Monday, June 21, 2010


On our way. Lots slow traffic though. - Keb Darge

'Twas 7 in the evening, June 11th and heavy rain pounded the streets of Manila resulting in flash floods and chaotic traffic. I was worried Keb might not make it that night because he might get fucking pissed with Manila's traffic and worst the flood. I don't know why but come school time, every June the fucking government is fixing roads instead of doing it way before the month of June.

Anyway I arrived late and wet at Ten 02 Bar and nervously and anxiously awaits for the man with the master plan. Its been almost over a year since I saw him played rare 45's at the now bastardized Cubao X Thankfully Jon and Teng of the Soundblasters arrived earlier to get things going. And the bands that played warmed up the crowd for the main event.

And then came Keb along with his lovely Filipina wife Little Edith.....and the rest is history....That evening was indescribable the only thing I can remember was Keb talking to the crowd and saying "DON'T JUST STAND...DANCE" and that was it like a snap of a finger the room starts to rumble tune after tune everyone was singing and dancing and it was brilliantly magfuckingnificent!...

Top to bottom: Rare 45's, the man himself, Selecting, Keb teaching Skarlet the Jump and Jive, Juan Pablo Dream, Neighbors, Steady Movin' Beat, Dance!, Keb's lovely wife, Little Edith with a big beat! this waray packs a mean punch!, Dancing.....,And more dancing!