Sunday, May 24, 2009


People get ready for another mod and beyond musicology edutainment at Sazi's Bar as we bring you again THE BING AUSTRIA SHOW. The first event that was held last time at Sazi's turned out quite well so the owner of the said bar had given us a permanent set every second Saturday of every month to stage The Bing Austria Show. The show will feature up and coming promising bands from Mod to Ska to Punk as well as some of the pioneers in the scene This is a Variety Show for dirty people like you and me. The purpose of this event is to support each and every band and established some sort of a community amongst the scene. This is not entertainment, This is a musical movement lets start a revolution!

Here are some highlights of the 1st Bing Austria Show at Sazi's Bar that was produced Bisikleta Productions. Enjoy!