FMD)
Below: Coffee break Island, Bembol Rockers, The GoSignals with Ricky of Private Stock, Bing Austria and Meng, Put3ska's roadie extraordinaire and Shuffle Union live at Luis Guiang's last wake....the man would not go down without a bang! HIGH FIVE my dear friend. Below is a video clip of Put3ska playing live at the Floresco Funeral Home.