Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Keb Darge is finally here in Manila! After a canceled event last April due to the volcanic ash fall that came from Iceland, the long wait is over! He will be arriving 10th of June along with his Filipina wife, Edith.

On June 11, Friday, We will be hosting an event for the Scottish man who happen to be a Tae Kwon Do world champion and a man of impeccable taste for the rare and sought after northern soul, deep funk and rockabilly 45's.

This legendary man will be saving us from the evil plague of modern music that most radio stations and music televisions are shoving down the throats of mindless people who thinks that good looks fancy clothes and limited edition sneakers matter most rather than real talent. Do beg, borrow or steal to catch and hear him play some of the timeless classic and lovely lovely killer floorshakers at Ten 02 Bar and Resto. Trainspotters and crate diggers this is your chance to drool over his tasty collections prepare to get your guts kicked out!

And on Saturday, June 12, Independence Day we will be hosting a every second Saturday of every month mayhem at Sazi's Bar (formerly Mayrics) entitled The Rude Maynila Sessions, The Bing Austria Show will take a back burner for an indefinite period of time due to the busy schedule of the groove merchants of soul Juan Pablo Dream.

This month expect to hear a lot of Ska and a little bit of punk rock and some music that we think is much better than the gay emo most kids are listening to nowadays. We got lots of eargasmic goodies in store for you folks in this edition of The Rude Maynila Sessions including the reformed ska punkers PinkCow. For only 60 bucks you'll get to hear a dozen bands and get an ice cold beer to boot! See y'all this month!