Wednesday, October 21, 2009


'Twas on a Sunday lazy afternoon October 11th a special gatehring was held at Ten 02 Bar and Resto. A gig for the Victims of Typhoon Ondoy was organized by Bisikleta Productions in cooperation with the bar's proprietor Ms. Myra Romero aka Skarlet in which she lended her establishment for free for us to stage this event that will benefit the people that was affected by the recent calamity. And Bayan Muna Relief Mission has also helped to facilitate the donations.

The show started out at around 6 in the evening. A small but intimate crowd came in to show their support by handing over plastic bags upon plastic bags of relief goods. The bands openly participated the cause and they pour their hearts out during their performances. The ambiance that day is warm with a fuzzy feeling of a family reunion kinda atmosphere were everyone knew each other. I wont name the bands that perform that day because that day they are not the main personalities on stage, But the people that were affected by the tragedy that was Ondoy they deserve to be heard. As of now they are slowly rebuilding their lives.