Sunday, May 17, 2009


Its been awhile since I've written a review on past Bisikleta Productions events sorry ladies and gents your humble host here is fucking tied up to the chair hurrying up to meet the deadlines..anyway i am not here to complain about my 9 to 5 blue collar job...i work hard but i party even harder!

And for that Bisikleta Productions hooked up with like minded peeps for a joint project and the people i am talking about are the guys from 4th door TAE PRODUCTIONS and the DIRTY SHOE COLLECTIVE This will be a sticker convention plus music will be provided by great bands including Beauty of Doubt, Shuffle Union, Pink Cow and more.

The event will be held at LEPRECHAUN BAR located at Tomas Morato this bar is formerly known as Purple Haze so all you ladies and gents that knew about this place please kindly spread the word out. The bar is now owned and operated by an Irish expat along with his Filipina wife. I had a little chat with the geezer and found out that Patrick ,(the owner's name...a very Irish name eh?) is a close friend of John Lydon also known as Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols., anyway be there! The entrance fee for this event will cost 50 bucks and it comes with one ice cold beer plus a free CD will be given away to the 20 early patrons.

Please bring your tolerance with you and LEAVE YOUR POLITICS AT THE DOOR COZ POLITICS FUCKS YOU UP!